Kevin Blackwood is one of the most successful Blackjack players, and he has made a significant contribution to the gambling industry.

He is well known for the books with proven strategies talking about the pros and cons of the blackjack. The books include the “Casino Gambling for Dummies,” “The Counter,” and “Play Blackjack.”

The Beginner

Kevin Blackwood resides in Maine. He went to different colleges and in 1981. He got is an inspiration from Ken Uston. The bet was quite small, and he starts at $10 until he could bet up to $1000. The training he had was realty helpful, and he was able to spend up to 8 hours daily.

After a while, he was able to come up with his strategies and approach to making big wins. The moment he can figure out a favorable situation, he will be quick to make big bets and big wins.

Gambling Career

As Kevin Black was able to come up with the Hi-Opt Strategy, he later turned it to the traditional strategy that yields a great result. After he has been able to gain much experience, Kevin is now fully confident about his approach and how he can make big wins.

Most of the players are always with the mind that the blackjack games are not all about mathematics and skills, but it is about the right moment to play the game. This has made him look for the right strategy to fit the different situations that might come up.

The research that he has made him very popular as he can invest $1000 and get the right result.


Kevin can be said to be a prominent and most successful Blackjack player in history.

Although he is not being considered part of the hall of fame, he can be said to be a professional player, and he has been able to author two books that are very popular when it comes to the blackjack games. The books are well written and are great for those that are willing to take good advantage of the Blackjack games.

This man was born and brought up in Maine. This man is so gifted in mathematics, and he went to so many colleges before he was able to earn his Master’s. Almost at that time, he was able to read some articles that Ken Uston wrote. The psychological and scientific approach got him fascinated, the reading Uston’s book continues, and card counting strategies continue.


Caesar’s Palace was the first place Kevin attempted to play the games. There he was able to try the card games without having to bet.

Going by the fact that he was a smart man, he created a strategy that works well as he was able to make some money with his skills in counting the cards and making big wins.

He does go for morning jogging, and he does spend up to 14 hours. It all depends on the kind of situation. $1000 is the maximum amount that you can be on the blackjack.

From his observation, he says that he does earn one-quarter of his wage in just an hour. This is an estimate of about $300 in just an hour.

When he is trying to playing on the casino, there is a method used by Kevin known as Wonging. He counts the cards without playing, and later he jumps into play when he sees that the situation is favorable.


Kevin has turned the game to a profitable job that he carries out daily. When he was asked how he does plan his daily schedule, he only talked about running as he has tried as much as possible to keep his body


The books written by this man include “The Counter,” this can be said to be a literature and consists of some autobiography. Also, a book deals with great strategies that include “Play Blackjack Like the Pros”


As things stand, Kevin now resides in Oregon and has two children, and he is now very familiar with the poker and blackjack games.

A Book title “Play Blackjack like the Pros” by Kevin Blackwood

Introduction to Kevin’s record on Blackjack game

One of the blackjack mavens back then, all through 18’s & 19’s that get his daily bread gambling on Blackjack, is Kevin Blackwood. As at this period, Kevin cut across in many different places after easy games, taken home payouts worth more than $1,000,000 from wins all through his time of play & advised to exit through several casino administrations more than 200 counts.

Kevin maintained a painstaking reputation you can ever expect from an appealing “superiority gamester.” When Kevin hands-off from the game, which he no longer lay his hands on any game all round, this fervent player followed the footsteps of similar actions that most multiples of different expert bettors previously did & specialized in writing career.

Single & Double Card-pack Games

The profoundly offered single & double card-pack games which paid back the lion’s share of his payout. While he’s active periods of his gaming pursuits are treasured little (& presumably are yet to become accessible all through the United Kingdom).

Besides, assuming there is an action to publish again the title, the particular pages assigned to online Blackjack might get renewed with just one part named “Don’t bother,” since the time immemorial of lucrative bonus-trade takes place the most in former times. The term “lucrative” used reflects the chances of withdrawing such winnings, in reality, is high.

Even though Kevin did not elaborate in-depth with all the topics he wrote on, admittedly, what he did was call attention to different detailed books & of high commendations, likewise, various websites available online.

Also, he often recommends his followers to refer to the mentioned resources so they can use to add the finishing touch to the books written by him. With the approach, it’s vital to have a thorough knowledge of such0 gaming software and its non-essentials. For instance, let’s say you intend to adjust your bet range, to what extent will it influence the gamers fixed EV?

Aside from the basic training pages, that presents a sufficient standard of illustrations & guide. Inside this book’s pages, readers will come across pages emphasizing tourney Blackjack, interplay, & Money control, accompanied by a named global Blackjack range of options (that is having your games beyond the federation).

The various chapter during the time it provides enough counsel about one’s safeness. The inadequacy of game rules across the majority of the continents, thus the worldwide chances of fraud & dishonest dealings, indeed, can all the same become accessible within fun & games pages of a typical undefined guidebook.

Generally, it’s something of know-how/intelligence certainly – stop by an impoverished nation with multiples of a dollar amount in cash & definitely, you’ll become a prey to fraudsters/miscreants?

Negative Outlook of the Book

Altogether, from our perspective, this book, “Play Blackjack like the Pros,” seems to be deficient of an elaborate “Do-it-yourself” enlightening exploration – yes, the book touches several fields & never fails to benefit from whatever evaluative.

However, the concept further likened to be a termination to one’s professional pursuits to get some gesture compared to that of a detailed source material towards competing with the mainstream books deemed a compulsory study over the topic.

Considering the battle-themes of more than 20 years ranging through the protective covering to the sequence of events, we believe that Kevin might probably be more suitable documenting an enjoyable life story. Also, accompanied by so many folk tales, much like the memory of Kevin’s stopover to the Dominican state.

His defense tracking system demonstrated that Kevin is more favorable & with his beneficial consequences to stop operating & explore his resort quickly. Here is just our perspective; it never means that you can’t lay your hands on an edition & evaluate the book base on your view.

While I’ve ransacked through online resources over some periods, the only information I discovered on Blackwood, right from the time of his final publication introduction during the year 2006, includes citation to several interrogates which he gets himself involved.

Likewise, his site presents his current residence to be Oregon under his biography. Aside from this, we can’t get information about his current activities to earn a living. Peradventure Kevin’s betting lifetime allowed him rich?

Review on the Professional Blackjack Player – Kevin Blackwood

There is a unique story for every blackjack legend; they always tell the story of how they got into play and make things happen through gambling.

The story talked about how the blackjack game has gained so much popularity among the players. It is about how the inspiration that made them switched their path. Typically, this pattern was as well followed by Kevin Blackwood as he could come up with his own unique story regarding blackjack.

The majority of the legends enthusiastic about the blackjack game got inspired by the book, the book provided by  Edward O Thorp authored the Beat the Dealer. Regarding Kevin Blackwood, this story looks quite similar as he was able to get his inspiration from a sport Magazine’s article.

This article was about Ken Uston, who happens to be a famous person that so much like the blackjack games. There are so many aspects of the story that got Blackwood fascinated. It was talking about how Ken Uston learned how he could count the cards and learn how the dealers can be beaten.

All of a sudden, Blackwood developed an interest in the Blackjack games. Blackwood tried as much as possible to read so many things about the game to have a better understanding. He was able to read books written by Stanford Wong, Lawrence Revere, and Ken Uston. After then, he was able to study them in detail and have better knowledge to start the gameplay.

The blackjack game became a new career for Blackwood, and he was very professional about it. Blackwood does win most of the games he does play, although there are some situations whereby he does lose. So far, he has been able to make a comfortable living through the game.

Although this might be quite easy and straightforward, Blackwood had made it known that he had to work hard and grind hard before achieving reasonable wins. There is a saying that nothing comes easy, and this is evident enough.

With all the ideas and experiences Blackwood has gathered so far, he could put them down. “Play Blackjack Like the Pros” was the first name of the book. There are great revelations and secrets in the book, and you are sure to see myths on how the blackjack game works. The players are being told how .well they can manage their money. The strategies are well explained, and the players were told how well they could manage their funds. Both the beginners and the more advanced players will learn something great from this book to sharpen their skills and scale up their earning.

Of all the techniques used in counting cards, the more desirable one is the Hi-Opt by Blackwood. What the beginners are advised to start with is the counting of the cards in a simple way. Having said this, Blackwood already explained that the advance strategy has a high probability of giving big wins.

The book was written was just the start of the career as he has written so many books that can greatly benefit the new players and those that are already advanced with the gameplay.

Play Blackjack like the Pros

Book by Kevin Blackwood