A Glossary of Horse Racing Betting terms

Detailed Analysis of Horse Racetrack & Racing lingo

A detailed guides which covers basic fundamentals, analysis of Horse Racetrack & Racing lingo simplified for Novices, various essential terminologies to get conversant with relevant to the Horse racing, likewise the sprinter adventures, in the likes of Fractious, Dead, dwelt, Backed off the map, Getting out stakes etc.


In all likelihood, “Trackside lingo” may appear foreign as fighters brought in from another place responsible for gracing our racetrack this season. To a great extent, this review presents simplified information that can assist in enlightening with every slang & critical terminology associated with festival/celebration of the season following winter period.

Horse Racing


Getting out stakes

It is also known as ‘Desperation Stakes’ & often refers to the concluding racing contest in the game & final tossing of the dice. What comes into play now is the amount you are eager to play chances on & the potentials in turning out a successful outcome.


It often indicates the condition of an extraordinarily excited & disorganized horse. Peradventure this takes place at the point of the boundaries, you can hopefully anticipate a likelihood of bungling at the very kick-off.

As a result, you will not feel pleased while the race inspector refers to your racer with such a case while you are slower than or at starting points.

Off the bit

It would help if you remained panic, perhaps you heard the voice of the racing delegates making a declaration that your horse is away from the crumb, ahead of which the pitch gains access to the parking place directly.

Off the Bit implies that your horse moves over a slackened control, which enables it to run smoothly & the horse delivers the highest efficiency & perhaps a lengthier span from kick-off point, can seem exhausting & heading for a doom.

Correct weight

Erase from your mind/disregard the lavatory weighing machine; this is far more important. After a racing exercise, a participating sprinter/racer jacks up a load; then, the relevant inspector examines/accesses such weight jacked up.

This ‘proper weight’ points towards a gesture/sign made through the delegates/committees for as to release permissions of wagers remunerated to champions & front-runners. Come what may be; it’s at all-time declared publicly across through the public address device/megaphone, that being so, it’s an additional privilege to be happy & for merry-making.


Pulling is said to occur with a horse during which the racer maintains an excessive race speed. First off, excessive race speed implies that the horse desires to move at a rapid pace & waging war versus the impediment forced through horse-rider. This Pulling action tends to exhaust such racer of its energetic powerfulness needed towards the to complete the racing contest.

Box seated/taking a sit or smoking the pipe

The player’s horse leaped successfully off the boundaries & terminates exactly slower than usual or unexpected, retaining strength for a grand celebration/rave-up in return towards the conclusion of a contest.

Photo finish

Social media accounts will witness considerably more adventure alongside a railway line compared to that of formal webcam instruments employed in deciding the champion from a tough racing competition exercise. Accept that you’ll not come across a device as extremely crucial compared to this approach while you set in your real-money bets.

Game of margins

It refers to the least approved margin existing within horses at risk determined by an expanse, whereas it’s quite easy & point towards just one-horse span.

Once there is an increase beyond this specified one horse length, then it’s an incredible wining; however, more so, the least margin is sufficient. Perhaps you have the opportunity. Keep this in mind, A tie in a contest is the point at which it’s impossible for sprinters to disengage/disjoin.


Dead often defines a preferred sprinter that moves slowly in the extreme during gambling until it lets down. The sprinter’s horse is never released unalive, Absolutely not. It never implies a doubtful horse-riding strategy. However, a few can accept in contrast to this notion.

Backed off the map

Here is the stuff you desire, after which an individual has earlier set forth his / her wager with high-roller. You can readily access a large amount of cash for the choice that gives an impression of racing a sprint marathon of great size.

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This term often has a link in relation with a hot-tempered sprinter & it gives an impression such participant appeared sluggish getting through the jumping-off point.

Perhaps your sprinter holds access, having a high width during racing at top speed for a short period, thereby fails to hit the jump. It consistently implies that one’s bets are a regretful one, as it can cause a terrible hurt.

Hard held

This horse-rider never really holds the horse in a stronghold. However, it connotes such are to reduce the pace of the horse. As a result, this will not yield plenty of winnings & maybe provoke a fine on the weight of significant size in the subsequent break.

The cost with subsequent kick-off tends to be extremely less. Perhaps they already actualize winnings with a considerable margin. A contrary notion is a term ridden out, such that a jockey summons their horse pending the time it gets through to its holders;

Knocked up

Knocked up point towards a period during which a horse turns out more clearly weary at about the final timing of the racing contest & terminates not close to the downtime. It never implies a young female horse, or the horse already turns out to be carrying a child.

Long shot

You’ll undoubtedly long for this; however, discovering such is usually outside the limits of more so, the best-experienced bettor. It’s as well known to be a ‘roughie.’ Its Ordinary-looking, yet it never seems so easy, such are sprinter which payoffs massive odds.


Don’t put your mind to tales of horse riders & fair damsels, however, regrettably, a horse that is yet to win out of the racing contest.


Mail refers to in-depth details concerning racers in preparation for a racing contest & never appears as a form of a loose-leaf folder. You’ll ever come across multiple mails; the key is to understand terrible ones to better kinds between the good and dissatisfactory.

Perhaps you have a person who often gambles, gets in touch with them as they can hold or already are likely to have, or has exercised excellent mail.


Before anything else, take note of this; it does not literarily exist, only if it’s Black Caviar. More so, our fresh racetracks queen Winx can sometimes become helpless, notwithstanding, you will not have such thinking towards her previous 11 rounds. It’s quite identical to ‘Put Your House on It.’ Certainly, you’ll come across this terminology.


Handy never implies that this sign is easy to handle, accompanied by their feet. However, this is applicable such that the horse secures a position while racing is active. The horse which turns out easy to handle is either functioning or merely at the back. At all times, Gai Waterhouse ever desires its horses to be easy to handle.


Not, it’s on the contrary to a safe sample of money tricks such that you’ll eventually turn out to be having sex or sex acts on a rainy noon-day.

However, it’s a horse that progresses on a waterlogged race path. A waterlogged climate racetrack can change pattern upturned & exhaust your funds so fast in comparison to anything faster.


The plunge is never rough, few which establishes a nuddie racing along the track inland sea to secure an immersive experience in the exemption of a Hanging Rock. However, it’s an intense sequence of bets exclusive to a racer, often during the last lapse in preparation for their leaping.

Race distances

The grouping of Race track span is in 3 kinds; that is Race from whichever figure through to 1200 meters. Middle distance points towards Race tracks more than 1200m through to 2040m, accompanied by stopping-over race tracks of whichever figure more than this specified limit.


Sure, what will come to your mind is an angering populace crowd; it’s not as you think; however, it can be whether a result from a contest is not in order or some mysterious occurrences.

Never be panic while you hear some aerial-attack alarm, which blows to indicate this kind of contest. While racing is ongoing, there is likely some hanky-panky that can affect the game result. Delegates of Racing competition are referred to as administrators after making decisions conditional on proving if the outcome ought to get mixed-up.

Scratching/late scratching

Each time a horse gets a wound, this implies that such a horse got approved to partake of racing; however, due to some explanations, it can’t. It’s usually occurred due to so many causes, more often is either an ailment or wound. Last-minute wounds are possible to take place instantly, pending the time the entrances barriers blow apart.

Running rail

Running rail is the non-rigid barricades that the horse’s trial over during a racetrack contest. It’s usually adjustable to make sure such a platform maintains a balance as imaginable following an impairment and tear. The standard is as more & more the track is at a different point; it increases favorable chances of the champions. Have every confidence in it.

Peradventure, you are lucky enough to secure a spot accompanied by “Success ceremony such that the horses get back to the tasking assigned area; occasionally, a successful horse-rider tends to discard his eyeglasses.

(Track) bias

You’ll stumble upon this terminology at one time, about a skittle alley, however, it’s an essential element in the course of making selection of a racer occasionally. At the same time, a joining specific component of the race path tends to be better than the remaining elements.

Tracking down if there is unfairness, it contributes a significant disparity to one’s horse’s possibilities. Peradventure its waterlogged, & such path tends to wear away towards the barricade, it’s advisable to scout out a horse which can race more expansive & possibly gets their selves over the floor, never cut into pieces.

Perhaps, every champion tends to originate from the exact spot and track down racers with identical race arrangement.

Mug punter

Certainly, Mug Pointer is likely to be a luckless representative of your group, ensure that you are not the victim. Also, an individual considered to be the weariest / most inactive naughty person in gambling.


It’s never what you’d imagine of a person capable of withstanding long hours of a drink throughout the day. However, Stayer relates to a horse that is suitable for more extended spans.

Salute the judge

While your horse happens to take on this action increasingly, it increases your chances of getting a prize, which implies a horse is enduring the last stop as a lead.

Sex of horses

The Race is possible to turn out as a contest of gender across both parts of the barricades. As a result, perhaps you desire to hold unto the masculine or feminine, the below are the information:

Filly: It’s a feminine horse trained & of 3 years

Colt: A complete masculine horse type trained & of 3 years

Mare: It’s a female horse of 4 years or more.

Entire/stallion/horse: A complete masculine horse type & of 4 years or more than, never castrated.

Gelding: It’s a horse in which the two of its male sex organs are no longer within its body. It seems savagely harsh; however, this is popular in anticipation that the act will better its capability for the racing contest by merely getting off such irrelevant interest, quite unfortunate to few.


Here is the horse which lifts the main blanket placed under a saddle. Indeed, you’ll come across a person who communicates to a racer in that way.

A wise counsel for you is each time you has uncertainty, ensure to return to the toppy consistently. The outstanding horse ought to lift the main weight, conditional to the stumbling block weights arrangement,

Sights welcome and unwelcome at the track

Horses seem utterly different to straightforward humanity, pig, In regards to brainpower &their thoughts, to a great extent, acts from them is possible to appear reasonably confusing. These pigs appear in the form of simple lifeforms. However, below are some impressions that can help separate the has & hasn’t along with the support enclosure.

Ears pricked (Celebration association /race event)

It often implies that concentration & cognizant with happenings in their environments by the celebration association, In the course of a racing — perhaps there’s a winning or make a success — this designates it might truly experience some fairly more fuel remaining in the reservoir. It’s a positive gesture in every aspect.

Head raised/head lowered (Celebration racing)

A secure standard with this is endeavor appears to throw back an ease-off horse, during which control might implies that such racer is slightly unstable & exhausting some nervous energy.

X-rated horseplay

A guest from New Zealand Extravagant established this further action lately, confidently flouncing about accompanied by his 5th lap, which is open for everyone to watch.

During which this is possible to appear as a root of extreme fun, you have to handle with great care. There happens to be something particular in their reasoning, which is far from race contest.

Baten favorite

It’s never a 4-wheeled form & you might not figure out the initial way pending the time reaches 3pm.

However, subsequently, it seems to appear as a tidal wave, which gets exhausted, laboriously, wasted, noisy and disgusting & this distributes in the form of a Paterson’s burden. Endeavor to resist yourself from any purple fog under any circumstances.

All high ground spot rail is a valuable primary resource during this racing event.

In a lather

It’s possible to exclude a program. However, a horse exuding sweat very highly culminates in a displeasing news/jeopardy & what we are pointing towards here is far from bubbles. In an attempt to prevent this, it often implies that they are anxious & passing away power layers at a faster pace.

Wideno cover

It’s not perfect. However, you can prevail over through a competent horse & horse-rider. It’s racing so spacious — over horses — & towards gentle wind accompanied by “open-air.”

Now, the secret is to get a covering — throw-in towards the back of different racer pending the time of parkland direct. Another alternative is to advance, give an attempt & decide the racing right at the frontage.

A Glossary of Horse Racing Betting terms

When you are new to the world of horse racing, there is every possibility that you might not be familiar with the usage of words.

Horse racing

It is just like you have gone to a foreign country and you are not that familiar with the language the make use of. In the horse racing, there are lots of terminologies being used for each of the bets and their outcomes.

The slang they make use of also matters as it can take some time to understand what is meant by “get out stakes”, and correct weight. There is a need for you to know each of the terminology depending on the scenario. Without this, things might look weird to you and the people that are more experienced might be looking at you in a weird way.

This is not to say that it is a must for you to keep watching the races and trying to get the meaning of the words being used. More so you don’t have to understand every terminologies before you will be able to place your bet.

This is article is specifically made so that you can easily get the terminology being used in playing the games. All that you need to do is just to select the one you felt is thoroughly bred.

For players that are enthusiastic about the horse racing, our advice is for you to bookmark this article for better reference.

Straight Bets

This is a kind of straightforward game as what you are to do is just select a single horse and place a wager that the race will be won by the particular horse. If you are eventually correct and the horse turns out to be the number one, the amount to be won will be determined by the odds placed on it.

Another interpretation that can be given to it include the wager on the horse that comes first, second and third.

On the nose

This is a term that symbolizes you betting on a horse for the race to be worn. Even though it shows in a second, by just ordinary nose, you are not going to get anything amount.


Anytime a horse finishes in the second place, it is regarded to as “placed”. The bet is quite solid when you have the strong believe that the horse is going to do well, and at the end of the day it proved otherwise. One interesting thing about this is that the race can be won even if the race is won by the horse.


For a particular horse to be on the show, it must finish at least the third position and this is quite safer. You may not necessarily win as it has a lower payout.

Across the board

This is a bet that covers the previous three that has been earlier mentioned. When the horse finishes at the first position, you will be able to cash in on all the three. In case the horse does not do well, it is certain that you are going to get some refund.

Of course this is a good combination to begin with, before you will be engrossed with the gameplay and recognize the things that can be an advantage to the horses.

In the money

It is related directly to the three bets that has been explained earlier. When the horse finishes first, second and third, you will be able to remember it easily going by the fact that you have only placed some bets across the board.

Exotic Wagers

This is kind of complex, but the players are always being given more wins. What they include is the bet on different horses, winning can be harder, but is more profitable.


Out of the wagers that are exotic, the straight bet is the exacta. This is a single bet in which you place your wager on two horses and that they are going to be the first and second in a particular order. With this, if you pick the right horses in the wrong order, you are not going to win anything.


This is kind of looser compare to the exacta, there is no need for you to check out the order in which the race is finished by the horses. Although it does not pay up to the exacta, and you will be like you are meant to have won more since you know the other.:

Boxed Bet

The boxing of bet simply means that you are trying to cover all the combinations that are possible for the horses to finish up. When your box on an exacta, it is an indication that you are betting on two wager, having the same horses at the top 2.

Also, this is a clear indication that you are making double bet, if the bet turn out to go wrong, it means that you will be losing double amount. People that go for this kind of bet are very confident about the horses.

Other bets can as well be boxed, when more than 2 horses are included, the other variation is going to increase. There are up to 24 combinations as you gave four horses in play.

Daily Double

It involves the placing of bet on two race consecutively, this cannot be said to be a rule, but then it is pertaining to the races of the day. The two horses must win their race so that you will be able to cash out. The bankroll is decent and is worth giving the time.

Pick 3

The pick 3 took a step further compare to the daily double given, the winners of the three consecutive races will be picked. The interesting thing is that the pick wagers might be up to 6. The likelihood that you will predict correctly is not certain ,but when you are able to do that correctly, you will be in money.

There are some tracks that gives consolation prizes when you are able to hit 4 to 5 out of the wager.


This is an enhanced form of exacta. One thing that differentiate them is to select three finishers instead of two. Also the selection must be made in the right order.


This can be said to be the same as Trifecta, just that there is an additional horse. The amount of participants matters as it varies.

Just like it has been earlier mentioned, it cannot be said to be a strategy that is viable. There is a need for you to place like 24 bets.

Ante-Post Betting & Horse Race Placing

This is another terminology that seems very common, it is indicating the time that your wager is being placed. A wager can be placed several days.

Of course this is actually relevant as many things can happen within a day, let alone several days.

For some other case, the odd is going to be the same for some of the wagers on ante-post, but it is going to change if some situation comes up. When you place bet on a race with 8 runners that are undeclared, there is a particular one that withdraws, the odds that you will be paid is just 1/4 rather than the 1.5 that it is meant to be.

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