Tether Casino

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Tether (USDT) is an excellent bridge between casinos that accept cryptos and traditional online casinos. Our professionals will tell you what’s causing the rise in Tether casino and also Tether casino games.

Tether Casinos

What’s Tether?

This can also be called USDT, and it’s the most common among about ten stable coins that we presently have. Stablecoins are cryptos whose values are connected to the value of other things like diamonds, silver, gold, oil, fiat currencies (that is traditional currencies such as GBP, USD, or Euro).

For Tether, its value is connected to that of the USD.

When it was initially launched in 2014, the company promised investors that one dollar would be reserved for every Tether token they buy. It’s quite sad that one token of USDT should be equal to one dollar, but it is really worth only about $0.83.

Although the 1:1 ratio isn’t perfect, Tether stays as the popular option for several crypto owners and investors to date. Tether is indeed the most common stable coin worldwide, and it’s one of the top 5 cryptos in general. This is because of the fact that it’s got a stable value when compared to other cryptos such as Dogecoin and Bitcoin, as these can have fluctuating values. It’s also the currency that several individuals who want to sell their currency choose because this offers them a way of staying in the crypto market without losing much.

While writing this review, one can buy or sell Tether with the use of JPY, EUR, and USD, and the value of Tether is currently ¥111.62 or €0.82. However, similar to every other cryptocurrency, Tether is also a digital currency, and this denotes that there aren’t any physical coins or banknotes. Your money is instead kept secure in a crypto wallet.

Tether Casinos: What are they?

These are online casinos where one can play using Tether, and we have several advantages to making use of this payment method. That’s because Tether combines fiat currencies’ stability with the safety and innovations of blockchain technology, a public and open decentralized database. Any transactions made via blockchain aren’t practically possible to alter or hack, thereby keeping your money secure and safe.

What you necessarily need to know right now is the fact that we’ve got lots of several blockchains operating this kind of transaction. Tether was originally launched on the Omni platform, the Bitcoin blockchain system. After then, we’ve seen this stable coin released on over 8 platforms, which includes Solana, OMG Network, Tron, and ERC20.

You’re likely thinking if Tether casinos possess the bonuses, games, and every other amazing feature you’ll see on other crypto casinos and online casinos. Well, of course, it does! You should expect to get a similar experience with Tether casinos.

How do the top Tether casinos function?

The way the best tether casino works are similar to that of other online casinos. They are still following strict regulations by any jurisdiction that issues its license, and they’ve still got to use some particular software to fairly and safely oversee and run the games in their library.

However, crypto casinos, that includes the ones accepting Tether, still remain newbies on the market, but this should not make you have a bad feeling about these cousins. They are just innovations that’ll just take some time to blend in; as long as the casinos’ licenses are good (like from Curaçao), including good reviews, you should be certain of getting protected as a user. As more security measures with the aim of making gamblers have more confidence in the casinos, most of the best Tether casinos make the algorithms of their software public – this is actually unthinkable at almost all online casinos.

Advantages and disadvantages of Tether gambling

Similar to other currencies, there are pros and cons of Tether. Even though the advantages are way more than the disadvantages, knowing about them will likely assist you in making a better decision about using this stable coin to gamble.


  1. Quick payment method: when you deposit or withdraw from any Tether online causing, the transaction should not take longer than a couple of minutes before it completes. This is a huge difference compared to the traditional payment methods, as some of them can take as long as 4 business days before they clear.
  2. Security: The blockchain system that transactions related to Tether are made from is part of the most secure of their kind worldwide. Thus, alongside the fact that the transactions are in line with the one is a huge advantage.
  3. Privacy: A blockchain system is a public network whereby anybody can see the transactions that have been made. However, your private info is never seen in the ledger, as only your transaction address will show. Essentially, this means that every transaction of yours is anonymous. Your Tether casino may definitely still request your identity verification, and the authority can track all transactions if the need is, but for all purposes and intents, your whole transactions aren’t on the record.
  4. Legality: Being a stable coin that’s got a similar worth to that of a fiat currency, the function of Tether is in a different way compared to other cryptos such as Bitcoin. Firstly, Tether is basically centralized. It’s regulated too and requires compliance with some particular jurisdictional policies. They all add to user security and safety.
  5. No or very low fees: Almost all online casinos don’t charge any money if you want to deposit or withdraw your wins via Tether. However, you’ll likely need to eat some fresh if your USDT is exchanged to fiat currencies by the casino, or even by any cryptocurrency wallet that you use. The fee is normally 0.1 percent of your entire – thus m3qbd that you will pay about 10 cents if the Tether transfer is worth $10.
  6. Stability: The stability of Tether is very high before it has a directly related value to that of the United States dollar. This type of currency is definitely not as volatile compared to Bitcoin, which is one that can greatly decrease or increase in value within a short time. This denotes that you’ve got an excellent idea of the amount of money you’re depositing, and it’s worth it in a long time. Surely, since the worth of a Tether tone. Is basically similar to that of a USD, that all major changes in the USD would also have an effect on Tether’s value.


  1. Not all casinos accept it: Even though the popularity of Tether casino is increasing, most online casinos aren’t accepting cryptos yet; even the ones that do make use of Litecoin and Bitcoin mostly. Nevertheless, there isn’t any need to worry as we did the research for you and made a list of the licensed and legal casinos you can play with Tether.
  2. No independent increase in value: An advantage of betting with crypto such as Bitcoin is the fact that there’s an extra rate at which its value increases. For instance, the value of one BTC was 0.06 dollars in 2016, and it was worth $28994.01 as of January 2021. Even though that’ll not happen with Tether, you’re also not going to lose a substantial amount of money.
  3. No bonuses specific to Tether: We’ve never seen any Tether casino offering bonuses in Tether. However, that does not mean you’ll not get any such promos. Instead, it denotes that the bonus you get will be in the normal fiat currency or even in any other crypto.

Making Deposits and Withdrawals Using Tether

The process of doing this is similar to the process of depositing and withdrawing money with the use of any other crypto. However, it is additionally extremely fast and doesn’t take as much time compared to when you use your credit or debit card to do any of these. We’ll show you a step-by-step way of doing that below, but if you want to have more knowledge about getting Tether, you can go down to a section dedicated to it.

Making deposits with the use of Tether

You’ll surely be required to deposit any Tether tokens you have to okay any online casino game you want. Below is how it’s done:

Step one: Sign-in or register at the Tether casino you choose. If you are thinking of a reputable casino you can play with Tether, go to the list we made at the top of this post.

Step two: Go to the Banking or Cashier section, head to Deposits, then pick ‘Tether’ as the payment method you want to use, or press the ‘Tether’ logo. You need to know that Tether might be listed under ‘Cryptos.’

Step three: You should now see the address of the casino, which can also be called a PWN (Public Wallet Number). The address will comprise jumbled numbers and letters. Copy the address, then head over to your crypto wallet; after that, set up the transfer. Here, you’ll be rehired to late the public wallet number in the field provided, then include the number of Tether tokens that you would like to transfer.

Step four: Confirm your transaction, and that’s all! The funds should show immediately in your online casino account, but there’ve been a couple of times that the transaction took about thirty minutes to show. However, you need to know that a couple of casinos accepting Tether, exchange the crypto tokens to any fiat currency. Here, the exchange rate should be around what’s listed on all stock exchange markets, even though a couple of casinos will likely charge a fee. Even with that, since Trtherhss a stable value, the amount should not vary a lot between the transactions.

Withdrawals with the use of Tether

You can also withdraw your funds quite fast when you just follow some steps

Step one: Go to the Banking or Cashier section, head over to Withdrawals, then select ‘Tether.’

Step two: Input your PWN that you’ll see on hijrah crypto wallet, and also the amount you’d like to withdraw.

Step three: That is all! You should see your money in your crypto wallet immediately (although it’s been said to take as much as 24 hours sometimes).

Are there fees attached?

Normally, Tether casinos don’t crave any fee when you want to deposit or withdraw with the use of Tether from your casino account. However, there’s normally a one-time fee when it’s got to do 2itb buying Tether tokens (that is exchanging JPY, EUR, or USD to USDT), and your cryptocurrency wallet will likely charge you a fee for that service.

Exchanges of Tether currency

A couple of casinos gives you the chance to deposit money directly in Tether but your token will be instantly exchanged into fiat currency. This should not be a lot of issue as Tether is a stable coin whose value is mostly set. However, when this happens, you need to know that you’ll likely be charged 0.1 percent of your entire deposit by the casino for that service. You should always check the T&Cs of any casino before you join so you’ll not be surprised by anything.

Tether Casinos Games

A question that people ask quite often is the type of Tether games that gamers should scorch to see at these casinos. Well, you don’t need to worry as you’ll find your favorite games in these casinos. The games are video slots including table games such as craps, baccarat, video poker, blackjack, and roulette. You can also play live dealer games in most Tether casinos, and a couple of them even have dice games, lotteries, keno, and bingo. However, these games are normally standard ones that you can pay for with cryptocurrency or fiat currency. So far, there’ve not been several game providers that have made games specific to Tether. They mostly only do that directly Bitcoin; although. As Tether casinos continue to rise, we are certain that it is a matter of time before we’ll begin to see Tether slots, blackjack, roulette, and poker, among others.

Tether Casino Bonuses: Best ones

Almost all casinos don’t provide Tether-specific welcome bonuses or no deposit bonuses of Tether, but that does not mean that you’ll not be able to enjoy any promos. Since Tether is a stable coin whose value does not really fluctuate, the amount can easily be exchanged to fiat currency by the casino, thereby being able to offer you all benefits of the standard bonuses, which includes free spins, cashback, no-deposit bonuses, and sign-up bonuses.

On our list of Top Tether casinos, we made a list of the major fiat bonuses you’ll likely see at online casinos accepting Tether, and also Bitcoin online bonuses. In the crypto casino world, Bitcoin bonuses indeed remain the best as a number of casinos offer Bitcoin bankers a welcome bonus of as much as 5 BTC, and that is equal to €216.936.25 as of now.

Our Top three Tether casino websites

It’s not very easy to see legit online casinos that accept Tether and get basically because this crypto isn’t as popular compared to BTC, ETH, or LTC yet. Even at that, we’ve got some excellent casino brands online that have decided to give players who w8upd like to use this method the chance to play with Tether. Below, you’ll see our 3 favorites.

# Casino Rating Bonus Bonus Code
1 Read Review 20 Free Spins use code: BIT20 BIT20 Visit
2 Read Review 100% up to €/$100 + 150 Free Spins FIRSTDEP Visit
3 Read Review 20 Free Spins + 100% Bonus Use Link Visit

Tether: How to get started

You need to know that gambling with Tether will require you to initially have some tokens. For those who haven’t had any token, this task might seem quite complex, but it is actually simple. Below, we will show you how to do it and what you need to know.

Tether: how to acquire it

When it’s got to do with getting Tether, it’s quite different compared to purchasing other cryptos. The major difference is that since it’s a stable coin, its creation can only be from Tether Limited – which means that you can’t mine it like Bitcoin. This seems quite annoying, but it’s an important part to make Tether have a stable value.

With that being said, you can easily buy Tether tokens from some particular crypto wallets and also via crypto trading websites such as Binance and Kraken. This is a very easy process that’s similar to purchasing something from e-commerce websites.

Mostly, the steps to follow if you want to purchase Tether from almost all top crypto exchange websites:

Step one: Pick the platform you prefer and create an account.

Step two: If your chosen platform needs you to do a verification, give them the Know Your Customer (info) they need.

Step three: Deposit money into your account to purchase crypto or just directly purchase crypto with the use of your credit or debit cards bank transfer, e-wallet, crypto wallet, or any other payment method you choose.

Top Tether wallets

Now that you’re aware of how you can purchase Tether, where will you store it? Well, similar to every other digital currency, you’ll have to keep Tether safe in a crypto wallet. This can have 2 forms:

  1. Hardware crypto wallet: Even though this option is by far the safest, particularly if you would like to store them for a long period, it’s quite difficult to pay for things with this.
  2. Software crypto wallet: This is just like an e-wallet that you’ll be able to directly use on your phone through an application or your browser via a website.

Below is a list of the Tether wallets we love most. However, before we begin, it is necessary to check the exchange rate offered by the wallet for your Tether. That’s because in some casinos, your USDT will be exchanged to fiat by some casinos when you deposit it. Because of that, you’ll likely end up losing lots of money than you’re required to.


This is one of the most popular crypto wallets you can find, and it definitely lives up to its title. This system gives you the chance to purchase a particular amount of cryptos and gives you the chance to play with more than thirty cryptocurrencies. It’s got extremely competitive rates (about 3.99 percent), and the application itself has got an in-built guide to convert cryptos (which includes Tether) into fiat currencies when you transfer to some particular online casinos. Only last year, more than one billion dollar worth of crypto was processed by CoinsPad via 4.5 million transactions, all thanks to its state-of-the-art security that makes sure that your transfers and data stay secure.


This was made by Tether inventors and it’s quite easy to use. It’s also got nice security features and supports multiple currencies, especially for Omni tokens and Bitcoin. However, you need to know two things about this OmniWallet. First of all, this is not an application but a site that you’ve got to log into. The second thing is that typically, there’s a fee of 0.00002730BTC charged for an OmniProtocol Transaction.


Buying, exchanging, and selling your cryptos which includes Tether can be achieved in an extremely easy way, and that’s all thanks to the Edge application. It’s got an interface that’s easy to use and steadily updates its software to add more cryptos and features. The best thing is that you can access the application directly using your Touch ID, which makes sure you are always in charge of your cryptos and will never be locked out.

Security and safety at Tether casinos

When it comes to safety, crypto casinos are at the top of it. On another hand, you don’t tend to see the most popular licenses like that from Malta or the UK. Nevertheless, on another hand, you make use of blockchain technology to transfer money and make a payment using cryptocurrency, one of the most secure methods worldwide.

What about Tether casinos?

Transfer of Tether can be achieved with the use of any of the several blockchain technologies, and each of them is mightily encrypted. However, these transactions don’t carry any personal info of yours. This is all that protects you and your personal info, so when it comes to that, the security of Tether casinos is top-notch.

However, Tether casinos are normally incised in Curacao. There’s this perception that this kind of license isn’t as good as the one from European countries, and it’s easy to see the reason: it’s much easier to get a Curacao license. However, the Curacao government has placed several regulations and restrictions on brands with this license. Well, just a couple of casinos can benefit from scamming gamblers of their money as just one form of dishonesty could see their license taken away and their gaming affiliates disconnecting from them. So, as long as you choose a casino that has a trustworthy license, that casino will be secure.

Definitely, when you gamble with USDT, we’ve got some disadvantages. Firstly, even though it’s a stable coin, there might still be a fall in its value (it’s already fallen over the years). Another thing is that some online casinos approve deposits in Tether, then exchange the Tether into a fiat currency. With this, you may lose a little amount of money all the time you make deposits.

Well, we feel all this is caused by two things. Firstly, the USDT value is more stable compared to cryptos like Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin, and many others, so you’ll less likely lose some money if it drops. When it comes to the exchange rate, this is dependent on what you want. It’s likely a small price you’ll pay for the anonymity snd extra security – and it’ll likely not.

At the end of the day, if you select an excellent cousin like the one we listed, you’ll be certain that your security in these casinos will be sure.

How you can select the best Tether Casino

While putting together our lists, we always make sure that these casinos listed are fair, safe, and trustworthy. Obviously, we encourage you to sign up on any of these, but we won’t like to distract you from choosing the one that’s best for what you need. That is the reason we’ve created a list below of all you’re required to absolutely confirm before joining any new Tether casino. It’s indeed important that you follow a few steps that follow as a sketchy crypto casino will likely cost you way more money than all casino games.

Check the license of the casino

Ensuring the online casino you choose has gotten a license from a jurisdiction that’s reputable is one of the ultimate things you need to do. This is due to the car t that an excellent license will denote that the casino is following a particular set of rules that are ultimately there for your protection. When it’s got to do with Tether inline casinos, you’ll likely find brands that operate under the Curacao license other than the one from Malta, the UK, Sweden, or Gibraltar. Even though it’s indeed easier to get this license, it’s still a safe and respected one.

Check the fairness certification of the casino

The top European casinos and the ones in other parts of the world do more than what’s needed by the law. One of those extra steps is to acquire a fairness certification by any independent testing body like the one from eCOGRA, GLI, and iTechLabs. These are confirmation that these casinos fairly operate and as they need to, which means that you aren’t both scammed of your money.

Check the providers of the games

An ideal casino is only affiliated with trustworthy and reputable providers of games. The best game providers in the world indeed don’t just make excellent games for enticing the senses, but also try their best to create and verify an RNG (Random Number Generator) that’s fair and entirely random. This random number generator and also the return to the player of the said game can’t be altered by any online casino. So you’ll be certain that they are the same in all places. Some of the top game providers you can see are Red Tiger Games, Pragmatic Play, Wazdan, Playtech, NOVOMATIC Greentube, Evolution Gaming, and also NetEnt.

Check the payment methods that are available

If you’d like to play at any Tether casino, then you’ll be required to ensure that such a casino accepts Tether as a payment method. Do not just choose the first casino you see that does this because crypto transactions are normally anonymous, there have been some complaints about people not getting the amount in the right account by illicit entities.

Check the T&Cs of the Bonus

Casinos have set bonuses to attract players and also increase players’ bankroll so they’ll keep on playing. Even at that, do not just look at these bonuses like that because they mostly have wagering requirements and some T&Cs instead of a larger one that’s got several requirements. Although, this is a personal preference.

Tether: A brief history

Tether was originally called ‘Realcoin,’ and was one of the first sets of stable coins. When it was initially made by Brock Pierce, Craig Sellars, and Reeve Collins in July 2014, the main aim was for Tether to always be exchangeable for a USD, that’s the reason it’s called a USDT.

The creators made Tether on Mastercoin (Omni), which is a Bitcoin Protocol layer, and for them to achieve their aim, it’d only mint 1 Tether token for every deposit of $1. However, every Tether token arrives with a guarantee that one dollar for every tether token minted is going to be stored in a bank so its value can be backed up.

This idea is aimed at introducing the stable coin’s concept that the investors would want to solve the biggest issue of cryptos, which is the unpredictability of their convertibility and volatility. And, Tether indeed functions in a different manner compared to several intent cryptos. They create and redeem Tether tokens in a centralized manner, and it’s done by Tether Limited, which is a company based in Hong Kong. They’re operated on blockchain tech that’s a decentralized system.

In the last couple of years, Tether has been quite controversial, particularly since Tether incorporated hadn’t always had the ability to reveal that it’s got enough deposits that’ll back up the crypto. This resulted in an updated disclosure statement made in 2019 where Tether Incorporated made a statement that instead of Tether being totally backed by USD deposits, it’s backed up by cash, fiat currency reserves, and other assets.

Tether: what does the future hold for it?

The whole controversy hasn’t been able to discourage investors from trusting this stable coin, and it is still one of the most popular cryptos in the globe. It indeed mostly goes more than its market cap. This denotes far for the future that’s foreseeable, there will continue to be trust for Tether because of its stability. Surely, if by any chance the owners of Tether aren’t able to redeem the tokens they have for dollars, the whole of that would crumble – but there isn’t anything to make us feel that this is happening anytime soon.

Alternative methods of payment

Well, not everybody would want to use Tether, and that is understandable. There is an entire range of other payment methods you’ll be able to use instead. We will list some of the alternatives below: