Double Deck Blackjack


Double Deck Blackjack

Double Deck Blackjack is another variant of the blackjack games. Read this review to know all the rules and payout scheme of this variant of blackjack.

About Double Deck Blackjack

Blackjack is a popular game you will find in various casinos. As it popularity grew over the years, so did the system of play advanced. Now enthusiasts of blackjack games play different blackjack games with different rules in different casino and gambling clubs. The major variation in blackjack has to do with the number of decks available for play. Hence we have single deck blackjack games and double deck blackjack games. Before explaining what the double deck blackjack is, let’s examine the importance of this deck variation in blackjack. The casino advantage is the essence of the deck variation in blackjack games. This means that the difference in deck numbers affects the edge that the casino has over the player during a blackjack game.

You should bear in mind the higher the number of the blackjack decks, the more the advantage that the casino has over you in a game of blackjack. This means that single deck blackjack games have the tendency of giving higher return to the players than the double deck blackjack games. However, experts in blackjack games do not play single deck games. This is because the attendant rules to the game are so stringent that it becomes so difficult to play it.

Having made this clarification, let us examine the rules involved in playing the double deck blackjack games and how you can maximize your winnings from it.

How to play Double Deck Blackjack

The most noticeable feature of the double deck blackjack set out is the pitched cards. This means that you have two packs of cards held out by the dealer and these cards are held face down. As such, players in a double deck blackjack game selects their two starting cards but cannot check them or take them off the dealing table.

Another rule you must note is instead of using speeches, hand signs are used to communicate during a double deck blackjack game. There are many signs and gestures involved in this variant of blackjack game and they cannot all be covered in this review. You can read up more on those.

The rationale behind this game however remains unchanged. It is the same as the other types of blackjack games. Your aim is to ensure that you have a total nearest to 21, or even higher than that of the dealer. If by chance, you amass the same total as the dealer, you can then retrieve your initial wager or stake it again.

Beneficial rules in Double Deck Games

The foremost beneficial rule to be considered has to do with the standing total of the game dealer which is fixed. As a rule in blackjack games, the standing total of the dealer is 17. This is true for all games, be it hard or soft. The advantage of the rule is that it helps reduce the edge that the casino has over you 0.22%.

Another important rule in this variant of blackjack game is chance to double down on any two-card total that is starting the game. The variations in tactics used in playing the double deck blackjack makes this rule impotent. As an advantage, it helps reduce the house advantage by 0.11%.

We should also mention the rule regarding splitting in the double deck games. This rule allows you to split pairs of cards that are numerically equal. You can also resplit to about four hands. The only exception to this rule is a pair of Aces. Aces can be only be split, but never resplit.

The last rule to be examined in the double deck blackjack games in the late surrender option. This rule allows you to get half of your initial bet when you surrender. The only downside to this is that the rule is not commonly used in most casinos offering double deck games.

The Unfavorable Rules of Double Deck Blackjack

The casinos offering double deck blackjack games have also found a way to get some advantages of the player. Some of the rules they have put into place will examined in this segment.

The first rule of double deck blackjack that doesn’t favor you as a player has to do with the standing total of the dealer in a soft game. You will remember that the first advantageous rule restricted the dealers standing total to 17 regardless of a hard or soft dealing. It is the standing total in the soft dealings that the casino tries to edge out the players. By hitting a soft 17, the dealer put the casino at an advantage as the chance of increasing his total increases. This tactics causes you to lose 0.22% of your playing advantage.

Another trick that the casino has used to pull advantage to their side is through some restrictions imposed on the doubling down option. The major restriction restricts you to doubling down on only totals of 9, 10 and 11 that are starting. By doing this, the casino gains a total of 0.11% advantage over you.

The Payouts in the Double Deck Blackjack

There isn’t much difference in the payout of multiple deck games and that of the double deck games. The winning hands played by the players wins them even money and the insurance of side bets pays a ratio of 2:1.

However, as a way of increasing house advantage, some casinos pay out 6 to 5 for double deck blackjack games, instead of the conventional 3 to 2. So rather than get 1.5 times your original wager with the 3 to 2 payout, you get 1.2 times the original bet with the 6 to 5 payout. This impact of this rule is so devastating that it outweighs the effect of other unfavorable rules. In total, it gives the casino 1.40% advantage of you as a player.

Final thoughts

The Double Deck Blackjack games are really exciting and rewarding provided the rules are favorable. Experts players who have mastered the fundamental tactics used in playing this variant of blackjack will have no problem winning massively at casinos with favorable rules. So be on the lookout for those websites, especially those with the 3 to 2 payout. Also avoid casinos that offer 6 to 5 payout at all cost.

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