Video Poker Games by Lenny Frome

 Discovery of Video Poker’s Hidden Potentials by Lenny Frome

A Short Biography on Lenny’s discovery, his contribution to video poker game restructuring, and how he revives back the video poker game life that was fading away in memory of gamblers as they can’t see anything good in the game. Frome embarked on thorough research into this game’s nitty-gritty & realized how lucrative the game could be, finally released through a book.

Winning Strategies for Video Poker

Winning Strategies for Video Poker – Book by Lenny Frome

Lenny Frome’s Background

Lenny Frome happens to be a gifted expert on mathematics and a promoter, front runner in video poker gaming history. Indeed, on many occasions, the masses usually nickname Frome to be “The Godfather of Video Poker,” due to his immense contribution towards establishing video poker admiration, recognition & legality.

In advance to his presence/arrival in the video poker field, plenty of gaming gurus had earlier disengaged from this game the same way it’s unrewarding/profitless equally to slot games.

Frome showed so much freak & blessed with an extraordinary gift in mathematics all through his lifetime & experienced 40 years operations under the field of aeronautical logistics sector pending the time he then showed attention to a video poker game at all.

In times past, Frome stumbled upon the unfamiliar video poker gaming & right from then, his enthusiasm got stirred instantly. In line with his mathematics competence under consideration, Frome finalized to give an attempt towards this video poker & discover whether the secrets behind achieving success with the game are beyond just mere good fortune.

Early years of Video Poker Game

When video poker appears to be almost an unknown casino gaming variety, among the limited numbers of operators that feature video poker games, they highly pushed to recommend the game to be rarely used. During this period, the remaining gaming experts then-existing had earlier disengaged video poker to promote more popular gaming software’s.

Regardless of these unfavorable reactions, Frome figured out that it will be of great benefit to master this video poker gaming’s intricacies. Also, he intends to check out whether the game is unsatisfactory the way the world at large perceived video poker to be. It’s not a surprise with Frome’s action, what else would you expect from a mathematician (Problem Solvers).

Lenny is not that well-versed with the game nitty-gritty; however, his interest made him take up action & prepare ahead in optimism for greater exploits. While Frome concentrates on video poker, within a short timeframe, he realized that video poker is not that a third-rate game to lay aside sooner or later.

Realistically, in his discovery, Lenny, in no time, realized that a few video poker game varieties are favorable to the extent which it opens more edge for gamers to chance better-of the house conditional to the right play approach.

Regardless of Frome’s findings, he encountered a setback/ challenging period convincing / persuading the masses to initially catch into the game potentials.

However, while Lemmy only shared his perceptions of the game to a single person, he found it so time-consuming & somehow difficult for the game to show itself profitable beyond doubt & convince its basic tactics. Rather than this face-to-face conviction, he decides to put together all he discovered written in a book.

Frome’s Magazines

Frome gathered up all his exposures & take advantage of all the knowledge he already gained in his lifetime thus far & introduce his first publication during the year 1989 precisely. He named the edition “Expert Video Poker for Las Vegas.” Even if the magazine did not hit so well, but the book lay the foundation for other subsequent publications that certainly can establish Frome to the leading position of video poker restructuring/dramatic change.

Expert Video Poker for Las Vegas

Expert Video Poker for Las Vegas Book by Lenny Frome

Besides, Frome begins work in creating content on casino publications during this period primarily to gain recognition all over the gaming sector & make known the potentials of video poker gaming to revive back its popularity.

Lenny’s relentless effort in creating gaming-related content assisted him to an extent. However, his top-notch effort, “Winning Strategies for Video Poker,” crowned his struggles with the video poker gaming & established him an icon, which made him attained an esteemed alias mentioned earlier in this content.

Frome looks beyond video poker game & further reaches out to other game varieties in his contents writes. He can take advantage of his inherent gifts for arithmetic’s maximally; this helped him touch different casino gaming software like Caribbean Stud, Spanish 21, Let It Ride, etc. Altogether, Frome wrote up to nine separate casino-related publications & delivered an ideal tactic that touches lots of video poker gaming collections.

Frome, as of the year 1998, he suffered from a cardiovascular disease, which led to his death; however, the books he authored remain evergreen among players to date & are still in high demand.

By name Elliot, Lenny’s male child already embraced the legendry & at present, he creates content writings on betting-related tactics for different fundamental books, comprising of the lineage site Compu-Aeronauts.

Overview of Video Poker Games by Lenny Frome

Video Poker Games are casino games that involve the use of five cards. There are lot of variants of video poker games such as deuces wild, poker joker, jacks of better, and so on.

About Video Poker Games

In 1994, Lenny Frome published a book about video poker explaining the techniques players can use to win. Since then he has been referred to as the godfather of video poker. In his book he was able to showcased that a player can win as much as possible if they understand the perfect technique to use when playing. Originally, video poker is categorized as slots but this has changed as times goes on. Now they have been separated into two different entities. What makes video poker distinct from slots is that it involves techniques unlike slots. If you perfect your strategy the probability of you winning will increase. Also, the return to player can be calculated by you unlike that of slot. Video poker also involve the use of 5 cards but it is different from other card games due to the non-existence of competition. You will be the only one playing the game and will be giving your winnings if you win.


It is important you know how to play video poker before trying it out. To play you need to bet at least a coin up to 5 coins. After betting, 5 cards will be displayed and the aim of the player will be to form the winning combinations with those cards. Video poker involves collect cards therefore, players have a chance to draw a card to increase their chance of winning. A player can decide to let go of the 5 cards to be replaced by another sets. To do this, you will click on the card you want to replace and click the deal icon which will change the cards you have selected initially. Then you can deal the cards and if you emerged as the winner you will be paid. It follows the rule that how big your winnings will be depends on the card value you have.

There are some questions most players always asked regarding video poker and some of it are explained below.

What is the way to deal cards? Does it involve cheating?

According to the regulations guiding gaming activities every objects of game need to exhibit a results that is determined at random. To determine the result of any game, RNG (random number generator) software is utilized. With the help of this software game results will be determined at random. This also applies to video poker, however players need to be careful where they are playing the game. This is because not all locations are regulated and following the guidelines set according to the regulatory body.

How does random number generator works?

The random number generator will randomly determine the results of any game once thee players have pressed the button to deal, stake or begin the game. The results does not depend on several factors. it is solely based on the random number generator not the number of coins staked, or the outcome of the previous game or the time used before making a move. There is no technique you can utilized to manioulate the RNG.

Most software developers produced thieir video poker in such a way that the initial 5 cards dealt are showing. Then based on the strategy of the player he can request for extra cards by changing the initial five. Once the game has been initiated, the random number generator will ceased. Undesrtanding video poker paytables is very important if you want to enjoy the game. Video poker has many variants and they include the following:

  • Jacks or Better
  • Joker Poker
  • Bonus Poker
  • Double Bonus Poker
  • Deuces Wild with different varieties available
  • Two Pairs or Better
  • Double Joker Poker

There are more varieties of video poker because the list is unending. Each variants has its own paytable for all the possible draws. Also, the return to player of all the variants can be determine by the player. This will helps player in deciding the best game to play in terms of possible winnings and the probability of winning. However, determining the RTP cannot be done by an individual unless he purchased a technique card, book, or software itemizing every possible techniques and RTP. You can get these materials from online stores. With the help of the book you will know the video poker games that are available, their return to player, and paytables. The paytable will determine the return to player of any game, if it change the RTP also change.

If you are just a newbie to the game of video poker, it is preferable you start nine/six jacks or better. To understand the technique is not hard and it has a return to player of 99.54 per cent. At the end of the day, players can go away with 100 per cent RTP based on the bonuses, advantages, and multipliers available. This game involves winning with a pair of Jacks. Seeing nine/six at any casino nowadays is not easy unlike before that it is rampant among casinos in Las Vegas. Eight/five is the one that is rampant nowadays. Below is the differences and similarities between the two in terms of paytables.

  • Royal Flush: Nine/six has eight hundred same thing with that of eight/five.
  • Straight Flush: Nine/six has fifty same thing with that of eight/five.
  • Full House: Nine/six has nine whereas eight/five has eight
  • 4-of-a-kind: Nine/six has twenty five same thing with tht of eight/five.
  • 3-of-a-kind: Nine/six has three same thing with that of eight/five.
  • Jacks or Bettter: Nine/six has one same thing with that of eight/five.
  • Two Pair: Nine/six has two same thing with that of eight/five.
  • Flush: Nine/six has six whereas eight/ffive has five.

From the above illustration, it can be deduced that both nine/six and eight/five share a lot if similarities than differences which is evident in flush. The RTP of eight/five is 97.3 per cent whereas that of nine/six supercedes with about 2.2 per cent. Therefore, the most preferred Jacks or Better will be nine/six in as much as it is present at the casino. Almost all the casinos in Las Vegas, and localized casinos have nine/six jacks or better if you want to play. In other casinos, nine/six Jacks or Better is scarce therefore the need to opt for eight/five Jacks or Better which is also good.

Larger payout is awarded for any of the highest high when playing bonus poker, triple double bonus, double bonus poker, and so on. Four aces, four 2s, 3s, or 4s are what comprises of the highest highs same as their combinations also. For the lower highs such as two pair or three of a kind, the payout will be reduced. The volatility of this kind of game is high and there can be a high deviation in winnings.

Video poker has a lot of variants and individual variant has its own technique that need to be utilized to generate the best outcome. Examples of the variants are frenzy draw poker and super times pay that have some option which requires additional payment for players to enjoy them. likewise their volatility is high and players can switch to them if they want to change their taste. Ten play and triple play both have one hundred paylines whereas spin poker has nine paylines. therefore, it is possible for video poker to have up to one hundred paylines as mentioned above. Also players can indulge into one hundred games at once. Also, some video pokers varieties have many bonuses for every card dealt.

Eight/five is another famous variants of video poker that you will often see at many casinos. The paytable of eight/five follows the above mentioned paytable the only difference is the aspect of prospective winning of royal flush during jackpot. you will see the prospective amount on a meter located on top of the machine. Every player will keep on staking and the jackpot will keep on increasing until a player trigger the royal flush and will be awarded the winnings. Then the jackpot will start building again from the beginning. The situation that is favorable in which it is advisable you play is referred to as positive play. During this period the meter will display two thousand two hundred and forty dollars for 5 coins on a twenty five ¢ machine. However, it is not advisable to play it when the meter display any amount kess than two thousand two hundred and forty dollars. In this case playing the nine/six variants is better.

There is no way you are going to cram every technique possible for every variants. Therefore, the best thing is to memorize for 1 or 2 games if you are willing to win at the end. Because, the more you play more variants the more it will be hard for you to recollect the strategy for a particular game thereby leading to error.

After selecting a game choice you want to stick with, the next thing is to understand the technique. You can check out our site for information on this and online. From there you will obtained the technique you will need to play either nine/six or eight/five machine. Although the strategies are not one hundred percent accurate however, with them you will have an upper edge when playing. Therefore, it is better you learn these strategies before deciding to play any video poker game of your choice.

As a player there are things you need to note when checking the nine/six strategy and they include:

  1. Having a pair of lower value is not a bad thing. We have possibly thirty-six hands and out of these only sixteen are pairs of lower values. This implies the presence of twenty other hands that are not better than a pair of lower value. Those hands that are better than a pair of lower value are fifteen and eight out of those fifteen do not necessitate draw. Out of the remaining seven hands, one of them is a 3 card royal flush and the remaining ones are hands of 4 cards.
  2. Because you want to have a flush or straight you should not hold 3 cards. The strategy will not tell you to do such thing. Although there are cases in which you can have straight flush by holding 3 cards however not a flush or straight. A lot of players do make this mistake therefore necessitating learning of the right techniques.
  3. Except when you have A, J, K, and Q, drawing an inside straight by holding four cards is not an option.
  4. When playing a game of Jacks or Better, holding a kicker should not be considered. A card that is not paired being held together with another pair is called a kicker. Players do make the mistake of holding a face card together with a pair of lower value with the aim of pairing up with a higher card which is very wrong.

The strategies discussed above are mainly for jacks or better games. They do not apply to video poker that involves the use of wild cards like deuce wild, double bonus, and joker poker. They all have their own techniques of playing.

Facts About Video Poker Games

When playing a game of video poker in the absence of a joker, the possible hands are equal to two million, five hundred and ninety-eight thousand, and nine hundred and sixty.

After hands of forty thousands, the jackpot will be triggered when playing a nine/six jacks or better game. After hands of nine thousands straight flush will be triggered and after four hundred and twenty-five hands 4-of-a-kind will be triggered. Hands of eighty seven and ninety one will trigger a full house and a flush respectively. Hands of eighty nine, fourteen, eight, and five will trigger a straight, 3-of-a-kind, 2 pairs, and a pair of jacks or better respectively. One amazing thing that should be taken note of is the inability to obtain a straight and a flush on time. However, a full house is easier to obtain and also possess a larger payout than a straight and a flush. Most of the time (precisely fifty-five per cent) when playing on a nine/six machine the player will always end with a hand that loses.

Why is playing not up to five coins on a payline bad thing?

Considering a nine/six machine, with a coin you will obtain two hundred and fifty coins after triggering royal flush. With two, three, four, or five coins you will obtain five hundred, seven hundred and fifty, one thousand, or four thousand coins respectively. Two thousand seven hundred and fifty can be deduced as the bonus. For a nine/six machine the appearance of a royal flush is after hands of forty thousand and four hundred. That of eight/five is forty thousand and two hundred whereas that of eight/five progressive is thirty-two thousand and seven hundred. We have higher possibilities likewise the extra bonuses are enticing.

On a positive machine for players that does not have the means to play the coin limits they should opt for other one of lesser value. However, if you still want to play on the positive machine then ensure that you play a coin per stake. Playing 2, 3, or 4 coins is totally unnecesarry since only those who play 5 coins will qualify for royal flush bonus. And before the royal flush can be triggered you would have lost a lot of money which is sardonic.

Club Player Benefits

One way of increasing a player payout when playing a game of video poker is by joining the players’ club. All the big casinos have this club which players are enjoined to join before they start playing the game. It does not require anything out of ordinary if a player want to join because it is free. With the club card the casino will be able to track your play after inserting the card into a machine. Then you will be given the benefits which can be drinks, freebies, free slots, presents, money, or other things. Also, the return to player will increase and some clubs provide players with a means of increasing the total amount they will receive after winning. For players that are members of these clubs, the casinos usually give them a lot of promotional offers. These will be an immense advantage by increasing the payout percentage. However, players should not waste all of their money beyond budget just to get a comp point.