Responsible Gaming

There are two important institutions working in the field of responsible gambling to assure a smooth conduct of all the necessary procedures aimed at helping a conscious development of the gambling activity.
The aim is not to abandon players who might find themselves involved in risky situations of addiction to gaming and, at the same time, to support an ethical development of the i-gaming industry ready to provide safe gaming opportunities.

responsible gaming

The NCRG, National Center for Responsible Gaming (NCRG) was founded in 1996, as a charitable organization with the aim of financing researchers in the study, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of all disorders rising from gambling addiction and affecting families and individuals. The NCRG is a national organization committed to support, help and discover treatments and strategies to avoid the deviating path of gambling disorder. Contributions come from the same casino gaming sector and connected organizations and from all the people related or concerned.
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Responsible Gambling CouncilThe point of view from which The Responsible Gambling Council (RGC) operates is an active one, in fact, this non-profit organization tries to make it clear for players that the perspective only of winning may lead to addiction. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce and solve any gaming problems in time, through information and prevention programmes carried out not only by people who experienced real first-hand difficulties, but also by professionals working in the field, treatment operators and by game producers as well.

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Out of the experience coming from these organizations, it is important to promote responsible gambling, as a wise way to get positive entertainment and relaxing time. Players are recommended to keep in mind that gambling is a pastime not an alternative to solve money problems. Gamers should use the mechanisms made available by online gaming websites, in order to fix the maximum sums to bet, or the time to spend online, to take a break while playing, to be always aware, by checking wins and losses, of the money involved in their gambling activity, to use the self-exclusion options given precisely to limit one’s exaggerated involvement leading to lose control of the situation.
Players are reminded to exploit the opportunity of contacting specific organizations and experienced support teams meant to help to solve gambling problems, if it is the case.