Mini Roulette


mini rouletteMini Roulette is a classic variation of roulette game powered by Playtech software provider. It is based on a thirteen number wheel with numbers from zero to twelve. It is one of the most famous variation of roulette.

About Mini Roulette

Among the well-known variations of roulette that you can find online is mini roulette. This game is not usually available for play at brick and mortar casinos but it is readily available for play in many online sites that operates with Playtech software. This game is known as the best option for players who are new to roulette owing to the availability of few options for staking and few bet numbers. Although this game is seen as a good choice for beginners but professional gamblers won’t also regret playing it as it has diverse and simple gameplay. This review is meant to enlighten you with all you need to know about this game.


Mini Roulette offers an interesting gameplay for both newbies and professional gamblers. Although, this game doesn’t offer high payouts as seen in other roulette games but the layout of the game will surely get you excited.

Layout of the Table and Wheel

This roulette game has slots that have numbers from 0 to 12, the number that is designated as 0 is greenish in color while the remaining numbers are either reddish or blackish in color. He sequence of the number is given as 0, 5, 12, 3, 10, 1, 8, 9, 2, 7, 6, 11, and 4. The layout of the table is very easy as it comprises of the bet and wheel of the roulette with features such as thirteen figures and unique boxes that gives you the opportunity to bet different values.

Payouts, Probability and Staking

This roulette game doesn’t have quite much figures and this is why it is considered a simle game when compared with other roulette games that has been existing for a while. Many online casinos that offer roulette games are known to set a rule that allow players to get half of their stake whenever their ball hit the number 0. The bet range for this mini roulette game is between £0.25 and £250 though this varies from one bet type to another.

Theoretically, the RTP for this game varies from one bet type to another; the value is known to be 96.15% averagely. Although this RTP value is not comparable with the RTP of French Roulette (98.65%) but it is far more better the RTP of American Roulette that is known to have a value of 94.74%.

Wrapping Up

You can’t make mention of classic casino games that offers interesting game experience without mentioning mini roulette. Although, the RTP and the payouts of the game is not the highest but it is still a good roulette variation when compared with other olden days roulette as it offers simple and fun-filled gameplay for both newbies and expert players. Another thing that makes the game a good choice is the rule that allow to get half of your bet back whenever you hit the number 0 and this decreases the money the casino will see.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mini Roulette

There are some things you will see in this mini roulette that you won’t find in other traditional roulette and this is why our expert see the need to provide you with answers to some frequently asked questions about this game.

What makes Mini Roulette a good choice?

This game is quite different from other traditional variations you will find out there. The more reason you should play this game is that it has some unique features that can help land a winning.

Which method can one use to obtain a winning in this game?

Landing a winning combination is quite easy in this game and this is because the game doesn’t have much figures. It is imperative of you as a player to study the game layout before playing as this will go a long way in helping you land a winning combination.

What is the payout rate of this game?

Variations is seen in the payouts that this game offer and this is because of the fewer numbers of the game. Aside from that, the value for the return to players is averagely low but not too bad.

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