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Before the end of 2020, Indiana is one of the states that realized enormous amount of money from gambling and the state have started 2021 on a high note. A bill has been passed to ensure the expansion of the gambling market to make sure internet gambling become legal. The bill passed is to ensure that the fourteen casinos and racinos can extend their presence to online there by allowing players to access it online. You can play casino games and play poker games at these casinos. The bill was passed due to the sports betting results obtained and published in December by the Indiana Gaming Commission. In December, three hundred and thirteen million dollars was obtained from sports betting whereas in November 2020, two hundred and fifty-one million dollars. With this significant rise in the money obtained from sports betting it was obvious that the passing of bills regulating online sports betting was imminent. Jessica Wellman who is an analyst for stated that many things happened in December for sports betting. According to her, in December two million three hundred thousand dollars was generated as tax sports betting. Throughout 2020, thirteen million two hundred thousand dollars was generated as tax by Indiana from sports betting sites. When it was launched, two billion two hundred million dollars was used to bet at online sports betting sites as at October 2019.

According to the group Vice President of the United States business for he stated that Indiana is one of the states that enjoy a massive growth in 2020 when it comes to sportsbooks. He talked about the impact online betting have had in the gambling industry in the state.

Another bill was passed in 2021 to ensure that gambling on video gaming terminals become legalized and regulated. It was passed by the state senator Susan Glock and the bill was named Bill 267.

When the bill regulating sports betting was passed by Ford, he intended to exclude online poker but he was convinced by other personnel’s and officials to include it in the bill. According to Ford between sixty-five million dollars to eighty million dollars can be generated as revenues by Indiana from betting online.

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