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Citadel banking optionInstantly, fast and easy. Citadel banking option is one of the most used banking options around the globe. Citadel might not hold much ground like e-wallets and debit/credit cards in casino gaming but the services offered has made it a suitable choice when banking. Making use of citadel to carry out transactions in a casino would not require any registration or verification from the user, unlike most other payment options that provides users with accounts that hold their transaction and personal information, citadel only requires a bank account that has internet access.

History of Citadel Banking Option

Citadel instant banking was established in the year 2000 as a transaction option for the online market. A lot of platforms online make use of the services it provides. The instant banking option has garnered a good deal of fame within its years due to the massive expansion it has managed within the years. Citadel has grown its wings to flow around 33 countries offering numerous online platforms easier access to funds.

How citadel Instant Banking Works

With no platform to register, the thought of how this payment option works would certainly be on your mind. Citadel can be accessed in an online casino is three different ways depending on the method the casino in question offers. The three most common methods in which players make use of the payment option are Payment assistance, Citadel web page and rapid system.

The Rapid system: processing transactions with casinos that offers the rapid system would provide you with a code that would be used to carry out transactions on any platform. Lots of casinos that make use of this system would provide you with a portal to input the given code which would direct the transaction to the internet banking platform of the bank registered with the code.

Citadel Web Page: this method would direct you to the web platform of your instants banking account. As soon as you click the citadel web page options you would be redirected to your internet banking platform without any requirement for any information from the Citadel co-operation.

Payment Assistance: the payment assistance option would require an app. You would have to download the application which would guide your path when carrying out transactions. Note that this app does not require any registration from you, all that is required is to input your online banking details in the platform of the downloaded app.

All three method has a specific set of casinos that offers its services. You won’t find any casino that offers all three Citadels instant banking options to players. You would be 100% anonymous when making use of any of the three options provided by Citadel so you don’t need to worry about issues of misplaced details occurring.

Making Deposits via Citadel Instant Banking

You would get an instant deposit to the preferred casino account as soon as you finalise the transaction with your internet banking account. Clicking on the citadel option to make a deposit in a casino would not require any personal information from the platform they provide. Deposits operate on the same security network as your bank so you can be certain that you wouldn’t run into issues of data loss or cyber-attacks. Take note that your internet banking information would come in handy when making use of this banking option and your bank might attach a little fee to the amount being deposited. the three platforms provided by the banking option for carrying out transactions all provide players with a direct platform to their bank account form the access they provide at the casino they are offered. Regardless of the method available in the casino of your choice, the procedures are all the same. Finalised transactions would reflect in the desired account instantly.

Making Withdrawals via Citadel Instant Banking

The withdrawal services provided by the platform does not hold the same quality and delivery time as making deposits does. Withdrawals can be processed with an easy to navigate platform in any casino of your choice. All that would be required is the amount to be withdrawn and the bank you would like to make the withdrawal to. The processes attached to making a withdrawal is quite affordable if you want an easy to use platform but if you lay more emphasis on the transaction fee and unknown withdrawal time attached it’s a bit expensive.

Transaction Limits

You won’t find a specified transaction limit attached to any of the platforms provided by Citadel. The limit varies depending on the bank you are, making use of and the amount you deposit or withdraw on a regular from your casino account. A lot of banks has a different transaction limit attached to the citadel option. To get the bank with the preferred transaction limit, you would have to pilot a transaction using different bank accounts that are accepted by the platform. You can also increase the limit offered by the bank by frequently making use of the Citadel transaction option to finance your casino affairs.


Banking on the Citadel Instant Banking security platform to secure any information that is inputted on the site is an option we highly recommend. There are a lot of players who make use of the payment option mainly because of the security service they provide. No personal information of any sort is required by the citadel platform, the data and encryption security piloting your transaction details is the same as that of the bank. The banks offered by Citadel does not offer Citadel any information pertaining to details regarding your online banking platform. All the data such as conversations and other information that might be transmitted via the Citadel network are secured with an SSL encryption.

Platforms Offered

In Rapid system and Payment assistance, you would not need to download an application to get access to the services provided while in Citadel web page, the bank might require an app to help you process your transaction from the instant banking platform easily. The platform can be accessed via any operating system in Mobile or Pc. The Citadel takes every player to the specified instant banking address that is inputted by the player. Making use of any of the platform would give you the opportunity to enter your information via the Citadel commerce form provided.


There are lots of remarkable advantages attached to making use of the Citadel Instant Banking option. The transaction option offers an immediate transaction time. Your transaction would be deposited into your account as soon as you click on the deposit button. The security platform they provide is second to none. Finding an online platform that provides a high level of security offered by the Citadel enterprise is almost impossible. The two dominating advantage citadel has is the no registration policy and the zero dollar charge on deposits.

You wouldn’t find a very suitable withdrawal option on the platform. While depositing possesses an instant processing time, withdrawal would take weeks to reflect. It’s a notable fact that there are a lot of countries that don’t offer its players the option of using Citadel instant banking making it a very rare commodity but with the options available to explore while making deposits to the casino via the Citadel payment option, you would certainly not regret making use of the instant banking option.

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