Online Poker Intro

So you want to play poker online, huh? Well get ready for the ride of your life because online poker is bigger and better than ever before, and the mega bucks being won are reaching unprecedented levels! Literally millions of online poker enthusiasts circling the entire globe are now getting their poker fixes from the comfort of their very own homes. That’s not to say traditional forms of poker-playing, like land-based casinos and the regular Thursday night games with the guys are going to suffer the same fate as dinosaurs. The reality is: overall poker is becoming an increasingly popular pastime. Some are even calling it a “sport” these days, clearly the result of the recent advent of massive poker tournaments being broadcast on television all over the world.

“Poker mania FULL TILT” would be a fair way to assess the current wave of interest in this ever-classic game. Actually, online pokermania would be more apropos given the renewed interest in poker playing is mainly due to the growth in online gambling in general.Best Online Poker Today, to get in on all the fun of playing online poker, all you need is a computer, an Internet connection (preferably broadband, the fastest speed you can afford), and of course some electricity. (If you have to ask about the electricity perhaps you shouldn’t play poker for real money.) You may also want to make sure you have a very comfy chair because you’re probably going to be sitting in it for hours upon hours upon hours. So, if you haven’t experienced playing poker online yet, get ready for some incredible fun and excitement!

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New online poker games and variations of the classic forms are cropping up on the Internet all the time. The most popular of which are Texas Hold’em (Limit & No Limit), Omaha Hi/Lo, 5 Card Draw, and 7 Card Stud, just to name a few.

Tournaments are also the latest craze throughout the poker world, the most popular being the World Series Of Poker (WSOP), World Poker Tour (WPT), World Series of Poker Championship (WSOPC), and the European Poker Tour (EPT). These mega events are compounding in popularity year after year, and attracting more Hollywood-type celebrity poker buffs to add to the excitement.

Of course, the number of poker sites on the Web is enough to confuse any wannabe card shark as to which site to play and wager at. That’s where so-called online poker portals can really help you out. But beware; not all poker portals have your best interests in mind. In fact, some are nothing more than affiliate websites whose business is to direct new players to particular poker or casino websites in order to collect a commission. Whether you’re being turned on to a great or lousy poker room is anyone’s guess. Your best bet is to ask around or stick with the better known poker portals.