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Virtually all gambling establishments are all under the jurisdiction of their country of settlement. But then, with the advent of the internet, it is of utmost importance to ensure the fact that gambling sites abide by the rule and ensure fair and responsible gambling. It is to ensure that the casinos are not taking an unfair advantage or scam players

  • Company: United Kingdom Gambling Commission
  • Address: Gambling Commission, Victoria Square House, Birmingham B2 4BP
  • Phone: 01212306666
  • Email:

To ensure a fair gaming atmosphere, the British government launched the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. This is to set out regulations and the golden rules for any gambling company that wants to start its operation. They are all to be regulated irrespective of the fact that they are offline or online

Uk Gambling Commission


The main reason for the establishment of this commission is to ensure the British players are being protected from being scammed or become prey to greedy gambling companies. All these are always in the best interest of the players is still at the focal point of the organization

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission only gives licenses to companies that have proven responsible and meet up with some specific requirements. Of course, the licenses granted are merely a legal requirement that must be fulfilled, all companies that have the mind of getting money from people and assuring the people they may probably get some fantastic prizes if they are lucky enough. For this reason, the likes of the National Lottery are also under this particular jurisdiction. The United Kingdom Gambling Commission places its focuses on different areas in which include gambling businesses, public, and authority those licenses

Mode of Operation

The simple truth is that no organization or organization has the power to render gambling service to the players in the United Kingdom with the consent of the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. A company that has the desire to carry out gambling activity in the United Kingdom must obtain a license from the commission first. This involved a rigorous process has the commission will have to look deeply in operation and affairs of the site before it can be licensed

In fact, the United Kingdom gambling commission is very serious with this, and the companies that will be approved will be the ones that are able to present a clear structure of their ownership, have sufficient balance for them to be able to pay prizes, proven integrity, has what it takes to provide the services they claim and finally no record of criminal case. Even if a company has been able to get a license, not abiding by the rules and regulations of the United Kingdom can lead to their license being revoked. This will prevent them from carrying out any form of gambling service in the United Kingdom.


All players are advised to carry out their gameplay on the casino site that is licensed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. This is to protect the interest of the players and as well guarantee their safety. The reasons to follow the guideline of this commission is to ensure fund protection, fair gaming, operator accountability, and the players’ protection

Player Protection

The benefit you derive from carrying out your activity on a well-regulated casino is that your interest will be protected, and all your personal details data are kept safe. The standard of the United Kingdom Gambling Commission is quite strict; it is formed in regulation to the data protection act. All these are to ensure the fact that players data are safe and not misused for any reason

Not that the commission only prevents you from being cheated by some casinos, but then they ensure players are being prevented from cyber attacks. The commission did not want any situation whereby the personal information of players will leak and get scammed through the process. The commission will not give any gambling company that is not competent enough to safeguard the information of the players’ license

Fair Gaming

Ensuring that the players enjoy a good gaming atmosphere is one of the things that the casino prioritize. They ensure the players have a realistic way of winning, and the system is transparent enough when it comes to chances of winning. This commission ensures there are different ways in which the players can get the best of experience while enjoying their gameplay. Also, they make it mandatory for players to make use of the RNGs (random number generators to ensure the production of a fair result for any of the virtual games offered

Outcomes of the games are not meant to be altered by any software provider or an online casino. It should be truly random. For this reason, games such as blackjack, roulette, and the online slots should make use of the RNG

Also, the specification must be made on the RTP by the online casinos. This means the “return to player,” it shows a particular percentage of the amount that players will be given when they make a deposit to wager. Irrespective of the fact that they win or lose, they will get some certain percentage back. Let’s take, for example, a gambling site that offers 95% RTP, the simple interpretation of this is that, for any £100 players spend on a particular game, there will be a return that is worth up t £95, although it may probably not be for the same player. The differences in the percentage represent the house edge on a particular game. So 5% indicates £5, and this is the way casinos make their money

Separated Funds

In assessing a casino, one of the things that the commission is always particular about is to check the finances and the structure of the finances. One important thing is properly to check if the casino has a separate account to keep the players’ cash from the company’s operating cash

The reason why this is important is that if there is any maladministration and the casino goes bankrupt, there will be every certainty that the fund of the players is kept safe, even though the company is no longer in operation. This is to give the players peace of mind that their funds are safe, and will not go without their knowledge

Operator Accountability

The strict regulation set by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission is enough to ensure that the operators behave responsibly and fairly to the players. This kind of regulation ensures accountability as casinos will duly protect the interest of the customers and render quality service. Any player who notices any fault or not pleased with the operation of any casino can file a complaint with the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, and then the proper investigation can be carried out

Having said this, any player that has dealings with a casino that’s not regulated may not be able to file a complaint with the commission because it will be difficult to question the particular casino or probably take it court. Of course, this shows how relevant players are in bringing a safe atmosphere, all you need to do on your part is to ensure you sign up with a well-regulated player

How to Figure out if the UKGC regulates a Casino

Knowing whether a casino is regulated and licensed is not farfetched; there are two ways to go about this: the first thing to do is to check the online casino reviews at The second way is for you to check it directly on the commission’s website. If you want to check the license of a gambling site, you can navigate your to the public register of the license holders on the commission website. Then you can now proceed and type in the name of the business, and you can type in the reference number. The moment you can do this search, check if the reference number correlates with the on on the commission’s record, then you will be able to know the kind of license held by a company. Then you will be very sure that all the activities carried out on the casino are all safe

The issue that may arise

Players can have various reasons to file a complaint with the commission. Problems that arise most is the dispute that occurs between players and operators on the number of winnings that can be paid out, the amount won or not, bonus offers, closure of an account, IT issues, verification and the terms and condition

The commission has made a conscious effort in addressing similar issues, but then players that still feel they are not treated right can still file a complaint

How to File a Complaint

There is much information on how to file a complaint. Players who have tried to settle things amicably with the operator and things are not working out fine can do well by contacting the commission.

History of the UKGC

The Gambling Act of 2005 established this commission, its establishment aims to ensure proper regulation of the gambling site in the United Kingdom, but then, it still partners with some licensing authorities. As of 2007, the operation has become full-blown and is the one that carries out regulation on bingo, betting, casinos, and arcades. The main purpose of these regulations is to prevent crime and protect the players from being vulnerable and everything to work fine I a transparent and fair manner