Online Craps

Craps is one of the most exciting casino games. Remember those huge crowds of people all packed at one craps table. It’s exciting and fun. Well, we’ve brought it all to your home. Our craps games are truly lifelike. With sounds and animated sequences. It’s as real as you can get.

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History of the Game

Where in fact the casino game of Craps actually began is probably anyone’s guess. Some say it dates way back to 1573 BC Egypt. Others believe the game came from an earlier game known as Hazard which was played during the Middle Ages. Existing evidence also suggests that a type of Craps can be dated all the way back to the period of the Roman Empire. At that time, soldiers allegedly shaved down pigs’ knuckles to form the shape of cubes. They then tossed them on to their upturned shields for entertainment purposes. Thus, the expression: “To roll the bones.”

Though there are plenty of folks with other theories, most concur that this game is probably the oldest game-of-chance whereby dice were employed. Where exactly the name “Craps” is derived from is also dubious. There are those (mostly Englishmen) who’ll tell you it comes from the English game ‘Crabs’ which was originally called ‘Hazard.’ Other people (mostly Frenchmen), insist ‘Craps’ comes from the French word ‘Crapeaud,’ which means ‘toad’. What everybody does agree on is that the game known today as ‘Craps,’ which can be found at every top online casino, landed on American shores from Europe.