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Players and visitors having access to this website, automatically agree to accept its Terms and Conditions and, at the same time, they accept to observe the laws and regulations of the country concerned. Copyright and trademark laws cover all the materials herein used. The terms of use hereafter indicated may be modified by HIS with no previous notice, therefore, any player or visitor must be aware and agree with the continuous updating the mentioned terms are subject to. Not accepting the above-mentioned terms implies a prohibition to use the website.

The use of the Licence entitles the persons concerned to use and download all the information present on HIS site, provided that said material is not destined to commercial activities or purposes. If the terms and conditions are breached in any way and materials are not used in one’s own personal perspective, the player will lose any right deriving from the license, even if temporary and will have to eliminate both printed and electronic materials obtained. The main consequence is that HIS will stop any further relation or contact. There exists a specific list of restrictions which cannot be violated, so as not to create confusion and misunderstandings.
Players/users are not allowed to:
– enable other people to use any material, information and software
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– copy or change the material
– modify the copyright linked to the website
– split, decompile or misuse software data

No guarantee of any kind is provided by HIS, as far as the material present in its website is concerned. On the same basis, direct or indirect warranties are excluded, being the material and the information offered “As it is”, granting no responsibility for unsatisfactory marketability, unsuitability or implicit violation of copyright or other rights reserved. Moreover, unskilful use of its internet website or of other websites linked to HIS, will not lead to any responsibility by HIS, on account of the fact that HIS declines all and any involvement or implicit and explicit warranty.

Users failing to exploit the possibilities offered by the material found in HIS’ website will not be allowed to consider HIS or any of its representatives as liable for any lost profit or missed business opportunities, being, the users, the only responsible subjects. The above, even though damages should come from the incompetence in using said material or if notification of possible damages had been given only verbally. It is not to be taken for granted that external legal provisions, disregarding the limitations herein concerned, might be applied in favor of the user. In line with the same principles is the choice of HIS not to be blamed or answer firsthand for the links and their contents included on its website. The presence of said links does not involve HIS’ responsibility in any way and users are responsible in full.

The content of HIS website is not submitted to revision, therefore it is likely that printing errors, image or technical mistakes are detectable, because HIS does not provide any systematic control on accuracy and completion. There is no guarantee to a regular updating of the content, however, modifications of the material might occur without any prior notice to the users.

The Laws regulate any claim or dispute arising from the use of HIS website, whatever controversy there should be between the Terms and Conditions regulating the use of web Sites and any other Legislative measure.