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Classic Blackjack

At Lucky Red Casino blackjack, Classic Blackjack is still the game everybody tries, especially because it keeps a very low house edge, offering among the best odds. Although it might seem boring to experts who eventually moved to other games, lucky red blackjack is still a tradition, you will move away only when your pace is too fast and you need to upgrade. Many Lucky Red casino blackjack games have very low house edge, <1%, all the blackjacks available will be suitable for players.

Perfect Pairs

Although Perfect Pairs is a very common and renown game, with the same playing as BJ, the new variant offers a special bet, where players can wager even without holding a pair, and if they win with unsuited pairs they are paid five to one, while if it is a same color one, the payout is ten to one. While suited pairs get a forty odds to one against the proposition. Be sure that side bet is not easy to win, but luck can bring you big money!

Face Up 21

Face up 21, where the players can make their strategy by seeing the dealer’s cards. A game for experts! While on face up 21 the payout is 1 to 1, also for blackjack, most part of the ties are for the dealer, not pushes for players.lucky red blackjack bonus
In general with nine, ten or eleven you can double the deal, while on Face up 21, if you have more that what the dealer shows, if you want to win, you’ll split, as the dealer will almost for sure double your win by busting his hit (with a 16 facing your 20). When the dealer shows a 17 (of 20) on which he’ll stand, you’ll hit in order to bust or beat them with a higher total.


Last but not least, we have Pontoon, a game where an ace to 10 at blackjack can make you win a two to one payout: the pontoon. This game is not an easy one, so players have to know the basics before they get to win, especially because the ties are winnings for the dealers, which is very disappointing. It is really worth to give a try for that trick of the 5 cards, where players who didn’t bust with 5 cards in their hands will be paid according to the second hand ranked during the game.