Quiz for Gamblers

Check out our casino-on-line quiz to familiarize yourself with casino terms.

1. Why do people call the Las Vegas casino Boulevard – “the Strip??”

a. visitors are “stripped” of their cash by the casinos there
b. Students frequently run naked along it.
c. because showgirls do stripteases there
d. reminded a Los Angeles vice cop of the famed Sunset Strip

2. How is the giant neon cowboy called?

a. Vegas Vic
b. Glitter Gaucho
c. Blinking Bob
d. Cowboy Charlie

3. If you are counting cards during an online casino game of 21 and realize that the count is at +8, you should…

a. Keep your bet the same because the odds are now even.
b. Expect to get the eight of clubs as your next card.
c. Reduce your bet because the odds favor the house by eight percent.
d. Bet the farm because you have a ten percent edge.

4. Playing Blackjack, the online casino receives an ace and you have a 20. Should you take insurance?

a. If the online casino hasn’t had a blackjack for a long time, yes, take it. He’s due.
b. Yes, always protect a strong hand.
c. No, it is one of the worst bets in the online casino.

5. Which online casino game is generally a loss leader for the online casino?

a. Bingo.
b. High limit baccarat.
c. Odds on a crap game.

6. In blackjack, when the deck is rich in aces and face cards who does it favor?

a. Nobody, because unless you have the ability to count cards it won’t make any difference.
b. The online casino dealer.
c. The player.

7. Because nobody ever loses eight bets in a row, you should double your bet after each loss.

a. True
b. False

8. When playing blackjack to get the greatest edge against the online casino you should…

a. Play perfect basic strategy.
b. Know when to take insurance.
c. Generously tipping the cocktail waitress so the drinks will keep coming.

9. You hear a lot of excitement coming from craps. That means:

a. Just because the game is hot, it does not mean the dice rolls will be good for you.
b. The table is sizzling so you should rush over and get a piece of the action.
c. You don’t know how to play craps so don’t get involved.

10. When the dice fly off the table on craps at a casino you should:

a. Make a bet on the number 7 because historically every time the dice go off the game the ugly 7 appears.
b. Stay the course. The next toss is a random roll.
c. Ask for new dice to be put on the game.

11. When playing video you should:

a. Play one coin at a time until you feel the machine is primed to pay.
b. Always keep a kicker.
c. Always play the full coin amount required for the top jackpot.

12. Nickel machines return less than quarter machines, which return less than dollar machines because:

a. Not true. It is all in the discretion of the slot department casino manager on what each machine returns.
b. An online casino knows that low rollers play nickel machines so the sooner they get their money, the better.
c. The cost to maintain a nickel machine is the same as other machines.

13. A common player mistake is to:

a. Drink too much.
b. Allow greed to set in.
c. Advise players on how to play their hand.

14. The smartest bet you can make at an online casino is:

a. Following the lead of the player you see with the most money.
b. Making bets that have less than a 2% house advantage.
c. Taking the betting advice of a cagey dealer or pit boss.

15. High table minimums and low table maximums are:

a. An advantage to the player because you won’t blow all your money.
b. An advantage to the online casino because you’ll lose your money faster.
c. An advantage to the dealer because you will tip more.

16. Why is it better to play at an online casino on a single deck blackjack game over a multiple deck game?

a. The dealer shuffles more and it gives you an opportunity to slow the pace of the game down.
b. Blackjacks occur more often on a single deck game.
c. The table minimums are generally lower.

17. Card counting is:

a. Illegal in all gaming jurisdictions.
b. Not illegal, but expect harassment from casino management and possible banishment from playing in certain casinos.
c. Illegal in most gaming jurisdictions except Atlantic City.

18. Prefer higher payback machines because:

a. It keeps you in action longer, long enough possibly to hit a decent jackpot.
b. It really makes no difference because in the end the online casino is going to get all your money anyway.
c. Players of higher payback machines will take advantage of more comps.

19. In blackjack…

a. Always split 8s.
b. Never split 8s.
c. Split 8s against every dealer up-card except the 10, a face card or an ace.

20. Red has just come up five times in a row on a table you should:

a. Switch to black because the odds are in favor of it appearing.
b. It doesn’t matter because every spin is a random event.
c. Stick with red and ride the streak.


1. D
2. A
3. D
4. C
5. A
6. C
7. B
8. A
9. A
10. B
11. C
12. C
13. B
14. B
5. B
16. B
17. B
18. A
19. A
20. B