Gambling Addiction

Gambling Addiction and Problems

Just in case you or your loved ones are battling with the gambling addiction, this article is going to take you through the sign, symptoms and how you can help them in stopping this act.

What is the Gambling Addiction?

Gambling AddictionThe gambling addiction is something that can happens to anyone at any point in time. Gambling is actually fun, it has a harmless diversion and possession that are serious with consequences that are great. Regardless of the fact that you are betting on the roulette, poker, slots or the scratch cards or slots, the gambling problem can lead to a strain relationship, affect your work and consequently lead to you not being financially stable. There are some situations whereby you will even do some things that you are not meant to do, you can begin to steal just to satisfy your needs and even borrow money from some other people.

Having an addiction to gambling can as well be regarded to as gambling disorder, compulsive gambling and the pathological gambling, it is a disorder on your impulse control. The impulse to gamble cannot be controlled in most cases and it is going to be having negative consequence on you, and some other people around you that you are meant to prove being responsible to. This urge comes even when you are broke or flush, up or down, the gambling activities keeps going on even when you are not meant to partake at all.

People can as well experience the gambling issue even if it is not something that serious. The gambling problem can affect your life as you will be spending more and more money before you will be able to meet your gambling needs.

There is a gambling addiction that is associated with your mood and other behaviors. Majority of the gamblers also suffer from the gamblers abuse, stress, bipolar disorder, anxiety and the unmanaged ADHD. For you to be able to overcome the addiction, it is a must for you to treat the causes.

Of course you might be having the feelings that it is impossible for you to stop gambling, but then there are lots of things that you can do to address this and ensure this and ensure that things are going down well and you are finally able to fix things.

Myths and Facts

Myth – For you to be a considered as a problem gambler, you will have to gamble daily.

Fact – Gambling becomes an issue if it causes problem or affects your life, a gambler may gamble in a frequent and infrequent manner.

Myth – The problem gambling cannot be really be considered as an issue if the gambler can confidently afford the money being spent/

Fact – The issue that arises from gambling cannot only be linked to the financial ones, but it can also affect the relationship with your loved ones and the community at large.

Myth – Gambling problem can be considered as a case of being weak-willed, unintelligent and irresponsible.

Facts – The fact on the other hand is that it affects all background and even the level of intelligence

Myth – They often drive their loved ones to also join them in the gambling activities

Facts – The fact is that they always try rationalizing their behavior and blame others for what has happened to them.

Myth – When the gambler builds up bet, it is important that you help them in taking care of that.

Fact – The right thing to do is to get the quick fix for the solution.

Sign and Symptoms

People that have gambling addiction can be said to be nursing a hidden illness as there are no physical signs or any symptoms. They mostly tend to deny the issue.

They felt the need to be secretive about their gambling activities – The gambling activity can be done in secret or even surprise them with big wins.

If you have trouble controlling yourself – The moment you start gambling, you can just walk away if you feel things are not going down well.

Carrying out gambling activity even when you don’t have money?

There is every possibility that you can spend your last card on the games and you can even to borrow from friends to satisfy your needs.


One of the best way to which you can overcome the addiction is to be fully aware that there is an issue that you need to stop. For you to do this, there is a need for courage, strength and determination. This is particularly add when you already have a broken relationship. There are some other people that have been in the same shoe like you are and they are able to come over it as soon as possible.

Learn to relieve feelings that are unpleasant – You will have to figure out if gambling is what you do mostly when you are lonely or bored? Finished an argument with the boss? Or when you just have a broken relationship. This should not result to gambling as there are lots of things that you can engage yourself in to manage situations that seems unfavourable.

Strengthen your support – Battling an addiction can be something tough, so it is important that you maintain a relationship with the friends and families and subsequently make things work out fine. When you have a limited support network, there are some other ways you can go about it as you can reach to friends at the book club, education class and also joining a sports team.

Join a peer group – There are some pressure groups that you can join to help you recover from the problem from the addiction, an example is the Gamblers Anonymous.

Seeking help for the disorder – The disorders that can be experienced include substance, abuse, stress and depression. Even if you are already addicted, you can still solve the issue.

How to stop

For most of the gamblers, the problem they are actually facing is not really about quitting gambling, but the recovery is what matters most. Gambling has become more accessible. Most of the online casinos are accessible and making recovery can probably be an issue. The online casinos are opened all day and most players can even make use of their phone or table to access the games. All that you have to do to steer clear gambling is to get yourself surrounded with people that can question you and try and to avoid website and environment that can lure you.

Ways to make healthier choices

There are many ways to ensure you stopped gambling and get them replaced with choices that are healthy. The elements that you can consider include

A decision: Every gambling activities needs to come up with a decision. The moment you have an urge, you need to call someone and also make decision on what your possible action might probably lead to.

Money: If there is no money, there is no gambling. Ensure that someone is in charge of your accounts, and close the betting accounts

Time: Try to get yourself engaged in some other recreational things, if there is no time there will be little or no avenue to consider gambling.

A game: If there is no game, there is nothing that you will want to gamble about, ensure that you do not put yourself in an environment that is tempting and also remove all the gambling applications on your mobile.

Find Alternatives

For you to fully recover from the gambling addiction, you will have to get some alternative behaviours that will serve purpose.

Many people gamble just for refreshments purpose, but it will be advisable for people to go for hobbies such as mountain biking, challenging hobby and the rock climbing.

Some people do this to overcome isolation and shyness. For this set of people, the best thing to do is to give them counselling and do well to enroll them in a class to enhance their public speaking skills.

Also there are some people that have to do with the numbs and feelings that are unpleasant, they tend to gamble so that they will be able to overcome their worries. This set of people should be trained on how they can manage their emotional intelligence.

There are some that uses gambling to solve their financial problems. It is advisable that these set of people get a credit facility from appropriate counselor.

Dealing with the urge for gambling

It is normal to always have the urge to gamble, but the most important thing is that you will have to build choices that are healthier so that you will be able to resist the cravings.

Avoid Isolation – Anytime you are feeling the urge to gamble just try and reach out to a friend or family to while away the time.

Postpone Gambling – Always procrastinate about gambling, so that the urge get s weak and you lose interest gradually.

Try to visualize the possible issue that may arise – Have the thought about what is going to happen after you might lose your money.

Coping with lapses

In the process of trying to resist it, things may not work out at first, don’t be hard on yourself. Just continue to do it with the gradual process.

Treatment for addiction

It is not easy to overcome the gambling problem, and it is advisable for you to seek professional advice. This is not to say that you are weak, but it is going to help you in quick recovery. Talk things out with your doctor and all will be fine.

Residential treatment and the rehab programs

This is to aim at those that are deeply addicted, they need close monitoring to quit the addiction.

Family Therapy?

With this you will be able to work through the issues and fixed all the issues.

Cognitive-behavorial therapy?

This is to the address your though and ensure you are able to change the gambling behavior that are unhealthy.

How to help someone stop

When someone close to you has an issue, you might be having some issues that seems to be conflicting. The might lavish all funds and even went to the extent of borrowing, this is going to really make you mad. The advice to be given is that you should be patience with them and take some steps towards how they are going to overcome the issues that they have gotten themselves into.

How to address partners that are addicted to gambling


  • Talk to them about the problem and some of the consequences when you are in a calm situation.
  • Talk to them on how it is affecting the family
  • Have control over the finances of your family and monitor the credit card and every other situations
  • Give proper encouragement to them to stop the act with gradual process.


  • Do not overlook the qualities of your partner
  • Do not prevent them from participating in the life and activities of the family
  • Do not cover up their problem
  • Do not lose your temper.