Five Times Wins Slot Review

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A Classic slot game review programmed by Rival Gaming developer, titled Five Times Wins Slot, feature the familiar concept of standard villain slot, quite a simple game mechanics, the entirety of fond memories across ancient Las Vegas casino suite, & essential elements, with three of wild character capable of delivering 5000 coins, & an RTP value set at 96%

Five Times Wins Slot

Overview of Five Times Wins Slot Game

There are times which software developers only require to follow up to the fundamentals with regards to the invention of slot games. This ideology is quite evident from which the configuration terms of reference adopted by Rival gaming developer squad in the course of assembling this more recent slot game titled “five times wins”.

Five times wins Slot feature the familiar concept of standard villain slot, quite a simple game mechanics, the entirety of fond memories across ancient Las Vegas casino suite, & essential elements.

The simple logic towards this game is paying any sum of cash to accomplish a target modified to avoid expenditures. Things or features you shouldn’t hope for include progressive prizes, bonus spins, scatter character, free round & suitable sound background or 3dimensional motion graphics.

However, five times Wins presents a fantastic, uncomplicated three-row, three-reel backed alongside one to three lines & vast bet expanding wild character. Our primary concern now is with regards to slot games niche which turns out to gets increased ahead of its time, what’s the tendency for this classic slot game to prevail amidst this very much competitive sector & stay ahead?

Story-line & Features

While you access this classic slot, Simplicity is the first thing you’ll notice of which it exhibits an effortless, clear-cut design, quite an awesome impression. Besides, all these present-day slot games which get launched nowadays are, to a greater extent ambiguous & complicating to multiple players with regards to their functionality & ease of use.

Other than this, referring to this slot simplicity, ease of access, play, by no doubts its works fine & perfectly well-suited across any device be it PC’s, tablet, mobile gadgets, among others. Regardless of the device agedness, this slot operates smoothly.

At the same time, we already come across lots of aged apple device which got distorted across several contemporary slot free rounds while they manage to blend along with the advanced visual artworks.

Musical background to complement winnings & the game activities are pleasant, which gives off sound compared to the resting place of a calm saloon delivered across a classic console game.

The same simple approach applies to characters employed in this fantastic slot, of which it features eight symbols, bittersweet, 3 bars categories & 3 painted 7’s, as well as Five Times, wins icon considered to be 5x wild multiplier.

This slot secures almost 96% for its Return to player rate of which Winnings never gets blustered. Also, the wild icons have high potentials with maximum winnings as a return for three credits along with the topmost regular symbol, i.e., red 7’s, is 150 credits.

While you assemble three wild symbols, then you can anticipate for a considerable amount worth 5000 coins, with regards to the progressive pot to stakes amount, the value is quite much. Despite just a single coin can offer worth of 1500 coins covering 3 of expanding wild icon.

Wrap-up | Champion Bets

Five Times Wins quite an engaging slot machine with splendid payouts considered to be colossal & rapid. The gameplay is straightforward, however exceedingly playable, while players can get hooked to the excitement of hunting for the wild icons to generate enormously.

Just as the simple visuals & game mechanics might appear not enticing enough, however, it’s operating smoothly on all sorts of portable devices.

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