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Queen of the Pyramids Slot

Queen of the Pyramids Slot Review (PlayTech)

If we speak of very old online games, we cannot avoid quoting Queen of Pyramids slot, which is a video slot on a multi-line basis offering progressive jackpots, complimentary spins, gratifying symbols like Wild and Scatter appearing regularly on your screen, nine paylines with five reels.
Queen of the Pyramids was first introduced in 2005 and, surprisingly, it is still on top, so showing the strength of its value. The game takes you back in history to the time of the Ancient Egyptian Culture, one of the greatest world civilizations.You have to find the way to the pyramid keeping the treasures of Egypt and to get there you will have to decode hieroglyphs and solve some puzzles, after having detected the Queen. It is absolutely worth trying, because the prize consists in precious gold coins and a lot of fun.