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Crazy Time Strategy: Best Way To Play To Win In The Long Term

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This is a live Casino game show that has a money wheel with a Dream Catcher style, having money prizes that range from one to ten tunes and also four bonus rounds. The four bonus rounds include:

  • The Coin Flip
  • The Cash Hunt
  • The Pachinko
  • The Crazy Tume

This post will show you how you can okay Crazy Time and also an excellent betting strategy, checking out the payout table, probability, and the odds. The RTP of this game is novel, and it’s got a couple of player decisions and skills needed. So, with a professional strategy, your chances of winning can surely be improved.

All these are the things I applied in my strategy, and I’ll give a detailed explanation below.

Where to Play?

If you’ve checked the list where I recommended some live Casinos that’s got Crazy Time, you will find one that you’ll like.

If you simply need a recommendation of the top casino that you can play this game, that’s going to be Bitstarz Casino.

I gave Bitstarz a 5/5 rating since it’s got a special promo for Crazy Time, you’ll be able to play this game on mobile and desktop devices, and it’s got a massive welcome bonus that you can claim!

Crazy Time

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The strategy of Crazy Time

This game is quite complex. Almost all players are just after its bonus rounds because that is where one can get the top prizes but the “number bets” is what all successful strategies of Crazy Time will revolve around. They’ve got multipliers from top slots, and the winnings will be fantastic.

Pachinko and Coin Flip are the ones with the least Return from all the bonus bets, Cash Hunt is fine, while Crazy time has the highest by far.

Crazy Time is volatile so one can play it for fast cash.

On another hand, if you’re able to play this game well, you should hope of profiting as time passes by, having knowledge that you’ve got an optimal decision for the game.

As stated earlier, this game is complex and you should not play it without any previous knowledge. Lucky for you, you will see everything you need to know when it comes to this game, and will understand the strategy needed for winning in this game.

You will learn about the probability, payouts, odds, and also how you can bet well on this casino game.

Evolution Crazy Time: Introduction

This is a live casino game show that has a new entertainment game that looks good created by Evolution Gaming. For anybody that is interested, this game’s full name is “Evolution Crazy Time Dream Catcher Edition,” even though I totally want its name to be “Crazy Time.”

This game has definitely lived up to its expectations, as it is a game like we have never played before.

But that isn’t strictly true. Dream Catcher style wheel is this game’s major mechanic, providing the chance to enter a completely different and special bonus code.

The game is hosted by a presenter Whose job is spinning the wheel and taking part in its bonus rounds, talking about the process and including fun to what is happening.

This game is five I. One. It is similar to Monopoly Dream Catcher that’s on steroids. It will blow the minds of people!

Crazy Time Online Casino

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Crazy Time: How to play

An integral part of the gene is the Crazy Time Wheel. The presenter initiates all ne3 game round by a spin of the Wheel.

Each Spain’s outcome is maybe a number – 1, 2, 5, or 10, or any of the 4 bonus rounds that follow.

  • Crazy Time Bonus Round
  • Pachinko Bonus Round
  • Cash Hunt Bonus Round
  • Coin Flip Bonus Round

Anytime the wheel stops on a particular number, the number will be multiplied by the bet amount to determine the payout. For instance, if the wheel stops spinning on a winning number 2, your win will be 2 times your wager.

There are specific entertainment values and rules to every bonus round, and Cash Hunt and Crazy Tume needing the participation of the audience by making a selection of playing.

Each bonus round has an outcome which is a prize like multipliers of the original bonus wager. The game round is even more exciting with players having the chance to have winnings maximized with more multipliers selected before the spinning of the main wheel, in the selection of the Top Slot. This can result in some huge wins in the bonus rounds.

Evolution Crazy Time: Expert Strategy Guide

Betting Time

Every bonus round begins when you select the bets you would like to place.

You’ll be able to wager on all, any, or some selected bet positions on the grid. With the playing interface, you’ll see some “Bet All” Buttons, and one for the wheel’s Number segments and one for every Bonus segment.

After your betting time expires by fifteen seconds, Crazy Time will commence.

Top Slot Spin

As soon as the betting time has finished, the presenter will begin spinning the major Crazy Time Wheel. Simultaneously, the Top Slot spin will start.

For the validity of the Top Spin and for Muktiplorrs to be taken to the major game, the two wins like halves on the slot are required to horizontally line up.

Doing that will make the selected multiplier active for the major wheel spin.

Explained: Crazy Time Wheel

There are 54 Segments in the money wheel containing either a figure (10, 5, 2, or 1) or the symbol of a bonus game

The Coin Flip Segments are Four: 2 Pachinko, 2 Cash Hunt, then 1 Crazy Time Segment. A bonus round is going to be triggered at an average of each sixth Spin – well, you shouldn’t count on it.

As soon as the Betting Timer has finished, the presenter will spin the wheel that also begins the Top Slot spin. Every new spin will begin in the opposite direction starting from the last.

Any of both outcomes will happen as soon as the wheel stops spinning.

  1. As soon as the Wheel stops in a particular number segment, those who placed a bet on the segment are going to win. If any Top Slot multiplier is active, there will be a multiplication of the result by the number. The game will end and the betting time will begin again.
  2. Any time the wheel stops on any bonus segments there will be the initiation for that segment’s Bonus Round. Only the players that have an active bet on a segment will progress to the bonus round. Every other player is going to watch the bonus round happen.

Coin Flip Bonus Round

This bonus is shown when the Wheel stops on any of the bonus segments that are labeled. Only the gamers that placed bets on that segment will be eligible to participate. Other players can watch the action happen.

The bonus round that happens most frequently is likely the Coin Flip since it is in most segments on the wheel.

You’ll surely win something in this coin Flip. The round will begin with every of the Red and Blue sides of a coin bet assigned a random multiplier. Both are ideally meant to be decent, but in general, one is low and the other is high.

The coin is then flipped by the presenter to the Flip-o-Matic machine. The coin’s side that’s facing up is said to e the winners and the gamers are paid any multiplier that’s assigned to the color.

Try Bonus could possibly pay as much as 5000 times, but that’d require a multiplier of 50 times being applied by the Top Slot already before you begin the game round.

As soon as that bonus round has finished, the game would return to the major betting time.

Cash Hunt Bonus Round

  • This bonus round is the one you’ll see on two Crazy Time Wheel segments.
  • The Cash Hunt is one shooting gallery containing 108 random multipliers that scroll across the screen. Symbols cover them so you’ll not have an idea of what they are
  • The thing you need to do is take the highest multiplier possible for you by looking for it from the random symbols that you see on your screen.
  • To choose any, you target using your mouse, shooting any symbol you want.
  • If you do not choose your target in the given timeframe, it will be chosen for you by the game.
  • Every symbol is gotten rid of, and they’ll show you your multiplier prize.
  • An amazing thing is that all players will have a unique outcome determined by their chosen symbol.

Pachinko Bonus Round

This bonus round is one that doesn’t require any intervention from the gamer.

There are 16 drop zones each both at the top and bottom of the large pegged Pachinko wall. The aim is the “Puck” working its way down into the process then bounce off pegs while on its way, with it hopefully ending up in any of the maximum Multiplier Zones.

The beginning of the Bonus Round howes a random generator adding multipliers or “Double” to every prize landing zones.

What the presenter will then do is climb the stairs behind the board and drop the puck on the Pachinko wall via a drop zone that has been randomly chosen.

The puck will then work its way down the wall, switching directions while bouncing off small pegs till it gets to any of the prize zones.

By any chance, if the puck rests in any prize zone that contains “Double,” every multiplier in any other zone is given a double value.

The puck is then taken again by the presenter and dropped for another time from a drop zone that has randomly been chosen. This process can be continued till either a max multiplier of 10000 times has been attained, or the puck landing in a prize zone that has a multiplier.

The end of the game round will happen as soon as the Puck is able to get to any of the prize zones that have any multiplier.

In a situation whereby the Puck is able to land on any zone that has a prize multiplier that’s between 3 to 4 times, there may be the triggering of a rescue trip. When that happens, the puck will be dropped by the presenter again to the Pachinko wall. That game round will end as soon as it lands in any prize zone that has a multiplier.

Crazy Time Bonus Round

This is this game’s money-making round. It has a massive winning potential, and that’s the reason there’s just one segment for Crazy Time on the major wheel.

When you enter the bonus round via a red door, you will be greeted by one virtual and huge Crazy Time Wheel. There are 64 segments on the wheel, which are full of multipliers Triple and Double symbols prior to every game round.

When every game round begins, you’ve got to pick any of 3 colored flappers (Yellow, Green, or Blue) placed at the wheel’s top. As soon as the wheel stops, you’ll receive the prize for any segment that your flapper stops.

If the flapper you choose stops on a Triple or Double, every multiplier will be maximized by the amount and that wheel will be spun another time for players that play that color. That game will continue till the flapper lands on the segment of a multiplier.

Multiple triples or doubles can possibly be added up to a max multiplier of 20000 times.

Crazy Time Optimal Playing Strategy

Almost everybody wonders if there’s an optimal strategy for playing that they can make use of in playing live Crazy Time. I am definitely interested because we’ve got places in this game where you need to choose things. The probability will influence a couple of the choices, while the amount of Bankroll you have will influence some, then the rest by the experience you had while you played the last time. This game is of no doubt all about its bonus rounds. If you’d like to win, you need to have an active bet in tbh bonus round position on the wagering grid.

There’s excitement when segments get Multipliers on the major wheel. The chance of winning a huge amount of money arrives when the multipliers are assigned to any of the wheel’s bonus segments. The normal situation is a multiplier being assigned to the bonus segment of Crazy Time, from that point you can hope the triples and doubles are soon on that massive Crazy Time Wheel as the payout will really be increased when that happens!

In most cases, you’ll get small winnings from the game on the bonus rounds – I mean you’ll get from 5 to 25 times, so in general you will not get a huge win constantly. The wins that are 100 times and above happen less frequently, and 250 times and above are rarer. You should expect to have winnings of 10000 times once monthly.

How to bet

When it comes to the betting strategy of this game. Choosing a number which you see most would be something you’ll likely obviously bet on.

If you’re betting on the Number and bonus rounds segments, my advice is to stagger your bets. You need to know that there are different RTPs for different numbers.

For the major wheel, I would advise you to bet on 1 or 2 “value” figures, such as 1 and 10, and hope on making most of your winnings from any bonus round.

When it comes to betting amounts, I’d advise you to begin low till you have an idea of the game. Loading up money on a bonus round wagering spots and seeing the money disappear before you even get started is extremely easy.

Ensure that anytime you win any number bet, your losses will be covered. By doing this, you will get the chance to turn over your money for a longer period.

Evolution Gaming’s Todd stated that a bonus round needs to appear on each sixth spin, but that is average, so it will likely be longer or shorter.

You can be friends with probability

I’d also suggest you consider the probability. So check out the former results. If any bonus has not happened during maybe the last twelve spins, then there’s more chance of it hitting in the next six spins. So giving time to your wagers and the time you join the game can also impact your returns on betting.

You’ve only got to see the Monopoly live experience to understand that probabilities and averages count for nothing. Have it in mind that you can lose, and you should also be happy anytime you win!

How I’ve been betting on this game

I’ve been playing Crazy Time for some time now. When I started, I lost lots of time because j was looking for Bonus Rounds. That’s what I focused on. But I already understand this game’s mods after I’ve spent a lot of time playing it.

As soon as I changed my betting pattern and approach, I began to win. The top wins I have constantly had were from the number bets and not my bonus rounds.

This is how have been winning here:

I bet on two numbers, then I pick number 1 and number 10. 1, because that number is the one that occurs mostly on the wheel, and it is also the number you’ll see on every bonus segments’ sides. 10, because it mostly has 1 on either of its sides.

Numbers choose multipliers regularly from the Top Slot. As one former mode frequently compared to a bonus, you’ll earn something good – my highest earning is 25 times on 10, as I won 500 pounds on a 2 pounds bet.

Cover all bonus numbers using enough wager so when the bonus rounds that pay low hits you will make your wager back, at least.

Ensure that the entire stake is covered by winnings from one and ten – I place a little more on all to get a little profit as soon as they hit.

I begin with a 100 pounds bankroll. But this’ll work using any amount of money, you only require to accordingly scale you or bets. I wager 16 pounds, can win 20 pounds on 1, 20 pounds on 10, then whatever happens on the Bonus rounds happens.

Tips and Tricks of Crazy Time

  1. You need to be very fast when you place your bets.
  2. Make use of the autoplay feature when you place similar bets every game round. You’ll be able to automatically play as much as 100 spins and set loss and win limits.
  3. I have experienced more than 30 spins without receiving a bonus. You shouldn’t be discouraged anytime it happens, since you can get four bonus rounds in five spins easily.
  4. Do not berate the promoter any time the game isn’t going as you want. Wait for some time, then get back to the game later you are consistently losing.
  5. Do not expect to quickly have a huge win at Crazy Time – this game is one that you rarely get a huge win.
  6. Expect the payment of most bonus wins to pay around 10 to 25 times.
  7. Play with fun. If you aren’t having fun, quit playing.

Crazy Time Return To Player (RTP)

This game has a similar RTP to Monopoly Live: between 95 to 96 percent. The precise RTP differs from every part of this game.

The volatility of this game is high and that means you will get many small wins and a couple of dead spins.

Nevertheless, you’ll have spectacular winnings once in a while.

From the beginning, they’ve designed this game to offer others regular bonus rounds buzz.

Crazy Time has a bonus round that has a cap of 500000 euros. This is due to the act that you’ve got the potential for huge sums in the bonus game when the bonus round has an active multiplier in position from the process of the Top Slot.

Should you monitor the statistics of Crazy Time?

They’ve got lots of stat trackers available online for this game showing you how long they’ve triggered some segments of the wheel, maybe Pachinko.

The stats will only make the player place wrong bets so I feel they aren’t useful in any way. This is a game of chance relying on RNG (Random Number Generator), while stat trackers are crafted around the fallacy that a couple of outcomes are “due.”

Even though over an infinite number of spins, it applies the law of huge numbers, it does not most definitely apply more than ten to twenty spins, so stats tracks will totally be of no good for you.

It is way better for you to follow the appropriate strategy for this game and then wait till you are lucky.

FAQs of Crazy Time

  • What’s special about this game?

This game is based on Dream Catcher, but it’s got 4 bonus rounds, and each offers the chance of having a huge win.

  • How often does its bonus round happen?

You’ll likely experience a bonus round at an average of every six spins even though you might even need more than thirty spins to see it.

  • Where will I be able to play it?

You will get the chance of playing it at Evolution Live Casinos.

  • Does it have a playing strategy?

Sure, there’ll be strategies on how you can play it. They’ll depend on your Bankroll, your former experience playing games, and your character to risk and reward.

  • How much will I be able to win?

This game’s winning potential is massive. For Pachinko, the multipliers can be as much as 10000 times, it can be 20000 times for Crazy Time. With a multiplier boost of 50 times for Top Slot, 100000 times are attainable.

Crazy Time Summary

This entertainment game by Evolution Gaming is a live dealer game that’ll blow your mind. I feel it’ll be the most successful gambling game of 2021. It will offer pagers a bonus round as they’ve never seen.

Everything about the bonus rounds is about multipliers, getting the most one you can sp you can give the maximum possible payout for your first bet. There are endless possibilities of the amount that can be.

In some other entertainment games, I have seen games wailing that their bonus round has not hit for fifty to sixth spins!

When it comes to slots, it is more like around 200 to 300 spins for the ones with high volatility.

The only thing I’m concerned about now is the bonus form frequency and how something can be taken away from the chance of getting any when you get them too often.

Nevertheless, after playing lots of long sessions, I can tell you that you’ll not see the bonus round every six spins. Before I got any, I spinner 30 times, and had to spin another 20 times before I got another.

This game will be as fantastic as Monopoly Live – but will also be highly frustrating!

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