Soft Hard Count Rooms

The Detailed Review on Soft Hard Count Rooms

Soft Hard Count RoomsThe casino always has soft and hard count rooms. Soft deal with paper and hard deal with coin.

Any time a worker is performing the hard count, what they do is to help in the removal and the collection of the coin drop buckets right from the slot, later to be transported to the room and then to the machines so that the coins can be wrapped and get them prepared for a trip back and either bank drops.

As you work on the soft count team, there is a separate room for you with security that is tighter just to secure their operation of dealing with the paper currency from the tables. When a player sits at the table, he can just bring out $100 and later get back a chip. Towards the end, there is a shirt of a drop team, having its leader, two security guards and the box will be exchanged for an empty one. After the box will be taken to the soft count room where it will be locked up till the following day.

Dropbox locked up will then be emptied at the center of the table by the soft count team and the currency will be sorted by denomination by any of the members. The second team members can then count the bills in the stacks of currencies as the information is being recommended. After then a third team member is going to count the currency and ensure and ensure that the results are compared and later recorded in the summary sheet will be presented to the accounting department for proper examination before it will be considered as part of the revenue generated.


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