Croatian Lottery

An Introduction to national Lottery of Croatia (Hrvatska Lutrija)

Looking at gambling in the European Union over the years, you will get to see lots of diversities.

Lately, the players that are very enthusiastic about gaming have shifted their attention on the sports betting. This can be said to be one of the very reasons why the history of the National Lottery in Canada is very long. The United States government has made the decision to regulate all activities related to gambling in the industry. Under the Yugoslavia lottery, an appointment was made for the Directorate of Croatia. With the present situation then, the government was able to offer Lotto, Lottery tickets and the football pools.

Croatia European Jackpot

Hrvatska Lutrija

Having said this, in 1973 there was a change in the National Lottery of Croatia. This happens to be the exact time when the organization gained full independence and work with the lottery in Yugoslavia. Immediately after they are independent, the introduction of various products and games have been made. As at 1992, the offerings that you will get to see include the Instant Lotteries, Good Cash Lottery and Lotto. The organization’s name was changed to Hrvatska Lutrija in 1993 after they has gained independence.

Croatia National Lottery

At this very moment, the introduction of some additional games were made that includes the sportsbook, Keno, Bingo TV and some other games. The multi-national Euro Jackpot happens to be people’s favorite that has gained so much popularity. In the year 1993, the proper selling of the products began, and the drawing of the first Euro Jackpot lottery was made.

Croatia Lotto

This cannot be said to be the sole lottery game that the Croatians can play. The other lottery games that the people can actually play include the lotto 6/45 and the lotto 7/39. The 7/39 can be said to be the national lottery which makes of the matrix. The conduct of this is done on every Saturdays and Wednesdays. The result of the games made can be seen online.

The key to making a big win is to match 7 numbers drawn, and there are some prizes to be won that are smaller. The requirement needed is to match numbers. When the players participate in the game using the Super 7 or Joker, there is a high probability that they can come up with a big win. There are some elements that will ensure people get big wins, and the golden ball can help to double your wins.

More Croatian Lotto games you can play

The other games that can be played include Keno, Bingo, Lotto, Joker, Toto 13 and Kladionica. The lotto 6/45 can be considered to be the second that has gained so much popularity. It is only on Sunday that the draw of the week is being held. For the Super 7, it should be well noted that the play can be done with the Lotto 7/39. If you are able to play these two together, the players are going to have better chances of making big wins.

For the Joker, this can be played with the Lotto 6/45 or 7/39 depending on what you give preference to. There are up to three winning classes on the TV Bingo and it mainly depends on the number. Also, some additional options can as well be explored which include the Bingo Plus and the Bingo 24. Keno is the next game and the possible numbers are up to 20-80.

There are lots of varieties that you can choose from while you are enjoying the keno, the time that is being played daily is at 8:30 pm.

Play Croatia Online Euro Lotto

The amazing thing about this game is that you can select the game of your choice. All that you have to ensure is to make sure that you have attained the age 18. So far you have reached the legal age, it will be easier for you to get a website that will enable to you to participate in the game. There is no assurance that you are going to win a prize, but this is not to say that you cannot make some big wins.

Tips to win the lottery

One thing about the lottery is that they are randomly drawn and it is quite hard for you to predict the outcome of the game. Even with this, there are some strategies that you can make use of that will ensure that you come up with something tangible. If you are interested in this, below are some tips that we have been able to gather.

Consistency is important

One of the very important thing is consistency, and it is important that you take note of this so that you can have success to some reasonable extent. There is no how you can win when you are not playing, this is applicable to all lottery games. When you miss a single draw, it could mean that you have missed a great chance of making big wins. So you have to participate in almost every draw.

Manage your money

The thing is that you should not give up. When you continue to buy the lottery ticket, it should not be interpreted as you are losing some money. At the same time when you are short on cash, you will not be able to participate in some of the draw, just ensure that you manage your funds well. One of the best way is to ensure that you come up with an accurate and reliable budget.

Keep track of the statistics

Of course it has been said over time that the numbers are always generated at random, but then you can be good enough to study the pattern of the previous game. One of the very reasons why it is recommended is for you to be able to track the past result. With this, you will be able to come up with a strategy that will give you some wins. The thing is that some numbers are frequently chosen compare to the others, and the statistics can give you an insight on how you can select them. Just go online and try to study the Croatians lotteries.

Thinking outside the box

When you have tried using some strategies and some combinations, it might probably not yield the result that you expected, but then the best thing for you to do in this kind of scenario is to think outside the box. It involves you trying out the tips that seems very weird. You can just close your eyes and select the games that works best for you, the major thing is just for you to try out something that looks different.

Go with quick pick

As it has been earlier said, there is no absolute pattern as things are being done at random. What you need to do is just to go random while you are choosing the numbers that you wish to play. Regardless of how much you try, all that you have to do is to stick to random choices. All that you need to do is just a single click.

Learn to be flexible

Flexibility is very much important when you are enjoying these games, do not use the same strategy for all of the games that you are playing. Of course trying to do that is not bad, but the moment you notice that things are not working out, just try and be flexible for new things. If you are afraid to try, you may never win.

Connect with other players

The world has changed and the internet is opened for every one of us, ensure you create a better relationship with some other players as well. With that you will be able to get a lot of updates so that your chances of making big wins will be increased. This can be possible by brainstorming and lots of ideas.

Participate in a syndicate

The old trick being used by the players is buying a lots of tickets, but if you are not very careful about this, you might end up wasting your hard-earned cash. Fortunately, there are some other ways in which you can do this, and it is by engaging yourself in syndicates. This is a kind of scenario in which people come together, gather their money and get tickets. At the end of the day, the player are going to divide the prize after it is won.

The only thing is that you are going to get a smaller prize, but then you are not losing anything. With this tips, you should have a nice time participating in lottery.



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INTRALOT to be a longstanding associate was presented with a 10 years contract after rigorous screening had been carried out by Hrvatska Lutrija that happens to be in charge of lottery in Croatia. This contract is based on three things namely:

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For forty-five years, in Croatia Hrvatska Lutrija has been in charge of successfully organizing gambling in which varieties of games will take place such as casino games, slots, lotteries and betting. It is a lottery organization that is licensed by the state and they made more than one hundred and fifty million euros just in 2017. The copy of the gross gaming yield that involves the sharing of responsibilities, profits, investment cost and risks is the operational model between INTRALOT and Hrvatska Lutrija.

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About the Company

In 1992, a publicly traded organization with the name INTRALOT was founded and now have become a recognized producer of gaming solutions with their presence now in fifty-two regulated territories all over the world. As at 2017, there are about five thousand and one hundred workers in which two thousands of them are associates and the rest are subsidiaries. Based on the experience of their customer, it focused the development of its product. Retail operation expertise and solutions by the company are given to the organization in charge of games and lotteries. The solutions offered cut across all the vertical of games such as Betting, Lottery, VLT and Interactive with the application of an Omni-channel and active approach. Through many channels of distribution (both interactive and retail), uninterrupted gaming session can be experienced by the players. Due to its global lottery operations, the World Lottery Association gave it an approval.

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