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Privacy Policy –

The aim of the hereunder Privacy Policy is to give users and players some detailed information on the use of the personal data collected and to guarantee the maximum seriousness in the treatment of confidential details by As a matter of fact, has purposely drawn up its own privacy policy, in order to prove its reliability towards players and users of its website. In addition to the personal data offered to the attention of through its website, there is other information collected offline for which the online Privacy Policy does not apply.

Acceptance of Agreement

There are, essentially, three main on-line documents at the disposal of the players and users of the website, which have to be carefully analyzed and accepted before starting to use the site or play. Acceptance of the agreement means that the Terms of Service, the Licence Agreement and the Privacy Policy have been totally understood and accepted, before any activity is undertaken in the website, with regard to content, materials, links which, in their turn, lead to music, videos, pictures, programs. Terms and conditions herein are highly committing for users who decide to accept them and to respect them, otherwise free to withdraw from any contact, use or access to the website. The terms and conditions of the agreement may be modified upon the unquestionable judgment of the holder and information is released through a post on the website, with no prior notice. Use of the website after publishing any modifications implies acceptance and compliance with the new conditions. Any detail concerning the terms regulating the use of the website and its contents is clearly described in the agreement, therefore, a policy of fairness and transparency is fully implemented.

Personal Information

Notwithstanding the commitment of to avoid any possible drawback involving the website users and players with regard to sharing their personal information with itself, it is absolutely impossible to guarantee that such commitment is rewarded with no modifications, unauthorized use, hacking of said information. A strict Security control has been adopted, precisely to prevent losses, violation or manipulation of the customers’ confidential data, however, is not to be considered, in any case, responsible towards customers
for any improper use. Players and users have the choice to share or not their personal data with, in fact, they can decide to remain unknown and not communicate their name or address. This choice will not enable to ask for any feedback, but customer care is the first step to show respect for the users’ privacy.

Business Relationships, Cookies and Third Party Links

In order to avoid unpleasant connections with undesirable sites, has equipped itself with control measures able to prevent or reduce the opening of pop-up and Interstitial Advertisement windows. All the above leads to no responsibility by with regard to connected links and websites, protected, in their turn, by their own Privacy Policy.  In the same way, all the services and products offered by third parties inside website, are governed by Terms and Conditions based on said websites Privacy Policy and for this reason, will not be considered responsible for any sideline activity leading to the mentioned external services and sites.

Mailing List

The mailing list of is based on the voluntary disclosure of any personal information. As it is, all users are invited to be careful in the detailed information offered concerning their own e-mail address or private details, because said information might be used in an improper way by other parties, even though undertakes not to sell or exchange confidential data.

Contact Details

Support to customers is always available through the e-mail address of to which it is possible to apply for any queries on Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.


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