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The world of online games may appear as a virtual reality, but sometimes you have the opportunity to make it quite real and customize it according to your preferences. That’s the reason why the 888 Casino live blackjack offers a different approach to the blackjack player. Much depends on the ability of the dealer so the blackjack live gives you that possibility to interact with professional and amiable dealers who make the difference because, in an extraordinary friendly way, they assure amusement and, possibly, winning. 888 live blackjack makes you travel in the field of live games in a special way, because as well as aiming at getting the table, you can also share some good time with the dealer, chat and exchange jokes and witty remarks, even offering him a generous gratuity to reward his professionalism, by putting the chips on the stack called tip and then confirming. It is not difficult to play live blackjack but there are some steps to follow very similar to the classic rules of blackjack played online but to be learned to make the whole game very engaging. It is necessary to aim at collecting 21 points in a hand. First of all, when you start, you enter the rounds, you gamble and click on the chip and also on the area of betting. Whenever you click, you get another chip. There are also the Perfect Pair parts where you can make a side bet choosing the button to confirm.

About Online Casinos Live Blackjack

Players have the option of playing live blackjack on the mobile devices of their preferences and enjoy an unending gambling session. During the live dealer game you will have the option of interacting with a dealer that will be in charge of the game. There are many games available in the live session with blackjack being one of them. You will have the experience of playing at land based casino through online gaming platform by playing the live dealer games. This is a major difference between live blackjack and online blackjack. Not all online casino offers the option of live games for its players. During the live blackjack game you will have different option of staking and winning big with the 21+3 and perfect Pairs. You can also engage in side betting to expand your means of winning. Since the live casino is accessible on mobile devices, you can be at any location while playing the game. When you are using your mobile devices, the game will automatically fit your screen size since it has been optimized to enable it.


The main aim of players when playing the live blackjack is obtaining a higher card count than the croupier and ensuring they do not pass beyond 21. If the values of the 2 cards you were giving by the dealer equals to twenty-one you have obtained the best hand. In live blackjack, it is the croupier you will be playing against. All the information needed about the staking option, dealer, and the game will be provided to you.

Rules of Blackjack

The croupier is in charge of dealing of cards and about seven players can participate in the game. The cards used in playing is the standard fifty-two cards common to table games. Each of the cards has its own value and it include the following:

  • When you land cards between two and ten, the worth is their number.
  • The worth of Queens, Kings, and Jacks are ten.
  • One or eleven is the worth of aces.
  • When the staking time has been exceeded, each players will be dealt with one card that will be facing up. The croupier will start dealing cards from the left-hand side to the right-hand side in a clockwise direction until it reach the croupier. Another card will be dealt to the players using the same principle but the croupier will not know the values since it will be facing down.


Players have the chance of purchasing insurance to minimize their risks whenever the dealer’s card facing up is an ace. Half of the main stake is the value of the insurance and it will be treated differently from the hand bet. After checking of the card at hand by the croupier to ascertain that it is not a blackjack the game will then continue. The croupier will be crown the winner if he has blackjack whereas you lack it. However, if the two of you possesses blackjack it is a draw and your stake will be given back to you. Insurance only apply to the players when the card of the dealer facing up is a blackjack but in other circumstances it does not apply.

Doubling Down, Hitting or Standing

After the croupier has ascertained that he does not possess a blackjack, you will be provided with an opportunity to increase your chance of winning. When the addition of the two cards is not equal to twenty-one you can call for the double down option. Once, you called for it your stake will be multiplied by two and you will be given an extra card. The players are not limited to hitting the double down option once.


Players can also call for split whenever the cards they were dealt have the same values. During this option, the cards will be separated into two with each of them having the same stake value as the initial one. You will be given another cards in two places after the splitting has occurred.


You will lose your stake when the total of the cards you have is above twenty-one. After you have been dealt with the second cards, you will need to expose your cards. The croupier will expose his card after the players. When the croupier hand value is equal or less than sixteen a hit will occur and when it is above seventeen it will stand. You will be crown the winner whenever your hand value is closer to twenty-one than that of the croupier.

Side Betting

You can also increase your chance of winning by engaging in side bets during the live blackjack. 21+3 and perfect Pairs are the two side betting options available to players. Winning of side bets is not influenced by your main bet.

Perfect Pairs

When you have either 2 Aces, 2 3s, or 2 Queens you will be given a winning opportunity and this is known as perfect pairs. The following are the perfect pairs you can have when playing the live blackjack.

  • You can have similar suit for instance, 2 Aces of spades.
  • You can have different suits but similar colour for instance two diamonds plus two hearts.
  • You can have different suits for instance ten hearts plus ten clubs.


This is the other side betting option available to players whenever you have any of the following pairs as your first two cards.

  • When you have similar three cards for instance three queens of hearts
  • When you have in numerical sequence and similar suit for instance ten, jack, and queen of diamonds.
  • When you have similar values but different suits for instance any three different kings
  • When you have different suits but in numerical sequence for instance two spades plus three clubs plus four hearts.
  • When you have identical suits for instance two, six, and ten clubs.

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