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Knights & Maidens Slot Review

Word utterance, sometimes, you’ll be left with no choice but to pronounce it the way it’s visible to you; hence if you’re an admirer of love fairylike or fictitious themes, stay glued to Knights & Maidens slot game. Indeed, it’s a suitable match for this requirement. Knights & Maidens Slot focuses on a cavalier/knight who attempts to rescue a princess in jeopardy, emphasizing a Nostalgia-styled epic theme.

This slot adds love fiction, not just in one activity, and it’s uncommon to use in today’s online slot game niches.

Sure, Knights & Maidens Slot illustrates a somewhat old story idea & saving a persecuted maiden is not a unique theme since game titles such as Mr. Green Monlight & Van Helsing can give credence to that; meanwhile, don’t pass judgment with this Knights & Maidens slot. Dig deeper down the bottom; then, you will notice this slot has so much enough in stock to set the reels rolling.

Symbols – Cavalier in a rally

During the gameplay, you’d come across several characters applied for in this slot. It comprises Druid with a deformed back, a young woman, little folks, knight, vintage-styled magic nonfiction, Merlin, an occultist,

The whole of the above symbols releases premium winnings during the game, while that which is less rewarding are the typical A, J, K, & 10 characters. The wild icon here is the occultists, while scatter has it as knight/ cavalier.

The occultists, on their own, can’t release winnings; meanwhile, it does replace every other icon found during the game, which is required to form a winning combo, except for the bonus icons & scatters. Looking from the angle of a reel, symbols, Knights & Maidens slots contribute much of what one would expect.

Play on Knights and Maidens Slot

Your mission Set free the Princess in jeopardy.

Within the endurance Knights & Maidens slot lies an eerie theme of fictitious tales arranged in a prehistorical point in history. It stands for the battle of justness versus wicked; the slot has many occultists, knights, damsels, monsters, & different mystic lifeforms.

There’s a catchy gold-plated framing that encases the reels, during which the slot backdrop is a multicolored wall covering that displays a looter, game cards, & tower. The developer makes most of the moving images quite well. The musical background & visual artworks fit in perfectly that then introduce a great adventure that different players admire, irrespective of their mastery.

Bet limits & Winnings

You can set the reels rolling as low as $0.05, up to the highest range of $10. If the luck is yours, you can earn as much as 5,000x of the original bet put forward on the game, while the combined game symbols give you an edge to claim jackpot winnings worth $50,000.

On their own rewards 1,000 coins, the dragon icons, during which the paranormal characters release 500 credits alongside, provided that you’re able to appear 5 of them across any payline put to use.

Bonus spins

Before you can trigger the bonus spins element, you need three or higher of the knights to show up across this slot reels simultaneously. Should in case 3 knights come to view, then you can have ten bonus spins.

The spins increase to 20 once the knights make an appearance up to 4, then finally to 30 bonus spins perhaps five knights show up across the reels simultaneously. You’d be able to hit bonus spins while spinning with the bonus spins play-attachment also, thereby enabling you to hold on to the bonus-play activity at the most of its potentials.

Cavalier’s Quest Bonus Game

The bonus spin play-mode doesn’t stop there, as three or more of this bonus icons making appearance concurrently, this can activate the Cavalier’s Quest Bonus Game feature. Along the line, to rescue the maiden, you need to undergo five different levels. At every level, the system directs you to choose just a single element.

Maybe you select a feature that has a jackpot with it; a prize awaits you. Supposing you choose a piece with the term “Game Over” inscribed right at its back, this discontinues the bonus game, then makes you restart the regular play. The target of players is to satisfactorily liberate the damsel in distress since this task can return a massive amount of winnings.


Maybe you’re a despairing romancer or instead perceive yourself to be a cavalier in a sparkling wall; it’s worth checking out this game. The Knights & Maidens Slot game is quite exceptional while weighing it up on a fun level since every bit of it is full of energy and has no dull moments.

It’s okay for different players, be it those on a low budget or big spenders; the slot puts up differing deposit and winning features. You’d have your bravery puts to the test beyond your stretch while playing this slot. It’s a game you’ll get engrossed for hours without getting bored.

Play on Knights and Maidens Slot