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GAMES LABThe establishment of this slot was made in 2008, and this company happens to be a small team of software that specializes in iGaming. They are actively part of the Australia blue wombat group that came on board in 2002. Over the last decade, Wombat has witness reasonable expansion, and the Games Lab as well tag along. As at the time of writing this review, the Games Lab now has over 50 Labs with the inclusion of the artist, animators, and the programmers

How this provider came on board in the world of online casinos is unique; it happened in 2013 when they lay their hands on social gaming. The result of this turns out to be Slot Central, which happens to be a series of a video slot which is well followed by iOS and Androids. The Slot Central that we are particular about happens to be the one with a different video slot, now it has over 24 slots. Its operation is carried out from their Chatswood Studio which already paves the way for expansion

Game Development

This company devs and other products can be found on the casino-based games that are innovative, coupled with slots and specialty. The positioning of the firm is made in such a way that everything in the house can be handled as it gives the enablement handle complex project and makes efficient delivery. The staff that is responsible for taking care of the design of the game is the Aussie Play i.e., the interface animation and the 3D animation. Right from the Custom audio down to the integration of the software and the composition of the soundtrack down to the marketing of social media

Design of the Custom Game

Considering the collective skill set of this company and the resources they have at hand with the inclusion of advanced software in the industry, Games Lab is in the best position to deliver games that are of great quality. They have the capability of bringing the vision of the client to life as they develop bespoke games that will be able to hold their own against any other thing, and conscious effort is being made to fortify their brand such that it bears the imprint of the client

This company has a clear understanding of the psychology that ‘s behind customer gaming and as well the essentiality of customer retention. As the animations and the slick graphics happen to be an integral part of what players experience while gaming. To win and sustain the interest of players takes extra effort. Anytime this company takes on a project, what they do is to start with the mathematics and the concept that lies behind it, the very reason why do this is that they feel the foundation and is essential to get the right approach

Normally, the client is going to come up with an approach asking them to slot video designed right from scratch. After all, the Games Lab’s is the specialty for all, and the custom builds are what they are popularly known for. They have the capability of making a design for other casino games, and this has been done several times upon request by the client. As some of the clients do come with a vague concept, some clients do come with brief details in which they expect the Games Lab to follow. Irrespective of what the case may be, the clients are going to make a close liaise with the client following all the process to ensure the fact that every stage of the process is to make sure the final product is met on some cases the expectation might even be exceeded

Arts Services

As this company lays much emphasis on mathematics, yet their skill set is towards art. The release made by Games Lab is always striking, and it has amazing visuals. The design of the interface and storyboards are the exact place where this company shines. You can check out their website and see the fantasy artwork by this company

Storyboarding and Environments

This is another area in which this company excels. The art department has made a conscious effort in bringing the vision of the team to reality as the clients will even have an insight into the project. They are delighted working to the satisfaction of the client


Since Games Lab was established, it has produced more than 300 slots as it works for clients across Australia and some other parts of the world. There is diversity in the styles, themes, and character

Social Slot

Social slots happen to be the other domain for gaming in which this company excels. The operation of this is just like the other casino slots, and it has a similar way of working. The slot central has incorporated the majority of social slots that was released by Games Lab over four years into a social gaming hub

As of now, the games lab can now boast of 300,000 social slots that can be found across different platforms, which include Android, iOS, and Facebook. The Aussie company has as well released some amazing titles, which include Mummy’s Tomb, Swamp monster, River Wild, and Run Rabbit. Part of this slot is always in paid version be it in the land-based or online casino


Part of the important thing that Australia is known for is the production of innovative software, but then a few of these are being operated in the iGaming. The success of this company can be credited to the programmers as it hinges largely on their department. Every single slot designed by this company is impressive

The ordinary video slot has been upgraded to a basic game under the tutelage of Games Lab such that it is now worthy of playing by the immersive story and visuals