Roulette Rules
Guide on Roulette Rules

The Complete Guide on Roulette Rules

This is a simple, unique and exciting game of chance that has gained so much popularity all around the globe.

The roulette can be enjoyed both on the online and land-based casino. It is rare to see anyone who hasn’t heard about roulette in one way or the other. For players that are players that are willing to play the roulette, it will be advisable for them to make proper check so that you will have better chances of making big wins. Just in case you have been wondering on how the roulette works, do well to go through this review and have a better understanding.

Basic Rules

  • Table bets can be made on a dedicated spot
  • The bets can be placed prior to the closing of the betting session
  • It is only the dealer that pays the winner and touches the chips of the player that lost
  • There is no need for you to touch the marker of any of the winning number while playing.

The Basics

It’s quite straightforward to follow the roulette rules, there is a reel which have the black and red slots and the numbers on them ranges from 1 to 36, also there are green zero slots which can either be one or two which depends on whether you are playing the American double zero roulette and European single zero roulette. Aside the wheel, there is a table that has additional sectors in which the bets can be placed.

When all the participating players are done placing their bets, the wheel is going to be spun by the dealer and a small ball will be thrown. The winning number is any number of time the ball lands. If you are lucky enough to have placed a bet on that number, that is the amount of payout that you are certain to get.

Depending on the particular roulette you are playing, the table and wheel payout may differ, but then you don’t have to get yourself worried about that as it is not going to affect the game’s outcome. There is something important that you need to know, try and figure out the type of bet that you can place on the roulette. In this review, we are going the tips that can be used to have a successful gameplay on roulette.

How to Play give you

  • Select a number that you wish to place your bet on
  • Select a bet that suits the bankroll you wish to enjoy
  • Bet on the number of your choice
  • Wait for the dealer to spin the reels
  • Collect the winnings after the bet has been placed
  • Select another bet and try later

Types of Bet: When playing the roulette, you have every opportunity to place your bet on a number of various numbers, there are lots of different payouts and odds for winning. Having said this, there are lots of betting combination which will give you different odds and winnings. The number of bet you place is going to determine the amount of wins you make. There are three categories for the roulette and they include the inside bet, outside bet and bets that are announced.

To enjoy the first the first two category which are the basics, it is important you have full understanding about the in and out of the game. The third one is advanced and you can only get to see it in the variants of roulette. Let us look at the basic rules that can be considered while playing the roulette.

Inside Bet

The rules are not the only thing that you should digest, but then you can as well check the layout on the table. One thing you will observe is that there are numbers that ranges from 0 to 36, other ones are the sectors placing bet on the numbers. Inside bets are the ones that you can place on the numbers, outside bets are the ones placed on the outside sectors. The inside roulette are up to 7, and they include.

Number Bet Name Covered Number and Chip Placement Chip Placement Scheme
1 Straight This is a kind of number that covers only the first number. This is done so that you can make a bet and place the chip right in the square of numbers
2 Split The split can be said to be a bet on two numbers and this can be said to be on the shared line of the two numbers
3 Street This is a bet on three numbers consecutively and the location can be on the same line. All you need to do is to make the bet by placing the chip on the outer corner
4 Six line This is a bet placed on two adjacent lines. For you to place this bet, it is important you place the chip on the outer surface
5 Corner This can be said to be a four number bet which can be placed by putting the chip on the common corner
6 Trio This is a three number bet which is to the inclusion of three zero to zeros. Just place the chip on the line and share it by the zero box
7 Basket Any time you place your bet with a chip on the corner. The American roulette is going to be too the inclusion of double zero

Just like it is represented above, there are logicality in the inside betting combination and you can easily remember just like the roulette rules. There are lots of chances to make big wins and payoffs, you can count on the software if you are having a gameplay on a fair and legal sites.

On the other hand, if you have taken the decision to use a land-based casino, it will be advised that you read up on the going by the fact that the dealers are humans and they are prone to making mistakes. It will as well be good if you can check the odds and probabilities brought by different roulette.

Outside Bets

Like it was earlier said, the outside bets are those ones placed outside the field’s number. This is always on the sector that covers the bigger groups, and the bets are of five types.

  • Red or Black – All that you need to do is to place your bet on the winning number
  • Odd or Even – Here you will have to place your bet on whether the winning number will be even or odd
  • 1 to 18 or 19 to 36 – Here you will have to bet on whether the winning number will be low or high.
  • Here you will have to place your bet on the three columns and decide what the winning is going to be.

Also there is a bet considered as outside bet and the availability of this can only be seen on different variation. This is regarded to as the snake bets and it as well cover the red numbers that forms a snaky shape. The numbers include 1, 5, 9, 12, 14, 16, 19, 23, 27, 30, 32 and 34.

There are some games that has a black snake but then it only have black numbers which include 2, 6, 8, 10, 13, 17, 20, 24, 26, 28, 29, 31 and 35. When you are enjoying the black snake combination, the split bets include 17/20 and 26/29.

Announced Bets

This announced roulette bet can be said to be a special betting combination in which you can enjoy in the French Roulette, although it is often found in the European roulette, and individual have their French names attributed to them. It is important to learn this by heart so that you will be able to understand the gameplay.

To start with, let us take the Voisons du Zero. The bet is going to cover the zero and the 7 numbers on each of the side. This is actually what makes up 15 number bets and the 9 chips.

  • There is a trio that convers 0, 2 and 3 which can be up to 2 chips
  • Also there is five splits which is one chip each. They include 4/7, 12/15, 18:21. 19:22 and 32:35
  • One corner, this makes use of two chips, which include 25/26/28/29

Le Tiers Du is another bet which is similar to Voisins du Zero and it covers a reasonable amount of numbers. Of course we have heard about the roulette with the inclusion of the foreign names. The location of this is opposite the reels and this can be made in comparison. The location of this is opposite the wheel in comparison to the Voisins du Zero and covers number that are up to 12 as it ranges from 27 to 33. This is exactly where the name of the bet emanates. The numbers that are covered by this bet include 27, 13, 36, 11, 30, 8, 23, 10, 5, 24, 16 and 33. This can as well be regarded to as 6-piece bet. A chip will be placed on the table for each of the splits. The splits include 33/36, 27/30, 23/24, 13/16, 10/11 and 5/8.

Orphelins is another popular bet that can be made and it covers up to 8 numbers, and the numbers include 34, 31, 20, 17, 14, 9, 6 and 1. It is a 4 chip bet that consist of a straight number and the four splits include 31/34, 17/20, 14/17 and 6/9.

Jeu Zero bet is as well available. There are up to 3 neighbors on the zero slot. The bet piece is that of a 4. There is a straight one on the number 26 and there are up to 3 splits which include 32/35, 12/15 and 3 splits.

One of the announced bet that you can place on a roulette gives you the chance to change the neighbor’s number. There is a 5 number bet that cover a specific amount of number. Let’s take for example, the bet 5 and the neighbors are going to cover the numbers which include 5, 24, 16, 10 and 23, you can. For you to be able to place this bet. There is a special racetrack section for betting. When you get to most of the online roulette, you will get to see different varieties.

There are some online casino that will give you the chance to change the neighbours’ number and you want to cover each of the chosen number. They are up to 8 and the bet are very useful most especially when you are on the online live roulette and also dicover some of the patterns.

There are some other bets on the special roulette which include the Red/Black splits and the Finals. The finals will give you the chance to place bet on the last digit. Let us take instance that you place your bet on the Finale 4, then you will be able to place the bet on 4 numbers which include 4, 14, 24 and 34. It can as well be regarded to as the Finale and it is different from the Finale a Cheval as it gives you the chance to bet on some other digits.

There are no boundaries to the online gambling sites, and there are so many inn ovative and interesting variations. Let’s take the Microgaming’s Premier for an example as it gives you the chance to place bet on a specific amount of number. Additionally, majority of the virtual games gives you the chance to create your own patterns and get them saved.

Choosing your bet

Having learnt about the possible bets and the basic rules to be enjoyed in the roulette, this is the exact time when you have to try the games and enjoy yourself. Now are you going to select the bet that you can make. This is dependent on the strategy that you wish to use. For players that wishes to enjoy the roulette strategy, then you can try out the progressive betting system which is Fibonacci and Martingale, then it will be preferable if you select any of the “even-money bets.”

This strategy will give you the chance select the amount that you desire. Just like the example given, you can decide to start using a very low bet and the stake can be increased after each loss has been made. Depending on the amount that you wish to spend, it is important that you select a betting limits. With this you will have to select a bet that has the desired betting limit.


Have we been able to make you have a better understanding on how the roulette works? For this reason, it will be important that you check out the FAQ section such that you will have a better understanding on how things work.

What are the major steps that you can follow?

There are up to six main steps while enjoying the online roulette in the United Kingdom. To start with, just place the bet in a certain way for a certain amount of time. After that, the dealer is going to close the betting window and the balls will be spun around those wheels.

Are online casino apps that offer the best rules in the United Kingdom?

Or course yes, the reason because most of the online roulette are well optimized with the mobile apps in the United Kingdom. The button in the main menu can be said to be a very good example and the settings can be accessed easily with great effects, visualization and the possibility to play and enjoy the bonus given. The rules of the game are almost the same regardless of the fact that you are making use of the mobile and desktop version.

What are the differences between the American and European Roulette?

Both American and European version of the roulette operate under the same rule, the only exceptions are some of the characteristics exhibited by the game. To be specific, the table layout are different and there is a double-zero slot on the American version. With this, the total amount of slots on the American wheel will amount to 38, but the odds and payouts can probably undergo some slight changes.

How different are the online betting rules while playing roulette?

There are different table layouts for the game’s French version and the table layout are always different. The house edge is reasonably low and can give you advantage over some other versions. There are different rules to be enjoyed on the roulette and they include the Announced Bets, Finale a Cheval and La Partage rule.

Can the online roulette game be changed with just a strategy?

When you use a strategy in the right way it will definitely affect your game, but the online roulette rule cannot be changed. If a roulette rule is used in the correct way, the odds of winning can be changed and this even depends on your luck.

Are the online roulette rules different?

Of course there are lots of online roulette that make use of rules that differs. A very good example is the table with the high-stakes. This is to the inclusion of the Mini Roulette that has up to 13-wheel slot. Also you will be able to get various rules of the Russian roulette. The strip roulette rules can be considered to as the cases that are extraordinary.

What are the rules for the neighbors bet?

There are rules for the Neighbors’ roulette as you will be given the chance t place your bet on the whole section and when you are about to place your bet, the number of neighboring pockets can be enjoyed. The main sections on the wheels are up to three and they include Le Tier du Cylindre, Les Orphelins and Les Voisins du Zero.

How does it work?

Going by the fact that it is based on luck, the process is quite simple, after the players are done setting their bets, and the wheel is going to be spun by the players. After then he is going to drop a ball and move through the various sections. After the wheel and the ball has stopped, the player that places is bet on the sector in which the ball stops will be the one to win the game.

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