European Roulette

European Roulette – Classic Single-Zero Version

European RouletteA review which covers comprehensive guide on a version of Roulette software titled European Roulette, which presents a classic Single-Zero system, which exhibits 37 figures over the reels of which the number along the right axis with this single zero, is 32, also, covers fundamental EU Roulette Features, house edge rate for casino operators & RTP value


Up to date, European Roulette maintains to be the best-loved & sought-out among all the roulette versions across both online & physical casino locations. As a result, this is no longer shocking that European Roulette as well represents the most broadly provided formats of this particular roulette game category.

Mainly while a player decides to operate their games across the web, then they can enjoy multiple games & casino sites available to make selections.

By no doubt, there exist multiple & captivating varieties of European Roulette in which players can access the web; this article further reveals essential information about the operations of European Roulette as a whole.


  • Fundamental EU Roulette Features
  • Attributes of European Roulette
  • First-rate Online Europe Roulette Software’s
  • High-Ranking Live Merchant Games
  • Co-ordinated through Good-looking Merchants
  • First-rate Mobile-friendly games
  • Well-known Mobile Roulette

Fundamental EU Roulette Features

Possibly, you might be wondering on how to identify an EU roulette game type, among other variants. Firstly, EU Roulette software categorizes under a single-zero roulette type.

It thereby implies you can have just one of “0” slot over this particular roulette reels, this factor separate EU roulette to that of US Roulette that considers “00” slots. It thereby implies that this EU roulette game present a lesser rate for house edge compared to US Roulette with just 2.7%.

Another factor that separates European Roulette from American Roulette option pint towards at the number series format over the reels. Across the reels of this EU roulette game type, the figure along the right axis with this one zero “0” is 32 during which across the two zero “00” roulette maintains to be 28.

EU Roulette exhibits 37 figures over the reels of the Roulette– a single zero & figures which ranges starting with 1 – 36. Whereas the complete number series format over the reels of this European roulette includes the following;0, 32, 15, 19, 4, 21, 2, 25, 17, 34, 6, 27, 13, 36, 11, 30, 8, 23, 10, 5, 24, 16, 33, 1, 20, 14, 31, 9, 22, 18 29, 7, 28, 12, 35, 3, 26.

Online EU Roulette Accessible in Demo format

The remaining standard roulette versions that are French Roulette as well categorize under just one-zero roulette type similarly to EU Roulette. What differentiates the American Roulette to that of Europe is their table arrangement. French Roulette considers any of En Prison or La Partage precepts.

First-rate Online Europe Roulette Software’s

During which land-based casino venues often exhibit some tables available to lovers of this particular roulette game type. There exist several cyber casino sites that provide some considerable EU roulette variants.

These various varieties stand apart concerning each of their features, table range & possible stakes on offer by how the separate game designer takes it into considerations. The Return to player rate for EU Roulette is as well relatively higher. However, this is possible to vary subject to the game format. Here are five top roulette software’s along beneficial information’s to consider

Casino Softwares Least stakes (£) Maximum



Side-bet Finales Instant-play Auto-play Mobile-friendly Gaming developer
European Roulette 1 500 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes NetEnt
Premium Roulette European 1 1000 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes NetEnt
European Roulette Gold 1 2000 Yes Yes Nil Nil Nil Microgaming
French Roulette Gold 1 300 Yes Nil Yes Yes Yes DragonFish
Euro roulette 0.10 500 Yes Yes Yes Nil Yes Amaya

Obviously, from the illustration above, every single roulette software presents its benefits, likewise several limitations also. According to our research, the number-one EU roulette is that type developed by Net Entertainment, about high-quality visual artworks and video clips.

Likewise, higher Return to the player rate at (97.30%), functional set-up, Avant-grade mobile format & multiple gambling choices, comprising of side likewise concluding stakes also. Regarding this game’s shortcomings, we have to point out that it is the highest bet range, which never seems considerate among different top-ranking versions. Yet, the highest bet value is something players can find appealing.

Among most popular Playtech-powered Casino sites that offer roulette software, players can come across Premium European Roulette – which scaled through 2nd position from our rating.

Also, the subsequent one is the well-known EU roulette Golden array developed by Microgaming that present fairly an exciting utmost stake range with regards to games subject to Random Number Generator. Besides, it supports side & concluding stakes.

One of the limitations with particular Roulette is that the system lacks instant-play access & the automatic-play function. The 4th rating goes to EU Roulette possessed by 888’s, but programmed through Dragonfish & provides every required gambling preference, excluding just concluding stakes.

Also, the 5th rating goes to the EU Roulette option developed by Amaya inspired by various accompaniments & incredible visual artworks. Likewise, taking into consideration its extremely appropriate for roulette software lovers with lesser risk consideration of which enables the least money transfer from £0.10.

Live Merchant Versions

Peradventure, you have to feel like playing any of EU Roulette variants across the web online alongside a live merchant. Never panic as there is access to this– virtually every live merchant tables on offer across cyber casino platforms include gameplay with the EU Roulette game category.

What makes the disparity among them are not that much & exceedingly minor. Likewise, standards of visual artworks, configurations, the pace at which the system operates. Yet, there exist several live merchant EU Roulette software’s considers to be significantly okay compared to alternative variants. They include;

  • Extreme Live Gaming concept identified as Ra Roulette
  • Immersive EU Roulette software’s
  • London Roulette

Every of this suggested live merchant software tends to offer a unique feel. Indeed, Immersive Roulette emerges as the best in our rating while it provides exceedingly exceptional adventure and emerges as Game of the Year during the period 2014.

Instead, Ra Roulette offers neighbor bets which employ characters of the well-known “Book of Ra Slot,” during which London Roulette gets provided through indigenous UK broadcasters.

Mobile-friendly EU Versions

Currently, Among the most breathtaking views of cyber-betting activities, players have access to participate in the entertainment regardless of the player’s location. These days, every great casino gaming designer presents mobile formats of roulette software they ever develop, most often the EU Roulette categories.

Among the most desirable brands of EU Roulette remains no other EU Roulette developed by Net Entertainment, whereas the game gets precisely designed through a group of mobile development professionals that covers mobile gadgets.

A pleasant report for Lovers of this particular roulette game can try their luck with the games at any time, spot without any restriction possible with great & widely known gaming designers like Evolution Gaming & Playtech.

These developers beforehand created software applications that cover live merchant access, which enables players to try out EU Roulette variants versus the house or live merchant regardless of one’s location.

EU Roulette – Awesome Return to player rate for Gamesters

To be precise, EU Roulette includes one of the most money-spinning out of the various roulette formats. Most familiar options provide a standard Return to player set at 97.30%. It implies that each £100 staked, gamers can anticipate gains worth £97.30. Therefore, such a participant can lose just £2.70.

Sure, endeavor to take note of this Return to player rate since it is the only tip that sets out in the form of assumed directives, and a player’s good fortunes are essential with every single game. Also, take note that the Return to player rate of every single EU roulette format is possible to differ.

An instance is during which majority of real merchants & EU Roulettes subject to Random number generators tends to presents a Return to the player value set at 97.30%, whereas several formats of this particular EU roulette like 3Dimensional EU Roulette developed by 1×2 Gaming’s probably ought to consider relatively more significant Return to the player rate set at 98.65%,

FAQs related to EU Roulette software’s

EU Roulette includes among the casino software that agrees intensely with gamesters as a result of its moneymaking accompaniments and more raised Return to player rate. Peradventure, you get confounded with operations of this European Roulette software; here are commonly asked questions you can explore.

What are the methods to play EU Roulette versus live merchants across the web?

Let’s presume that the fundamentals of this roulette type are not a problem; the essential step to take now is to discover an appropriate cyber casino that suits your demands & provides Real-time roulette software.

After that, choose any of the game choices alongside stake value in line to your financial plans & you can now set forth your stakes straightway on these roulette set-ups.

What techniques can I employ to obtain winnings with EU Roulette?

Basically, in our candid opinion, there exists a general real-cash winning tactic across the roulette game. However, the notion is not valid.

Given the appropriate strategy complemented with one’s skills, bonuses are offered to players by precepts of top Europe-based Roulette software. We suggest that you pay attention to a single roulette version among others consecutively & ensure the gaming platform gets accredited for security.

What approach can I employ to prevail over EU Roulette?

To be candid, let’s say your budget is on a low scale, so making a headway roulette might be challenging. A prime instance is these Martingale tactics, which demonstrate the easiness to land into some unfortunate circumstances. Perhaps you raise the bets each time losings takes place. This EU Roulette considers that the operator can take advantage of players so much, as a result, never attempt to become extremely delightful regarding whichever of your tactics.

What’s the rate for house edge with this EU Roulette?

The assumed RTP rate for EU Roulette is convincingly the most significant, with a rough percentage of 97.30%. Theoretically, this can give the impression that the player losing speed is low; however, as time goes on, you’ll get to discover that while you play for so long, this can assure the operator of having far edge compared to that of players eventually.

What approach can I employ to play EU Roulette across portable gadgets?

All required of you is to set up an account with an endorsed cyber casino site and hand-held gadgets. Then, you can get set to play EU Roulette on the go. You don’t need to download whichever software apps; access your dashboard across your hand-held gadgets & kick-off with the roulette gameplay.

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