Online Casino Roulette

The internet has in many ways revolutionized the lives of so many in the entertainment and gaming world. It has introduced online casino games, incorporating virtually every game that is playable in a land-based casino. But it is the game of roulette that seems to be most traditional to the casino houses, days gone by and its availability online is just another evolution of this favorite game.

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Roulette it self has been in existence for around 300 years. Yet for all its popularity in much of the world, the North American Casino world does not seem to have taken to it quite as much as their European counterparts. Whilst it can be imagined to be in the center place of the Las Vegas, it is in fact more popular in Europe. There are various arguments as to why this is the case. One is that the house edge of the casino in Europe tends to be much lower than those in America – four times less, in fact. Another argument is that the tastes vary simply according to cultural differences.

The concept of the game online is the same as in a land based casino. A small ball is rolled in a certain direction inside a wheel. The wheel spins the opposite way. The slot where the ball finally stops on the wheel is the winning number. Before the role, the gambler will have placed a bet on a number of their choice and if it corresponds to the number the ball has stopped at, they win. The great thing about playing the game online is that provided you are prepared to go without the bells and whistles of special graphics and sound, it is often not even necessary to download the game. It may be played directly from the site.

There are 36 slots on the wheel. Half of these are in the color red and the other half is black. They alternate around the wheel. There is a zero slot colored green. In North America, this is often a double zero slot. Single zero games tend to be played in Europe and in some casinos in the US. They are preferable to play than the double zero games because the odds for the player are better.

Roulette is great fun and on legitimate online casinos, stringent efforts are made to ensure that the game is fair. When placing bets on each system, many players choose to follow a strategy. Even more than a strategy, “systems” seem to be very popular with roulette. There are many sites that boast supposedly outstanding systems that could be employed to help raise the player’s odds against the casino. Any such system should be embraced with caution; the definition of roulette is its randomness and an unbeatable system would be bad news for the casinos. Therefore, so long as casinos are offering the game, they must be making a profit on it and hence threats from systems, by logic, should be relative minute, if existent at all. But it is still fun to see if you have found the one that works for you. Perhaps luck is the crucial ingredient needed for most, if not all roulette systems.

Roulette is a game based solely on chance. It consists of a spinning wheel, and a dropped ball that lands on one of the 38 sections of the outer circle. The sections are interchangeably red and black and are numbered 1-36 plus 0, and 00. So one can guess that the ball will land on red, black, even or odd. The odds in a game of Roulette are very similar to calling heads or tails on coin flip.

How to Play and Win  Online Roulette.
Today’s top online casinos all offer players some form of roulette with their usual repertoires of anywhere between 50 and 150 online casino games. These other games, of course, include all-time other favorites such as craps, slots, video poker, blackjack, keno, baccarat, and bingo. These already vast selections of games to choose from are also expected to continue growing rapidly.

American vs. European Roulette

If you’re setting out to play and win at roulette, before deciding which top on line casinos to sign-up with, it’s important first and foremost to understand that there are two distinctly different forms of roulette, both online and off: the European version, which consists of numbers 1 to 36 and a single zero for a total of 37 slots/pockets, and the U.S. type comprising the same numbers 1 to 36, plus a single (0) and a double (00) zero for a total of 38 slots/pockets. Thus American roulette offers slightly poorer odds than a European roulette wheel.

With special regards to roulette boards available at online casinos, beware; though they all might look the same, aside from their different colour schemes, you can bet not all online roulette tables were created equal. Some might include certain annoying functions like horrible sound effects or lengthy spins which can totally screw up anybody’s fun.

Everybody’s All-Time Favourite Game
Roulette has traditionally enjoyed the “Most Popular Casino Game” title at land-based casinos; the same is now true now for the top online casino. Generally speaking, a roulette game typically includes anywhere from one to eight participants. Each player is assigned different colour chips so that the dealer can determine which bet belongs to which player.

OK, Let’s Play Already!!
A roulette game commences with players placing their bets on which number(s) they believe the roulette ball will eventually land on. The bowl-shaped wheel is then spun in one direction, and a ball is dropped onto the wheel causing the ball to spin around the wheel’s perimeter in the opposite direction. Within seconds the ball slows and drops into one of the roulette wheel’s pockets/slots.

This spinning wheel is what renders roulette the “game-of-chance” it is. Every spin is completely unique and hence there is plainly no way of predicting where the ball will land. What skill can be employed in understanding the various odds and placing your wagers in accordance with these odds. Any of the top online casinos will provide visitors with the info they need in order to understand the various odds in online roulette games.

Roulette’s Best Bets
There are a number of different bets one can place when playing roulette at the top online casinos. The most common include betting on numbers 1 to 18 and/or 19 to 36, betting on red & black, odd or even, plus dozens & columns bets. Payouts, naturally, depend on the type(s) of bets placed and won.
Now that you’re good to go, best of luck & have fun playing roulette at the top online casinos!