4 Craps


Online Craps

This is a card game that has gained so much popularity in the mostly in settings that are informal.

The gameplay is carried out with a pair of dice as the players bet on dice rolls as you play the craps, the money will be wagered against the casino or some other players in the cause of enjoying the gameplay.

Top Casinos

Just like it has been earlier mentioned that crap is a game that has gained much popularity, it is an indication that you will get to see it on most of the online casino. Now you will have to decide on the particular casino to select from, the experts have made research and selected the casinos you are to select from. Some of the best casinos that offer craps include

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How we rate the casinos

Of course you might begin to think about how we were able to select the online casinos that will be in our list. What we do is to ensure that the casino undergo rigorous verification and met some criteria that we have stated. When a casino does not meet the criteria that we have set down, we are not going recommend it for our players.

Safe and Security

The first thing that we consider while selecting the online casino is the security. The safety and security is paramount and we always ensure that the casino are tested. The technology being used is the SSL encryption to ensure things are well secured. Also we tried to check the feedbacks left by most of the players that visited the casino.

Choice of craps

Going by the fact that lots of players like to play for free before they finally invest their real cash, we try to recommend the casino that offer the free craps to the players. Also we try to recommend the games with the highest quality and selection of games like the video poker or blackjack.

Bonuses and Promotions

Most of the casinos offer bonus on the slot games when you make a deposit. They may not allow you to use the bonuses on the craps. With the regular promotions and the bonuses being a must, we are to figure out if it can be used on the craps.


Regardless of the fact that you wish to make deposit using a credit cards, Skrill, Paypal or Bitcoin, our belief is that you should select the methods that suits you most. This is the very reason why all the banking options have been explored and getting to figure out the ones that gives the best.

Speedy Cash Outs

Multiple withdrawals have been made to figure out how the methods work and get your winnings out in a hitch-free manner. The processing time is not harsh and it has no delay. The moment a crap casino is recommended on our site, just rest assured that it is simply the best.

History of Craps

The crap is as old as some other casino game, it comprises of some different theories making it hard to select the real origin of the game. The development of the games has been made over time and it involves a lot of theory that are widely believed. There are some theories that made suggestion that the game is based on the French game is crabs and Old English is Hazard. There is a Louisiana candidate and politician called Bernard Xavier Phillipe, he made the introduction was made in the 18th and 19th century. However the version of the game cannot be manipulated easily. An updated version was introduced by John H Winn in 1907.

Quick Overview of Playing Craps

The crap games can be played online and it is one of the straightforward games that you can enjoy. It all depends on the exact place you are playing as it can be enjoyed on the casinos that are highly rated. The game is quite simple and it has basic bets, you can decide to play the “passline” and “don’t passline bets”. It is important that the bets are mastered learned in due to time and the players should better try to avoid the bets that might seems complicating.

For you to become a pro in playing the crap game, you will have to check out the games deeply. Following the game is more than easy, just ensure you go through the guide that we have recommended.

Open the table

Just select the site and launch the craps on the table. It can be regarded to as the normal table games and the live dealer in which you can mingle with some other players.

Select your stake

Choose the stake that suits you best and starts to place the bet

Place your bet on the Come-out Roll

The moment you see the display of the “Off” disk, it is an indication that you are about to start another game. It is going to be your chance to place the bet.

Take Note of the “Point”

The 11 or A7 comes out, it simply means that you are certain to be a winner. If something else becomes the point, it is going to be a dictation of your future betting.

Place Your bets

The moment the bet is flipped, it is an indication that it is the right time for you to come up with your bets. A player can roll out a single round all the night.

Passline Bet

This can be said be an even money bet, the amount that you placed on the bet is the amount that you will likely win on this game. The player that rolls the dice is been regarded to as “the shooter”. Before the shooter rolling is the “come out roll”, for some other players in the game, the come out roll can either be 7 or 11. The passline bets can be doubled up automatically.

When a shooter comes out with the result like the 2, 3 and 12, it is being regarded to as craps. When a number is rolled out such as the 1,4,5,6,8,9 or 10. The number is going to be regarded as the point number. When the roll out is 7, the passline bet is going to lose.

Don’t Passline Bet

This can be said to be a reversal pattern of the passline bet, as the bets is to gamble against the dice. Most of the players regard this as the don’t passline as “betting wrong”, and the passline betting is referred to as the “right betting”.

Other Craps Bet

There are some other bets that you can get to enjoy such as the live games, online craps, proposition bets, big 6 bets, big 8 bets and some other ones. The players are more advanced have as well incorporate some variety in their strategies. For you to take your gameplay to a greater level, it will be important that you go through the guide that we have recommended for the players. If you have a strategy to bet, it will take your gameplay to a greater level such that you will be a better player.

The Bottom Line

This is an easy game to learn but mastering it can prove to be difficult. All that you have to do is to start out with the bets that are of low values and make your way through the stakes that are higher. The crap is one of the games that has gained so much popularity in the online and land-based casino. For players that are just getting familiar with the game, they will be quick to figure out that the game is amazing.


It is important that you have a strategy before you start the gameplay so that you will not be risking your hard-earned cash.

Begin with Free Craps

Start the gameplay in an easy way and place the bet without having the fear that you are going to lose your cash. With this your mind will be at ease and you will not nurse the fear of losing your money while enjoying the gamplay.

Don’t Bet Too Big

The atmosphere while playing the crap games is so enticing, this is the very reason why you shouldn’t get carried away by placing higher bets. Just placed the bets on what suits you most.

Bet on the Come-Roll

The moment you get to the table and the gameplay as already started, you will just want to get into action. There are more to be enjoyed regarding the house edge and bankroll.

Stick to a Strategy

The strategies that you can follow are numerous and they are quite simple. For players that are patient enough to get better odds, you can just refrain yourself on the don’t come and don’t pass. Just stay glued to this and your odds to make wins can be boosted.

Avoid the Big 6 or 8

As you play the online craps, what you will notice at the table is the Big 6 or 8. Even money is being paid out when they are able to roll the 6 or 8. For this reason, if you are able to place the bet that is worth up to $10, the amount to be won is $10. What we advise is for you to place bets on the 6 or 8.

Go through the odds

Most of the odds in the online craps are similar, but there might be some subtleties. This can be considered as the main factor that distinguishes the losing and winning session.


Can it be played online?

This can be easily played online, you can select any of the casinos that we have recommended.

Can it be played for real money?

Of course it can be played for real money. With this, you will be able to enjoy stakes that is of wide range, win cash prizes and enjoy the actions.

Do casino cheat at craps?

The casinos that are licensed does not cheat the players, they ensure that the players have a fair gaming atmosphere. Just ensure you read through our review to select the best online casino that will give you the best of experience.

What is the best in playing the craps?

Some of the best bets that can be enjoyed while enjoying the craps include the don’t come and don’t pass. The house edge is quite low and is approximated to be 1.4%.

How to win the craps?

One of bets that you can enjoy most is the pass and come bets. The house edge are quite low and the odds are rewarding. Just try out the strategies and make things work out.

Does it have mobile compatibility?

Majority of the casino games are compatible with mobile devices and they can be played through the app or browser.