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Casino on line gaming has long been popular in Europe. In some respects the Casino on line legislation may change sooner in Europe and the UK than in the US. There have been recent debates about it in parliament. French Casino on lines are no exception to this rule. The French Casino on line business has been in full swing for several years. It is estimated that the French gamble twice as often and for three times as long as British Casino on line players.

Land based casino gaming in France is highly restricted and if you want to play casino games in France your only choice is state-managed operations. Government run betting business enterprises are limited to Pari Mutuel Urbain lotto and the National Lottery. The majority of areas in France are forbidden from operating land based casinos and casino machines, apart from a few small areas of the country. But an inconsistency in EU policy has allowed for French players to play at the Casino on line.

The large increase in high speed internet connection with in France and Europe in general has a lot to do with the rise in popularity of the Casino on line. It is actually felt that the Casino on line is in fact the catalyst for the demand for high speed internet. To play most Casino on line games and use the software properly, high speed internet is required.

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