Payout Rates Online Casino

What are internet casino payout rates?

The Payout Rates is the amount of money that has been paid out to winning players. A payout percentage of 98% means that 98% of all money that has come into the casino online is being paid out to winning players. In other words the casino makes a 2% profit. Before deciding which games to play, it is very important to take note of the casino’s payout rates, and choose the casinos with the highest possible payout rates because they are usually good indicators of the casino’s honesty and fairness.

Below are the payout rates for 888casino for the various games for the month of January 2015. It’s often easier to use the average casino online payout rate for all the games combined, this rate is indicated in our reviews.

888Casino (Jan 2016)
Roulette – 94.51
BlackJack – 98.43
Slots – 94.37
Caribbean Stud Poker – 94.26
Video Poker – 98.29
Craps – 98.09
Baccarat – 100.22
Pai Gow Poker – 97.48
Red Dog – 91.86
Let-It-Ride – 94.02
MP Roulette – 96.54
MP BlackJack – 98.48
MP Baccarat – 97.32
Video Slots – 94.96
MP Let-It-Ride – 93.39
MP Caribbean Stud – 96.35
Rags To Riches – 96.60

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