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Is Online Casino Legit? Licensed Online Casinos in Usa & Gambling Commission

Online Gambling Regulations and the Role of Licensing Authorities

Licensed Online CasinoGambling online has grown to become one of the most sought out leisure activity in the world. A lot of players have grown attached to the reels and the excitement online gaming platforms offer. In as much as the game is loved by a lot of players, you wouldn’t be able to create an online casino at will. The rush for the best casino in the gaming industry has made a lot of companies venture into the business. At the beginning of online casino gaming activities, a lot of operators were granted access to create a gaming platform of their own without going through any strenuous process but with the unexpected growth rate that the game showed, certain measures had to be taken to ensure that gaming online maintains its credibility.

Lots of gambling commissions were created in numerous countries to enable players to verify the authenticity of a gaming platform before registering. Banking with an unlicensed casino has a lot of disadvantages that you wouldn’t like to experience first-hand thereby making it necessary for you to take your time and go through this article before settling for any gaming platform. This article does not only contain a list of some of the most reliable gambling commissions around the globe, it also contains all the necessary features that a reliable gambling commission possesses.

Role of Licencing Authorities

If you have been reading along, you would have had an insight as to why most governments had to create a gambling commission to regulate the gambling affairs being carried out in their region, but even if you had a hard time understanding all the intricacies attached to gambling regulations, we are certain that the next paragraph would give you a better more insight on the importance of gambling commissions.

Gaming online might seem like the simplest and most reliable means of raising funds if you are gaming with the right platform, otherwise, you might have a hard time understanding what an online casino has to offer. There are over a thousand casinos available for players to explore online, making it very hard for newbies to verify authentic sites. The major reason most governments adopted these online commissions to regulate their online gaming activities was to keep all the gambling activity being carried out in a particular region in check.

Online gambling commissions offer players the opportunity to check out the reliability status of a gaming platform before registering. if you are about to kick off your online gaming journey, and you are in doubt as to which casino would be able to provide you with the gaming services you desire, you can explore the site of the most dominant gambling commission in your region and check out the leading gaming platform operating under its licence.
It’s certain that you wouldn’t have a hard time finding a gaming site that’s reliable when visiting the gambling commission but finding a reliable gambling commission might get a bit frustrating if you don’t have any prior experience about what to look out for. Some of the features that would

help you locate a gambling commission that would provide a casino with a gaming experience that would be worth it are;

  • Gambling commissions that ensure that the games offered by any casino under its belt are well regulated by a Random Number Generator
  • Most of the games offered at any of their casino sites would state plainly the RTP attached
  • The casinos operating under its licence would provide full details on all the transactions that can be carried out via its platform
  • Most of the casinos under its belt would possess support services that would enable players to resolve any problem that they might run into at any time from any were.

The features listed above are not a must criteria for any gambling commission but if you want to game with 100% assurance that you are gaming with the right platform, you wouldn’t want to overlook any of the features listed above while validating the reliability of a gaming platform. Note that apart from the above-listed features, most casino owners do pay a reasonable sum to the gambling commissions before they are offered full authority to game with the licence offered by these commissions.

Reliable Gambling Regulations

Finding the most reliable gambling commission is like looking for a needle in a haystack, in as much as the above-listed features might stand as a guideline to help you pilot a reliable search, there are still a lot of factors that you would have to consider. To save you the stress of searching endlessly for a gambling commission that would provide you with a casino that would possess the gaming experience you desire, we would like to highlight some of the top casinos in the industry.

The gambling commissions that took our experts top spot are Kahnawake, Costa Rica, United Kingdom, Curacao, Malta, Jersey, Isle of Man, Denmark, Cyprus, and Antigua and Barbuda. Note that all the commissions listed above are not organised based on any hierarchical manner, this list was generated randomly so don’t bank with any of gambling commission licenced casino thinking they provide the best of the best, the gaming experience most of their licenced casinos offers is based on the players’ preference.

Kahnawake gambling authoritiesKahnawake: the Mohawk nation of Kahnawake gambling authorities also known as KGC is one of the oldest in the business. They have been in operation since 1999 and has commissioned a lot of online gaming platforms. The gambling commission has done a great job in ensuring that all the casino licenced under its name provides far play and transparency to players. Before the KGC would grant its licence to any casino there are a few sets of criteria’s that is expected from the casino.

The Kahnawake gambling commission provides three licencing categories for operators to keep up with enabling players to verify the authenticity of each casino holding its licence. The first category is the Client Provide Application which has a lot of stringent rules and a registration fee of $35,000 attached. The second is the Inter-Jurisdictional Authorization which attracts an application fee of $2000 and the third being Live Dealer Studio Authorization which attracts an application fee of worth $25,000.

Costa Rica: Costa Rica gambling commission was among the top gambling commission at the inception of the internet. The gambling commission provided a lot of top casinos with its licence but couldn’t hold on to its dominative spirit after passing a few stringent laws on the gambling activities being carried out in the country. Registering a casino as an operator under its licence would cost about $5000 to $10,000. Kingdom: the United Kingdom gambling commission have grown to become one of the best the world has ever seen. Since its inception in 2005, the gambling commission has dominated a lot of regions. There are lots of strict rules and regulations attached to acquiring its licence making it one of the gambling commissions with very strict rules. Gaming with a casino that operates with a licence issued by the operator would offer you numerous mind-blowing options. Note that as an operator, you can acquire the United Kingdom gambling commission’s licence from their twitter account online or from any of their branches. The annual fee attached to operating with their licence is about £2000 to £50000.

Malta: Malta gaming authority operates from the independent nation of Malta. The former British colony commission offers its operators the opportunity of running their platforms via the licences it provides. The gaming authority joined the European Union in 2004 and has grown to become one of the most dominant in the world. Most of the activities being carried out via the platform are broken down into numerous class. Each of the class offered has a particular gaming activity that is attributed to it. To gain access to any of the first three classes, you would have to pay a fee of $28000 annually while to gain access to class four you would have to pay about $10000 annually.

Jersey: Grabbing a gambling licence from the Bailiwick of Jersey as it is popularly known does not have a lot of intricacies attached. The gambling commission which operates under the British crown was established in 2010. Bailiwick of Jersey gambling commission is one of the few commissions that does not have a lot of stringent rules attached, acquiring a licence from the commission would cost you about $5000 annually.

Isle of Man: this is one of the few regions that have welcomed the thought of gaming far before the first recorded online bet was placed. The Isle of Man gambling commission provides licences to operators from any part of the world. Fully established in 2001, the Isle of Man has grown to an unimaginable rate due to the updated list of licenced and suspended casinos it displays on its site. It provides full and sublicenses to players from any region with numerous advantages attached to acquiring any of the licences provided. Note that there are a lot of rules attached to offering players games via the gambling commissions licence. Operators are required to pay about £5000 when sending in an application while to acquire a full licence, they would have to pay about £35000, sub-licences attracts a fee of $5000 annually.

Denmark: Denmark made a late entry into the online gambling business. Unlike most other commissions, the Danish authorities have a lot of strict rules attached to licencing a casino under its name. Before any operator is provided with a form to send in an application to game under its licence, they are expected to pay a fee of about $42000. The application fee is returned to the player if the application is declined. The annual fee attached to the licence offered by the gambling commission is about $8000.

Cyprus: Cyprus gambling commission was among the dominant gambling commission before the law against licencing online casinos was passed in 2012. The gambling commission did not possess any meaningful regulation that would enable operators to provide players with the desired gaming experience. The Cyprus gaming operators are allowed to provide licences to betting sites making it impossible to find any online casino that operates with its licence.

Curacao EgamingCuracao: Curacao gaming authorities have been in the business for a very long time. Created in 1996, the gambling commission offers operators form a wide region access to their licence. The gambling commission operates via a Master licence and Sublicenses. Most of the casinos registered under its name offer its players a sub-licence due to the fact that there is only four master licence in existence. The operators who are opportune to operate with the master licence it offers are provided with the authority to offer sub-licences to new operators. To register under the gambling commission, you would have to pay a onetime fee of $1100 and an annual fee of up to $5000 with a few rules and regulations that must be met attached.

Antigua and Barbuda: Antigua and Barbuda is the first country to allow bookmakers to accept bets internationally making them the first to legalise online gaming. The Gambling Commission was created in 1994 and has grown to become one of the best online gambling commission. Acquiring a licence from the gaming authorities would require a non-refundable fee of $15000. The gambling commission offers operators two licences depending on the online platform they are about to licence. The billing attached to registering an interactive gaming site and a Sportsbook is different. To get a licence from the Antigua and Barbuda interactive gaming platform, you would have to pay about $100000 while for sports betting, you would have to pay about $75000.

Picking a Casino

In as much as we have listed most of the reliable gambling commission that offers players the opportunity of getting the desired gaming experience from any casino of their choice, it’s important to note that there are quite a few that are not included in this list. Picking the right gaming platform to game with is not an easy feat, but with this detailed information, it’s certain that you wouldn’t have a hard time piloting the gaming experience of your dreams from the casino of your choice.