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120x60_888casino_logoWin a bonus every time the roulette ball hits ‘8’.888 Live Casino Roulette offers winning spins and extra bonus of £8 whenever number 8 is the winning number
How to get the bonus: Place a bet of £8 (minimum) from 8pm to 9pm (GMT) every day at 888 Private Room into Live Casino Roulette. If the winning number was 8 on a round you have placed a bet you’ll win a £8 bonus. Live Casino Roulette is a real casino experience where you can talk via Live Chats with other players, and also with the dealer of your table, 888 Live Casino is waiting for your bets and get you a fantastic prizes every day!

To take advantage of these promotions go toVIP Casino Club’ site section, than go to ‘Promotion

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