Minnesota Online Casinos

Minnesota Online CasinosMinnesota is a state that has made provision the players that are willing to carry out a gameplay on the online casinos.

There are 22 brick casinos, and the online casinos are more than 200. We have taken our time to compile some list of online casinos that are secure, safe and give you the best of experience while playing.


To ensure that there is transparency, there are some factors that we consider in selecting the online casinos, the factors include games selection, security and fair gambling atmosphere. Now let’s take a deeper look to the online casino reviews.

Selection of Games

To start with, the security and reputation of the casino is of utmost importance and all can be well trusted regarding the casino. Some of the factors that we consider before considering an online casino as being fair include

  • Checking their history to see if they have maintained a fair gambling atmosphere
  • Are the operators dedicated to giving a safety and secure protocol to the players
  • Do they have a reactive or proactive approach towards the players
  • Is there regular update to their software
  • Are all the information and activities performed by the players were encrypted.

It is important to note the fact that the slot machine has gained so much popularity compare to others in the industry. The other available games include craps, blackjack, roulette and some other games. The review team have shifted their focus on the quality and quantity of the slot machines that are available.

If you are willing to play something other than the slot machine, there are lots of games that you can delve into and they are of top qualities.

Another important thing that must be noted is the online casino in Minnesota that we recommend are the big and amazing ones that will greatly give the players the best of experience.

Game Quality

Another important thing that we are very particular about is the quality of the game, and the casinos that we have recommended gives the best when talking about the game quality.

Is it Legal?

Either the online gambling is legal or not was not clearly addressed by the authorities in Minnesota. This is to say that it is legal to carry out gambling activity in Minnesota. There are no laws to ban you when you carry out an online gambling in Minnesota.

It is not everybody that clearly see this from our perspective, there are some legal fanatics that argues that since there are no regulatory outlines, it is illegal to gamble in Minnesota. We were strongly against this idea, but the fact that there are no regulations makes it unlawful to gamble in Minnesota.

Casino Laws

When talking about the brick and mortar casino in Minnesota, the gambling law is clearly stated. The section outlined is 349.11 et seq. and 609.75 et seq, will give you the detailed explanation on the gambling activities.

Now let us look at the major points in the Minnesota gambling laws.

  • Gambling is best defined as a making a few bets and possesses a gambling device without having a license.
  • They gave permission to the casino on tribal land
  • It is illegal to carry out gambling activities on casinos not on the tribal land
  • It is legal to gamble on the horse racing, proper address is not giving to the dog racing
  • Pull tabs, bingo, tip boards, paddle wheels and raffles
  • There are private social bets that are permitted so far it is part of the gambling enterprise that is commercialized.
  • The gambling machines are permitted in your home for social reasons
  • Allowance is given to the dice so far the prizes that are available are beverages and food.
  • Allowance is as well given to the gambling machines due to some social reason, just ensure you do not exceed the $200 which is the maximum amount of prize

Just before all of this will be tied together, it will be important to look at the numbers as the pictures are being made clearer.

  • The casinos that are licensed are up to 22, and there are more than 20 in MN cities
  • The slot machines are more than 21,015 slots as at 2017
  • The table games are more than 322
  • The live poker tables are up to 83
  • The casino gaming space are up to 783, 890 square feet
  • The annual lottery sales are up to $590 million


We are seeing a positive future when it comes to state of gambling affairs in state of Minnesota. Great job has been done such that you can clearly state the do’s and don’ts of the gambling affairs in the state. If the trend continues like this, the online gambling regulations will be done properly.


Are the online casino safe?

The online casino is absolutely secure and safe. All that you need to do is to make things become better.

  • Use a strong password
  • There is no need for you to store your password on the device
  • Do not share your account with some other people
  • If you are not comfortable losing, do not gamble money
  • If you are intoxicated or emotionally, do not head to tables

Which of the casino can I play?

When you carry out gambling activity on the online casino that will recommend on our site. The games include the keno, racebooks, bingo and fantasy sport.

Can I play real money wager?

All of the games can be played making use of the real money. Conscious effort has been made to give an experience and excitement to the players.

Does it have mobile compatibility?

There are lots of betting options that are compatible with the mobile device.