4.3 Table Game

Carribean Stud Poker

Carribean Stud Poker

This is an amazing table game that can be enjoyed mostly on the land-based casino.

Just like some other games, it is always set against the house and not the players. It is of no importance to bluff while you are playing this game.

Just like some other casino games, the game has a sordid history and they are of different variations. The creation of the house edge was done just to ensure that more of the poker players will be attracted. David Sklansky was said to have made the game in 1982, but he was not able to patent. Another player in Aruba later patent the game, having discovered the game. Irrespective of what the origin is, the Carribean Stud Poker has become very popular among the players all around the globe.

How to Play Carribean Stud Poker

Each player that sits at the table are to deal with 5 cards displayed by the dealer. After then the dealer is going to turn one of the cards and push the others to the players. The players will either playing the game or fold hands. For those who chose to play their hands, it is a must for them to place their bets.

After the hands, the dealer is going to reveal the four cards after everyone has made their bets and decisions. Dealers can make comparison to some other. The dealer must have a King, Ace, and Pair before he can be qualified. The players that are not able to beat the dealer are going to be the loser in the game.

Instances when the dealers hand does not qualify, it is going to push the raise bets or get it returned on the table as the players are being given the ante bets.

There are some marked spots that is going to serve as a dictate where the players must make some participation. Players can decide to opt for the progressive feature before the dealer makes any announcement.

Standard Rules

The rules that guides the playing of the Caribbean Poker depends on the particular place in the United States. However, the important rules are quite general and the players are meant to follow them squarely.

Carribean Stud Poker has the rule that there should be one hand for each of the player. While enjoying the game, the players are not given the chance to communicate to the players or the dealers. They are going to forfeit their gameplay.


Playing A –K is one of the best strategy that can be used in playing the Carribean Stud Poker. For you to get the strategy, there should be the occurrence of three situations. Firstly, anytime you see the dealer showing a King or an Ace, that is the right time for you to come up with A, K and Q.

The reason for this is that the players have a blocker heads to the pair of the dealers. Also a player can use the strategy when he notices that the dealer is facing up a 2 card and is up to a Queen. The strategy can be regarded to as the Blocker Effect. Another perfect time to use the strategy is when a dealer shows a 2 using a 5, Having said this, playing any of the pair that you have less than the AK is the best strategy that you can make use of.


So many players find the Caribbean stud poker really appealing and the variations are quite unique. If you are the kind of player that is enthusiastic about the table games, you are definitely going to like this poker as well. Getting the right hand involves you to be patient enough so that you will be able to come up with the decisions that are right.