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Online Casino MasterCardMasterCard is one of the most dominant banking options in the world. A huge variety of casinos and other enterprise make use of the payment option to pilot their online affairs. MasterCard has grown to become lots of users favourite mode of transaction online because of the immediate transaction time it possesses and the direct access it has to a financial institution. There are numerous MasterCard options available in the market with each having its own unique feature. If you would like to take your online gaming affairs to the next level with MasterCard as your main transaction option, then you would definitely need to read along to get all your facts and figures straight before embarking on your gaming activities.

Brief History of MasterCard

Since the inception of the internet, there have been a lot of transaction options that have been provided to players. MasterCard was among the first cards available for online transaction. It was created in 1966 and has grown to over 200 countries. There are a lot of global co-operations that rely on the credibility of the banking option to carry out transactions online. MasterCard was created to work directly with a financial institution. A lot of financial institutions offer players MasterCard as a credit or debit card option.

Banking Options Available for the Usage of MasterCard

MasterCard can be used for making deposits or withdrawal depending on which type of MasterCard you have in your possession. The card can be accessed as four different banking options which include credit, debit, Prepaid and gift card.

Debit Card

Among all the options available for players to explore the card with, MasterCard is mostly issued as a debit card. This option gives you direct access to the funds available in your financial institution. Borrowing funds from your bank via this option is impossible, you can only access the funds that are available in your account via this method. A lot of online casinos support making deposits via a Debit card because of the easy to navigate platform and instant processing time it possesses.

Credit Card

You would hardly run out of funds when making use of the master credit card. The card grants users the opportunity of accessing funds from the registered financial institution with an interest rate attached to every fund granted. The card can be issued in various forms both locally and internationally depending on the user’s choice and the institution offering the card.

Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards possess similar features with a debit card but are not only offered by a financial institution. You can get a prepaid card from a bank, store or supermarket, to purchase goods with it you would need to load your card via the institution you purchased it from. A prepaid card has fixed amounts attached to it, once exhausted you would have to credit your card with more funds.

Gift Card

Making use of Gift cards also requires purchasing of funds like a prepaid card. The card is loaded with funds in form of gift cards. Making use of this MasterCard option to fund your casino account is also very possible.

Making a Deposit via a MasterCard in a Casino

To fund your casino account via a MasterCard, you would have to fill in your card information. Deposits via a MasterCard is available in a lot of casinos, so you wouldn’t have to go through much stress if you are in need of a casino that offers its services. To process a payment, navigate the transaction portal in the casino and chose MasterCard as your preferred banking option. The page would redirect you to the MasterCard portal where you would have to input the necessary information such as the card details and the amount you would like to fund to your account. Funds will appear in your account as soon as your transaction is ticked as successful. To finalise a transaction usually takes less than 30 seconds to process depending on your network stability. All type of MasterCard can be used in depositing funds to a casino account.

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Making Withdrawal via a MasterCard in a Casino

Every player that graces a casino hopes for more withdrawal than deposits to their respective accounts. Winning at a casino is never easy but it’s certain that at a point, you would become lucky enough to accumulate the desired winning. Making withdrawal at this stage is very crucial or you might end up losing the funds to the casino. Withdrawal is done the same way as deposits just that this time you would be sending funds into the account piloting your MasterCard affairs. Withdrawals take more time than deposits does. You would have to wait for a few days before your transaction would reflect in the desired account.

Limit and Transfer Time

Transacting funds via a MasterCard does not have any specific limit attached but the casino or financial institution you operate with might have its own limits attached. Deposits have an instant processing time while withdrawals might take up to seven working days depending on the casino that you are operating with.


With over 50 years of experience in the field, you can expect the best of the best from the platform when it comes to securing customers data. Your account or personal information are well secured with a security team watching over all the transaction being carried out via the platform. Although MasterCard does not have any say when issues of unauthorised transaction occur, that is if your card details are stolen and a transaction not sanctioned by you is processed, there is no assurance that such funds would be returned to you, so it’s your sole duty to keep your account information safe.

Support Team

The quality support team they provide to players is unmatched. A MasterCard support representative can be accessed via a local or international financial institution. This has made the customer support available at any of the institution that processed your card a MasterCard customer service provider also. MasterCard grants licence to all institutions that make use of their payment option familiarizing the staffs available at each institution with all the technicalities attached to the service they provide. So walking into your local bank to talk to a customer care representative about any issue you are having is very possible. In a situation where you would like to resolve the issue online, you can check out the 24 hours customer care service available on the site.


Making use of the service has a lot of perks attached. The global giants offer their services to over 200 countries making it one of the most recognised transaction option available in the world. It’s no news that a lot of online gamblers prefer gracing international casinos than the local once due to the exciting features and bonus offers attached, most of this players have settled for the master card option because it has proven to be the most convenient option.

Note that in as much as you would get quality service from the platform, there are some of the features that you would not enjoy that much. Each transaction carried out via a MasterCard has a transaction fee attached and it’s mostly offered as a depositing option in lots of casinos. MasterCard is one of the most reliable online transaction option available on the planet and we highly recommend it at any casino of your choice.

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