Fibonacci System


The Fibonacci system is a betting system that is like a regression. This implies the system entails the player after losing a stake to bet higher. Betting higher will increase the chance of winning as the higher the bet the higher the chance of winning big.

The Fibonacci Strategy

There are different strategies of playing a roulette game and one of them is the Fibonacci system which is considered the as the safest methods used in playing roulette game when compared with the Martingale strategy. Aside from the fact that the Fibonacci system is safe, it can also help you land winning combinations though the payouts it can offer you can’t be compared with the payouts you will obtain from other progressive method. This is because recovering from losses in this system of play takes much time but it won’t be unsteady as seen in Martingale system.

Knowing the System

The Fibonacci strategy works on basis of the Fibonacci sequence where a figure that follows the figure you obtained gives the addition of the 2 previous figures, beginning with number 1. The sequence of Fibonacci is represented this: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610, 987…

There is no end to the sequence and it is applicable in both science and math, it is even said to be applicable in natural science such as in the family tree of bees. When applying this sequence in roulette, it is not necessary to begin from figure 1. In as much as you go with the sequence logic, you can begin with any bet of your choice but it is advisable to begin with the smallest bet.

Mode of Operation

The Fibonacci strategy is used mainly for bets with even-money, black-red, odd-even, 19-36 and 1-18, every one of them have a chance of winning of about fifty percent. Logically, it is not good to use this system for inside bets because the result might not be good.

The sequence numbers determines the value that you are required to stake on each session. You will begin with the first one and find a way in which you can land a win. This means that the system doesn’t provide a good gameplay since profit can only be obtained on the start bet. The game will become even if you try to obtain a win on the 2nd and 3rd bet and this make you incur loss on all other things, the loss keeps accumulating as you move forward in the sequence.

It is advisable to begin the sequence from the start once you obtain a winning on the number 2 bet but if you find yourself along the sequence, all you need to do is to take 2 numbers in the sequence backward and stake on the value you obtain. You will continue to do this till you get to the first number on the sequence, hence, earning you a profit.

The Fibonacci Weakness

Although the strategy given above might prove effective but as seen in all other methods of playing roulette, it fails after a while. This is because there is no special information in the strategy, all that is there is information on the number sequence and the game odds doesn’t change.

One important factor that you should notice as a player is that no change is made to the house edge, telling you that you can always run at a loss on the long run. Although this strategy looks safe but that doesn’t guarantee you of not losing since the house edge has an advantage of winning.

In addition, just like every other progressive method of betting, there is a need for you to be on the lookout for the highest stake value of the table you are playing. The maximum bet limit is set at £100 in most gabling websites and the Fibonacci strategy has figure 89 as the nearest value meaning that for this table, this method can’t be used for any figure that exceeds the 11th position.

Moreover, you can be limit from using this strategy by the money you have with you. The figure increases after a particular point, this makes you lose massively if you are, lose the bet you are on and unable to cover the next number on the sequence.


The Fibonacci strategy is among the good progressive methods of playing roulette games and it is safe. The sequence of the game is simple and easy to understand and it offers you low bets with considerable winning.

Although this system is good and safe but it is not advisable to use in place of other best roulette strategy out there because it was designed in a way that it will favor the casino all the time. However, the strategy was developed to look at the breeding rate of rabbits and here it is in the gambling sector.

Fibonacci System

Fibonacci System

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