Online Poker Tips

Unlike most other gambling games, poker requires a whole lotta luck and a tremendous amount of skill if you’re going to play to win. This goes for both online poker as well as that played in traditional casinos and poker rooms. So to help you develop that shrewd poker shark inside you, we’ve compiled a list of the 5 top poker tips. Of course there are more than 5 things you should know about this popular card game. The following are just some of the more fundamental guidelines to get you started on the right foot:

1. Playing too many starting hands

The overwhelming majority of novices play far too many of their starting hands. In fact, The best online poker players, in actual fact, normally play between only 20% – 30% of their starting hands. By concentrating on the starting hands with the higher-values you will help to reduce the element of luck in the game.

2. Know when to hold & know when to fold

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Learn how to fold your hand instead of becoming a calling machine. A lot of online poker beginners continue betting without considering the board or what the other players’ moves are indicating. The best players often say it is the hands you can fold that are often the key to winning.

3. Play with less skillful opponents

They say that in poker you should always check your ego at the door. And though it seems kind of obvious, if you’re playing to win some money, you should play at wagering limits where you can beat most of the players. If you’re having a hard time winning money, you may also want to consider moving down to lower online poker limits.

4. Observe your opponents’ habits

Learning how to read your opponents’ play is key to winning at online poker. Also, the ideal time to study your opponents is when you are not emotionally involved in the hand and can make more accurate observations, or even better, when you are not in a hand. Watch how opponents wager, how much they wager, and in what position they’re betting.

5. Betting to gain knowledge

Online poker players do not always bet because they have the best hand. Leading players use various wagering techniques in order to acquire information. For instance, a defensive wager is one that you may use early in the game to avoid calling a larger future bet. You may want to re-raise as a way to check out the credibility of your opponent’s hand.