1942 Sky Warrior Slot

1942 Sky Warrior Red Tiger Slot Review: Demo and Bonuses

Developed by Red Tiger Gaming, 1942 Sky Warrior has a World War II theme. Aerial dogfighting is shown in the game’s theme.

1942 Sky Warrior Slot

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Slot Details

  • Title: 1942 Sky Warrior
  • Rows: 4
  • Developer: Red Tiger
  • RTP: 95.68% (Default)
  • Paylines: 30
  • Free Spins Freq: N/A
  • Hit Freq: 1/5
  • Max Win Probability: N/A
  • Volatility: Medium/High (4/5)
  • Max Win: 999x
  • Release Date: November 25, 2021
  • Min/Max Bet: 0.10/100

In 1942 Sky Warrior, a World War II-themed game developed by Red Tiger, players take to the sky in their chaps and chapettes. As the Allies started to reverse the tide of war against the Axis, 1942 proved to be a pivotal year in the Second World War, with important victories being lost and won on both parties. Particularly noteworthy were: the Soviets surrounded Stalingrad; the United States won the Battle of Midway; Singapore surrendered to the Japanese; and Thailand, a puppet government of Japan, launched an attack on a number of essential ally countries. Despite releasing a flood of wild features and free spins, 1942 Sky Warrior falls short when it comes to payoff potential, rewinding the clock to this vital moment in history.

For example, had 1942 Sky Warrior been made available during the conflict, it may have served as an effective recruiting tool. It is possible that Red Tiger has caught some of the romanticism of soaring above the skies in a flying machine, hurling gunfire at the enemy, receiving awards, and doing it all while wearing a snazzy outfit. The backdrop of the game is filled with a softly animated graphic of aircraft in flight, which changes to a flaming orangey-yellow picture during free spins, making the aesthetics somewhat thrilling no matter what stage of the game you are in.

Gameplay is available on any platform from 10 cents per spin to £/€100 for every spin, with the maximum stake in a Red Tiger slot often serving as an indicator of the potential that may be on offer. According to the examples provided further down, this lifehack is a cinch to apply. On the other hand, the gaming area comprises five reels, each of which has four symbols and is intersected by a total of 30 paylines. When between three and five identical icons appear anywhere on the reels, winnings are awarded. This is a moderate volatility slot, and it has a default return to player percentage (RTP) of 95.68%.

Symbols are classified into three categories: low payouts, high payouts and improved high payments. A medal is in the making, with the lows at 9- For five of a type, a royal is worth 0.4 to 1.5 times the bet, while a high is a set of five pilots valued 0.4 to 1.5 times the wager. Finding five high payments in their natural condition will net you 1.8 to six times your investment, but when the bonuses are enhanced, this figure rises to 4–20 times the stake. Next, we’ll go through how to do so.

Features of the 1942 Sky Warrior Video Slot

As the slogan suggests, players are urged to ‘Bring Your Ace Game.’ as the tagline suggests. A pair of wild symbols as well as a bonus spins extra session will be required in order to accomplish this. A wild icon will be assured to appear on every spin during the bonus round.

Wild Feature

Wild symbols may be substituted for any other paying icons. So, when they appear in a winning combination, they activate a feature that is dependent on the kind of symbol that formed the combination. A maximum of two wilds may appear on a single spin. When wilds connect low-paying symbols to generate a win, the low-paying symbol type that produced the win is removed from the reel set. Symbols are knocked down, and new ones arise to take their place. When wilds combine with high-paying symbols to generate successful win lines, the winning high-paying symbol kinds are upgraded. After the upgrading has taken place, the winnings are given out to the winners. If a wild icon generates victories that include both low as well as high paying icons, the high paying icons are improved first, followed by the removal of the low paying icons.

Free Spins

Getting three free spins icons on the first, third, and fifth reels rewards a total of ten free spins. Each spin ensures the landing of a wild icon, and the function may be extended by an extra +5 free spins if three or more free spins symbols appear in the same spin. During free spins, any wild features that are granted stay active for the whole length of the bonus session.

Final Words on the 1942 Sky Warrior Slot

Do not expect to get a slew of awards if you bring your A-game to the table. 1942 A game that wants to concentrate on the dramatic aspect of things, Sky Warrior, has you donning digital flying personal protection equipment to feel the wind whipping through your hair. Because of this, players receive a visually appealing game in which they may live out their dreams of being an ace pilot. However, the game’s great victories and massive thrills take a backseat as the audio-visuals take over the reins. Armed with that knowledge, armchair generals should have a great time floating above the clouds, but those looking for huge wins will undoubtedly be disappointed.

We haven’t examined a war game in a long time; the most recent one was the evocative underwater slot Das xBoot, which we reviewed earlier this month. When it comes to mathematical models and prizes, these two places are on diametrically opposed sides of the spectrum. Compared to 1942 Sky Warrior, who seems to be a well-groomed air marshal, complete with a huge moustache and chiseled appearances that draw attention, Das x Boot appears to be an experienced engineer who has just returned from weeks at sea encased in a submarine, getting the work done. Fortunately, those looking for flash and dash may commandeer 1942 Sky Warrior, while those seeking tricky and complicated gameplay can dive themselves in Das xBoot. It is important to note that both games have a place and that they complement rather than compete with one another.

There is one area in which there is no competition at all, and to be honest, 1942 Sky Warrior was a disappointment in this respect. 1942 Sky Warrior has a disappointing maximum payout of 999x the stake despite all of its wild modifiers, symbol upgrades, and deletions. It quickly brought to mind Hammer Gods, another visually appealing Red Tiger slot with disappointing win statistics.

Players that are not interested in pursuing big victories while evading a math model the size of a Stuka Dive Bomber will likely find themselves pleased by Hammer Gods and 1942 Sky Warrior, respectively. With so few World War II flying ace games available, and 1942 Sky Warrior effectively fulfilling the lower potential choice in this category, it seems that there is an opportunity for a company to enter the fray with an even more powerful version of the title.

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