Online Casinos in Rhode Island

Rhode IslandRhode Island is one of the state in the United States that is located at the northeastern part of the state. It is known as the smallest state in the country. The state is yet to legalize online gambling but there are two land based casinos in the state.

Online Casinos in Rhode Island

The state with the smallest size in the United States is Rhode Island which is probably the reason why it is always under the radar when mentioning the states in the country. The gambling options available in the state are not much. However, there are still opportunities available for the residents to gamble although it might not be comparable to that of other states. Since the state is not big, a lot of people have had the perception that regulating gambling activities will be easier than other states. There are lot of online casinos available in the state and a lot of the residents participate in it gambling activities. With the way things are going it is only a matter of time before the state will make online gambling legal.

Legality of Online Casinos in Rhode Island

With the size of the state there is no significant attention paid to gambling since there is no tourist attraction and not a destination for gamblers. Therefore, the government of Rhode Island has not even dedicated much of their time to legalizing and regulating of online casinos. According to the laws of Rhode Island, there is no place where it was mentioned whether playing at online casinos is legal or illegal. The same situation can be found in some states in the United States. Due to the lack of clarifications, it has been argued by some people that the absence indicated that it is prohibited. However, not everyone agrees to this interpretation of the law. Since the law is silent about anything relating to online casinos it cannot be considered illegal. Because for something to be illegal, it must involves breaking the law and the law cannot be broken unless the thing is stated in the law. There are lot of things the laws did not touched but can we consider all those things illegal? Until there is a law is made that clarifies the legal status of online casinos players are allow to play at any site of their choice. Hopefully, the government of Rhode Island will look into this in the future and enact a law stating the legality of online casinos. Although nobody has been arrested or prosecuted for playing at online casinos till now. Thus, players can played at any casino of their choice with no fear of any repercussion. Thus there are a lot of online casinos present in the state for the residents to select their choice and play at. Also the online casinos offer different varieties of games such that regardless of your choice of game you will surely find it at any online casino. Again it is stated nowhere that playing at online casinos is prohibited. Which is why it is legal for online casinos to operate inasmuch as they are located offshore. If you check the online casinos that are offering their services to resident of Rhode Island you will noticed that majority of them are not situated within the borders of the state.

Are Land Based Casinos In Rhode Island Legal?

All the attempts by the government of Rhode Island to create a land based casino a lot of time has ended in failure. A voting system was created in 1994 for the residents of Rhode Islands to decide whether there should be a land based casino or not and the majority supported the latter. A tribal land based casino that was under construction had to stopped ten years later due to people living in the state going against its establishment. This is strange because most of the states in the United States are known to participate in gambling. Also when you consider the neighboring states to Rhode Islands you will notice that nearly all of them possesses land based casinos and other forms of gambling activities.

Presently, Rhode Island can boast of the availability of 2 land based casinos. Judging with the size of the state it might seem to be sufficient however, that is not true. A lot of players will need to drive for hours before they can get to the casinos. Also it only electronic forms of games that can be seen at the casino. Which implies that residents only have to select the games they can play from video poker, slot machines, and other games that are electronic. Because of this, a lot of players will prefer going to the neighboring states to play the game of their choice. Once this happen, Rhode Island will be losing revenues that are meant for the state. And this is not a good thing because the state will need the money for its development. This is why a lot of people have been predicting that the government of Rhode Island will soon move to regulate and legalized casinos in the state. However, till now no such move has been made and hopefully it will happen in the near future.

Frequently Asked Questions about Online Gambling and Casinos in Rhode Island

What is the reason behind the opposition from Rhode Island residents?

Out of all the states in the United States, the only state whose residents have vehemently opposed gambling is Rhode Island. There are two different scenarios in which the residents have opposed the establishment of land based casinos.

Is it possible to play poker online?

Absolutely! Although the number of land based casinos is small but the same cannot be said of online casinos. A lot of them can be found at offshore sites with some of them even specializing mainly in poker games. Therefore you have the option to visit any site of your choice.

Do online casinos give players match deposit bonus in Rhode Island?

There are different type of bonuses awarded to new players and among them is the match deposit bonus. Not all casinos give players the offer that will enable them to be given the money equal to what they deposited. Therefore, check the list of sites provided for the casino that offers the type of bonus you want.

What is the legal status of playing at online casinos in Rhode Island?

Although the law of Oregon does not state anything about the legality of online casinos. Till now, nobody has been arrested or prosecuted for playing at any online casino despite the fact that the government is aware. Therefore, playing at online casinos can be consider safe inasmuch as you are playing within the state borders.