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There are dozens of tips around the internet and in books and located even on tip hotlines that claim to give you numerous ways to improve your roulette profits. However, the bad news is that there are very few things you can do to really improve your profits in roulette. Nevertheless, this does not mean you are entire without hope. There is a single thing that you can do before you ever place your first bet on the roulette table to help increase your chances of winning.

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The method involves patience, a desire to win, and a drive to succeed when others are all failing. Do you honestly think you are up to the challenge? If so then the first step you have is to work towards finding a casino that has a European Roulette Wheel. This will allow you to reduce the edge that the house has over you to less than 3%. This small difference can be huge when you are comparing the potential winnings though.

Your next step should be to sit and patiently watch the roulette wheel for a while. While some people advise, you should watch for as many as 1,000 spins before ever betting it is typically sufficient to watch much fewer spins and still be ok. You may wonder what is really the purpose of watching others playing and looking at the spins. Yet the idea is that with a large enough sampling of spins that you can watch you will be able to see how the wheel tends to perform.

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For example, if the wheel seems to hit 75% of the time on black, then you should place your bet on black. If the wheel seems to spin and mostly land on even numbers then similarly you should be betting on even numbers. This will allow you to increase your margin and ultimately improve your profits. Another aspect that you can look closely at, is if you notice that certain numbers are not coming up at all, avoid betting on them. For example, if the wheel never hits on a zero, then it would not be a wise decision to make a large bet that you will land on zero.

There are some potential problems that can arise from this, if the casino manager is uncomfortable with you watching for a prolonged period of time they can order for the wheel to be replaced. This would make it necessary to start watching all over again, but for a shorter period of time so that the wheel is not replaced again.

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However, if you are lucky and the manager either does not notice you are watching, or just does not care then you can gain a distinct advantage by watching others play and learning how the wheel tends to perform.

Your ultimate goal in gambling should be to make a profit and in the game of roulette that means some of your time is best spent just watching others play so you can learn the wheel. While there are numerous other tips and tricks that float around for suggestions this is the single most effective thing you can do to improve your profits and increase your ability to earn a nice winning pot from a huge game of chance.