History about the Amazing Roulette Game

History about the Amazing Roulette
History Roulette

Brief History about the Amazing Roulette Game

Over the years, the Roulette is one of the games that has gained much popularity among the players and even on casinos.

Obviously, roulette has come to stay as it is both exciting and addictive. it is always hard for the players to lose interest in the gameplay.

The Origin

There is a mystery behind the origin of the game roulette. French Matt Wizard was responsible for the creation of the first version of the game, and Blaise Pascal was responsible for it’s accomplishment.

Having said this, there are some evidences attesting to the fact that the ancient civilizations played some games that have similiaity with the roulette. Now, let us look at some of the histories.

Chinese Conspiracy

The believe that so many people had was that the roulette promised from the Chinese culture whereby you will be arranging animal figurines that are up to 37. The monks were responsible for the discovery of the game before it was slightly modified and brought to Europe.

The unfortunate thing is that one can get some specific information about how the original Chinese roulette was being played. One of the fault in this story was that even the French roulette has its zero and double zero as well. For This reason, the whole of the Chinese stories cannot be considered as being true.

Killing Time in Ancient Rome

For this, the Roman Empire have given their soldiers the chance to enjoy the best of games and also participate in the roulette games.

Being a soldier in the Roman empire is not something that is interesting at all. Aside the fact that their live may be cut short at any time, they will mourn brothers and friends killed during their life time. This can actually lower their morales and make them ineffective while battling.

To suppress having a sober mood, the commander have given them the chance to have access to lots of gaming experience. They include the shield wheel or chariot.

Spins being made by Ancient Greeks

The ancient Greek soldiers were as well able to enjoy this game when they are not dodging the spears and arrows. A specific game enjoyed by them can be likened to the roulette played nowadays. What they do is to spin the reels and bet on any of the symbols that will probably stop in front of the arrow.

The game played by the soldiers can be likened to the roulette played nowadays. But then the evidence is not strong enough to totally regard them as the source of the game.

All the credits are taken by France

Without longing things unnecessarily, the word shows that it is of French origin.

Having said this, the gameplay and the design are influenced by two games that are quite similar to each other. The first game is the Even Odd and the other game is Roly Poly. Pascal has so much experience in gambling, and this is one of the reasons why he was able to come up with something tangible.

Then gambling has not gained much popularity due to the fact that it was still considered as illegal in some countries.

However, some strict gambling law was put together thereby reviving the money wager in France and some other European countries at large.

At this same moment, Prince Charles was having difficulty with some issues making him see the gambling as an avenue that can be used to get the problem solved.

Monaco witnessed the establishment of different gambling establishment and services. Which later give the game a royal status.

There are identical roulette being played and the betting options are similar as well. Numbers made available ranges from 1 to 36, they have red and black colors and there are one zero and a double zero.

How Roulette was able to gain much popularity

Luis Blanc and Francois are the two great men that ensure the popularity of casino games. The removed the zero double pockets and come with the European roulette that we all embrace today.

This transformation was made in 1842 when gambling was still an illegal act in France. They had to find another place where their game can be promoted. The two made a bold step to Hamburg, made an introduction of the game and they really got a lot of engagement from the people.

The house edge can probably drop to 2.70% when you have a single zero slot in your roulette. On the other hand, the casino advantage might be 5.26% when you have slots that are of two zeros. Over the time, the single zero roulette already gained much popularity among the players due to the fact that the odds are lower and the players are given the chance to higher RTP.

When Prince Charles III requested for the roulette, it was immediately brought back to France by this great men. The return to France led to the establishment of a modern casino which later resorted to the idea of Monte Carlo.

Monte Carlo resort really attracted the rich Europeans and the got back to fully enjoying the roulette.

Got Popular in America too

In the early 19th century, the introduction of the roulette was made in the United States by the European settler that went to Louisiana.

The only thing was that things did not go down well compare to Europe as the proprietor weren’t pleased with the fact that the house edge is 5.26%. With this, the players were not encouraged by the low earnings made and they were quick to lose interest in the game.

To our greatest surprise, the single zero was unanimously rejected in America and the double version has now become the order of the day.

Even with high house edge, some American still enjoyed the roulette, but they later lose interest to go for some other table games such as blackjack.

Roulette on the net

Since the inception of the online casino, people have been given the chance to play at their own convenience regardless of where they are. There are lots of online casino being established every month and there are various options to satisfy the players that love to play the roulette. Both the American and European roulette can be played online having some advantages compare to you going for a land-based casino.

The things is that, when you are at the comforts of your home, you will be able to have better concentration and focus on your strategy without being disturbed by noise.

The games are as well automated fully as you will not have to pay attention to the dealers.

The online game is absolutely fair to some reasonable extent as there are some establishment that ensure that the outcome of the games are not rigged. Most of the online casinos are well licensed so rest assured that you are in a safe gaming atmosphere.

Roulette today

Despite the fact that the roulette is not as popular as some other games over the years, yet it is now back stronger than ever.

The convenience offered by the online casino is one of the very reason why players can choose their bet even at the comforts of their home.

Despite the fact that roulette is a game of chance and there is no proven strategy with 100% accuracy, ordinarily looking at the wheel spin can create something magical while playing.

Mere waiting for the reels to see if you are going to win or not calls for lots of excitement in which the Greeks and Romans really appreciate. Overall, both American and European roulette are still part of the best casino games being enjoyed by the players all around the globe.


Part of the things we enjoy doing most is to properly address the FAQ section. So that we will have a recap and supply possible answers to the questions that might be on the players mind.

The Origin?

Over the centuries, the roulette was said to have been in place, and many soldiers play something similar with their arrows and shields trying to catch some fun at their leisure time.

How did it come about?

Despite the fact that so many people are with the thought that French roulette was the only invention made by the Frenchmen. This is not absolutely correct as the invention of the European roulette was made by Louis Blanc and Francois.

What is the story in America?

The European settlers in Louisiana was the ones that introduced the roulette to the United States in the 19th century. The start was rough as some of the casino owners wants to get an higher house edge which the players were not pleased about.

Why has it gained so much popularity?

Looking at the technological advancements, the online gaming venues have been impacted greatly. Carrying out a gameplay on the roulette is efficient and you will not have to be distracted in applying your strategy.

What are the pros and cons?

Carrying out a gameplay on a live casino can be very interesting and you will have the real feelings when you go live. The fact that there is no demo version is the downside as you will not be able to test the game before investing your money.

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