Martingale system


Martingale systemMartingale system is a betting system, which come France and was famous in the eighteenth century. The safest bet to made has a winning of 50% and winning in this system is only for a short period because at the end of the day the loss will outweighed the gain after playing for long.

The Martingale Strategy

One of the well-known and frequently used strategy in playing roulette games is the Martingale system. This system has a simple logic whereby your stake in increased after each loss and the loss is covered when you win giving you the opportunity to bet again with the first amount of money you used to bet. Although this system looks a bit logical but you can easily understand and use it.

Nevertheless, expert gamblers of roulette do not use this system as it involves high risk and the chances of winning it offers is for a short period. In short, it offers you the avenue to obtain a little amount of money with a big bet. There is possibility of winning spins frequently but with a small value while there is tending of losing big amount of money.

Making use of Martingale Strategy

The Martingale System offers players with an efficient method of betting only on outside bets with even-money i.e. 1 to 18, 19 to 39, Black, Red, Odd and Even with a highest winning odds of 50 percent and a minimum layout of ration 1 to 1 meaning that the value of money you will win will be the same as the value of money you stake for that particular spin. Conclusively, the bets stated above are the safest you can ever place when playing roulette games.

The bet sequence you are required to use for bets with even-money is represented thus: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192.


It is advisable to begin your bet with the minimum bet limit set for the game and continue to stake this value until you stop winning. When you lose, stake a value that doubles your initial value for the next spin. This enable you recover your previous loss and get additional profit provided you win. You will keep repeating this same concept until you win provided you are running at loss. Immediately you obtain a winning, start the game again and stake the minimum value for the next spin.

Theoretically, it is possible to keep on winning with a little profit earned when encountered losses. But, players can undergo losses due to a lot of things in place that will mess up with the set up you have set.

What is the possibility of Martingale beating House Edge?

At the end, house edges over Martingale although the set up is perfect. The knave in this scenario is the green zero pocket that symbolize in an untainted state, the house edge. Due to this, there is no way you will have the upper hand no matter your wager method or means. Because of the villain, the stake you should made that is still safe should have a win of about fifty percent. Like earlier stated, they have the upper hand and there is nothing doable by Martingale to affect it. As a matter of fact, it is applicable to all roulette technique you can think of.

Martingale and the dangers included

As earlier stated, gamers that are not newbies do not make use of this system because of the risks it entails. And the main risk is the ability to possess no money on you within a blink of an eye after just 1, 2, 3… rounds. Also, there is limits to the amount of stake you can make with respect to some tables and there is a large possibility of losing continuously. Therefore, with the limits, players will not have the opportunity to recoup their money after losing too much. These are the flaws in the system encountered by players.

Players can part with lot of their money using this system. Likewise the gain is the money used in staking at first. Therefore, you can bet a lot of money and later realized something lesser to it at the end.

The likelihood of losing continuously

Some gamers had it in their mind that it is not possible for them to undergo a loss ten times consecutively without winning. Below, we are going to calculate the likelihood of the impossibility in losing in a row. For instance, calculations for the probability of losing on red ten times in a row is shown below.

For European roulette you will have: (19÷37)^10 = 0.001275. When convert to a percentage (that is when multiply by 100) we have 0.1275 percent.

For American roulette you will have: (20÷38)^10 = 0.001631. Converting it to a percentage we have 0.1631 percent.

Since the calculation above is meant for the likelihood of losing on red ten times in a row then the zeros must be accountable also.

Therefore, for the European roulette, the likelihood of the colour not hitting ten times at a go is one to seven hundred and seventy-eight. Note that it is only at the beginning of the game the probability will resemble this. Once you started playing, the probability changes. Losing five games at a go will increase the likelihood of you continue losing as time goes on. For instance, let us say you start with a stake of 1 euro, with the probability the highest you can win is 784 euros before experiencing a loss of ten times in a row. The total amount you will lose due to this is 1023 euros.

With the above instances, it is obvious that winning in this system is only for a short period because at the end of the day the loss will take over more than the profit you should realized. And to go away with a huge money on this system your duration of playing must be long.

Therefore, is winning possible with Martingale?

The winning in this system is only for a short period because at the end of the day the loss will outweighed the gain after playing for long. Since you cannot win a lot without playing for a long period of time. Luck might be with you at the beginning but eventually you will encounter what all other players had encountered when using the system. Therefore, this review is to warn you not to invest in the system for a long period of time because there is high chance of you losing at the end.

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