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Let it Ride

Let it ride is one of the amazing game that will give you a memorable and addictive experience while playing.

For you to have the best of experience playing the Let It Ride game, this is the best place you have got. In this review, you are going to have the opportunity to win the possible hands. To get this, there is no need for you to make any registration or download.

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How we select the top Let It Ride casinos

In choosing the best casino, we have ensured that things are done in the perfect way. We have made conscious effort in making a review on the best casino. The factors that we have considered in making the review include

Promotions and Bonuses

Are you aware of the fact that most of the online casino that offer bonuses to the players only give them the chance tie enjoy it on the slot games? This is actually not cool as you may be willing to enjoy the Let It Ride. This is one of the very reason why we have chosen the casinos that have the generous bonuses.

Security and Safety

The online casinos that we have recommended are the ones that we have tested their ability and see how things work before we make any review on them. The casino is safe as we make use of the two-factor authenticator to make things more secure. The casinos make use of 128 and 256 bit encryption.

Game Selection

One of the very first thing we consider in choosing an online game is the games that are being offered. The casinos that we have recommended have the recommended include the roulette and blackjack variants.

Mobile and Desktop Compatibility

The Let It Ride game can be played on the desktop on majority of the casino games, nut it will be important if you can carry out the gameplay even when you are on the go. The mobile device is the one that can give you this kind of experience.


The banking options of the recommended casinos are quite numerous, and there are various methods that you can choose from the e-wallets, credit cards and some other possible methods. The withdrawal methods are as well checked to see the kind of winnings that we have made so far.


It is actually rare for you to get into an issue while playing the game on these casinos, but provision has been made for this. The support service is highly responsive and fe el free to contact the support service when their help is needed.

Free Let It Ride

The advice that we give to most of the beginners is to try the game for free so that they will have a better knowledge before investing their money.

  • This is not that exciting as you will not have the chance of winning big money
  • You may not be able to get a better feel of the game
  • There is no perks when you are playing for free
  • You will not be bothered if the game is fair not
  • Provision is not made for any available

Real Money Let It Ride

  • You will be excited as you enjoy the gameplay
  • The games are tested by companies that are independent
  • There are generous welcome bonus for the players
  • There is an opportunity for you to win real cash
  • You are going to be very excited while playing

A Brief History

The appearance of Let It Ride was first made in 1993 as shuffle master INc was responsible for its creation. This happen to be the exact company that created the shuffling machines. It has gained much popularity as you will not be playing against other players but the dealer in particular.

How to Play

This can be said to be one of the easiest games that you can play on a casino that is poker-based. So that you will know how things operate on the casino, we have arranged some step by step guide to ensure that things work out well while you carry out your gameplay.

Check Out the Let It Ride Table

It is important that you familiarizes yourself with the table games. Irrespective of the fact that you play on the land-based or online casino, the blackjack game is very similar to the blackjack. There are differences in the circle markings, the only issue is that majority of the tables are marked on the wager of $1 or $2.

Place Three Bets of Equal Value

For you to start the Let It Ride game, there is a need for you to place your bet on three circles. When you place the minimum bet around $5, the chips that you are meant ton place your bet on is what up to $5, and $15 will be the total bet that you have placed your bet on.

Make decision

In this aspect, you will be given the allowance to check the hand. In this particular aspect, you are to back any if your $5 bet just in case you are no longer ok with any if the hand. This is going to count as the fourth hand, so it will be preferable that you are with the hope that all things will be ok. When you observe that things seems unfavourable, the second round will be unfavorable.

Five-Card Hand

When the players are done making their decisions on the second bets, the second face down will be revealed by the dealer. For you to make a better win, there is a need for you to pair better or 10s.

Side Bets

An extra bet can as well be placed by the player with just a single dollar, this will make the players to be eligible for some of the bonuses. For players that will prefer to place the side bets, a special $1 will be provided. This is always a red circle that is located around the betting circles that are u to three.

Basics Strategy

Having clearly understood how to play this game, the next thing is for you to come p with some strategy that will ensure things are done in the proper way. You don’t have to get yourself worried about the gameplay as it is quite straightforward. All that you have to do is to place your first and second bet. On the first let it ride game, what you have include

  • Three cards to a Royal Flush
  • Any three cards to a straight flush
  • A pair of 10s or better

On the second ranking

  • Any four cards to a flush
  • A pair of 10s or better
  • Any four-card open ended straight
  • Any four cards to a straight flush
  • Any four high cards
  • A royal flush any four cards to a straight fish

Hand Rankings

Having understood how you can play the game and have some strategies that will work really well, it is important that you now understand how the hand ranking goes.

Hand Type  Cards Description
Royal Flush A, K, Q,J,10 Ace through 10 with cards of the same suit
Straight Flush 2,3,3,4,5,6 All cards in sequential order and of the same suit
Four of a kind  4,4,4,4,8 Four cards of the same rank
Full House 3,3,3,8,8 Three matching cards of the same rank
Flush 2,6,8,9,10 All cards of the same suit
Straight 4,5,6,7,8 All cards in sequential order but not in the same suit
Three of Kind 2,2,2,4,7 Three matching cards of the same rank
Two Pair 5,5,10,10,Q Two matching cards of the same rank
Pair of 10s or Better 10,10,3,5,K Two cards of the same rank


The expert tips that we have given to you will ensure that you get the best response rate. The tips are easy to follow, just follow it squarely

Play for free

Having learnt how to play the game, the time is right for you to make everything work out. Before you invest your real money, ensure you test your skill with the free play first. It can be tried for free without having to download or make any registration.

Take your time

It is important that you take your time before you carry out the gameplay

Do not place side bets

When the players take the side bets on this game, the house edge is always set at 7.09% as three card bonus side bets. This is always not very good, things get worse when you place the 5 card bonus side bets.

Understand the situation to let it ride

There is a need for you to understand how crucial things are in strategy sections. There is a need for you to get two community cards so that you can have a strong five hand.

Make use of the generous bonus

Most of the online casino have generous welcome bonus that they offer to the players. The bonus can be enjoyed on the slot and table games, just ensure that you take advantage of this to sustain your gameplay.


How do you play Let It Ride?

Learning this is quite easy, all that you need combine the best possible hands with up to three cards. The size bets to met must be equal.

How do you get the best casino?

Things have been made easier as we have listed the best online casino that will make things easier for you. Playing at somewhere secure and safe is very important to give you a better gaming experience.

Is it a good game to play?

This is one of the best game that you can play. It is quite easy for the beginners and the rules are not complicating.

What are the odds?

For a pair of 10s, the odds ranges from 25.42% to a royal flush of 0.000154%. The probability that you are going to hit a Royal Flush is 1 in 649.

What is the meaning of Let It Ride in gambling?

It’s name is quite straightforward, your bet is going to be on the table instead of having it back. The moment you decide to let it ride, you will notice that you are already on the table enjoying some games.