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Pros and Cons


  • – regulatory acceptance with licensee’s markets
  • – software is topnotch and secure to make growth even better
  • – integration of casino games very fast, turnaround lasts a week
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HollywoodTV was established by David Wawright. This man was a progessional who had more than a decade of experience. He helped companies to get business with multi-million dollar revenue. What he did was host live casinos remotely and delivered content to punters with multiplatforms. His motto is “Don’t follow the heard.” It is quite clear now why HollywoodTV stands out. David lectures people on how to better their marketing and technology strategies. Also, he has given lectures on how to launch and operate and online casino, successfully might we add. This is probably why HollywoodTV had gathered so much success. HollywoodTV’s technology generates more than €100m in eight countries. This company combines expertise and strategy so as to help online casinos who are looking to build up their clientele.

For HollywoodTV, the most important thing is attitude. With the right attitude, the quality of services and products will be great. And for them, no team member is less than the other as all of them bring smiles to the production house. Added to this, the company’s motto is transparency. There is nothing more important than honesty and integrity for them. Through their professional attitudes, HollywoodTV has managed to build long-lasting and trusting collaborations. They achieved this by treating their employees well and by making sure that the work environment was one in which the team members were always encouraged. And a successful team brings in happy licensees.

We don’t even have to say this. HollywoodTV does not go against any law or regulation. And also, they are a huge advocate for responsible gambling. They are a live casino service provider in multiple states and this is why they guarantee you premium solutions to your problems as well as business growth. And it goes without saying that if the licensees are happy, then the punters will be happy as well. HollywoodTV’s we’ll trained staff, it’s amiable live casino dealers, wonderful customer service and modern services are all there to help you.


HollywoodTV got its license from Curacao but it is based in Malta.

Game Catalogue

We can say without being biased that HollywoodTV offers the most comprehensive mobile live casino. They go beyond themselves so you can have the most exciting games right at your disposal. The world’s first themed mobile live gambling sets came from this company as they understand just how important it is to propose content on various platforms. Its mission, providing the opportunity for growth and development, I clear. This company makes sure to give guarantees to the operators that each other games will be able to function on desktop laptop and smaller devices like mobile phones. No matter where players come from with their mobile devices they will be able to place wagers.

If you are the type of person who is always with your smartphone, then you can experience how it feels to be in an actual casino right in the comfort of your bed for example. You will be able to have access to all the live tables that HollywoodTV proposes and you will get right into the beautiful world of film gaming that they propose. For it to be even better, all the shows this company offers are designed using the latest HTML5 technology. This type of technology lets you play on satellite or TV. Also, you can use your device, no matter which, to stream.

HollywoodTV also provided roulette. In its ever present need to stand out, HollywoodTV adds in some spice. Special themes. Because of this, you might see a glam female dealer who is wearing really elaborate dresses. For them, this was going to make the theme in the casino game even more prominent. And it has definitely worked. The most popular casino games from this provider are Thrones of Destiny Live Dealer, Casino Royal Roulette, Treasure Island Roulette, Bikini Beach Roulette, Cleopatra Autowheel Roulette and other games.

You have some live casino developers that can do great Jon’s for poker and Blackjack. But HollywoodTV has enough to offer a Punto Banco table as well. To make things even more fun, they have made their gaming selection even bigger. They do this by giving you the choice of a game show option called Spin2Win and it is hosted by a queen dressed in a bikini. The setting for Roulette, Punto Banco and Spin2Win is a studio with an Egyptian theme. All the live dealers are dressed according to the theme, wearing hair gear similar to Elizabeth Taylor’s in the 1963 Cleopatra. Like you probably already guessed, the content on Bikini Beach is not as formal.

HollywoodTV is a leader when it comes to live casino studio and this is why their presenters are really professional and well trained since they are country specific. This right here has made it really easy for them to get their software into major online casino portals to offer services to diverse casinos which include WinForBet Casino, Crazy Fortune Casino, VIP Room Casino, Boss Casino, AzurCasino, Casino Ventura, SinCity Casino, Jackpot Knights Casino, Fairplay Casino, Sugar Casino and many others. These online websites have had their revenue and sales boosted and seen an increase in their overall audience since their partnerships with HollywoodTV.