Texas Holdem Online

This a poker variety of the Texas Hold’em, the only thing is that you are not playing against the players but the dealers.

In most cases, the game is always regarded to as Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker.

Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker ($50 Free)

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How to Play

It is a must for the players to get an ante bet before they will start the gameplay. The players are as well given the chance to enjoy the bonus jackpot. The players are all at the table with the inclusion of the dealer, they are two deal with two cards that are faced down, and the cards are being regarded as hole cards for the players. For you to play the hand, there is a need for you to wager 2x of your ante bet. The moment you make the decision to fold and not play, the implication is that you are going to lose the ante.

Looking at this particular stage, three cards will be drawn and placed at the center by the players. This is always being referred to as the flop. The cards are being regarded to as the community cards, with this everyone will be able to see them and make use of them to complete the five-card. Now you will be given the chance to place another bet, the amount that you can bet can be equal to that of the ante you already.

There is something regarded to as turn when there is an addition of the fourth community card to the center. When you decide to place the bets, the amount is going to be similar as ante earlier made. This can be the last chance that you will have in making bets, when you get yourself into the river when the revelation of the final and fifth community card is made and placed at the center.

After then the dealer is going to display the fived-card made by the house. After then the dealer is going to turn to each player to make determination of the five cards that happens to be the best. For you to have the best hand, you can decide to make use of the both or none.

In most cases, the dealer picks out the hand that is the best, but then it is important for you to know the nooks and crannies of the poker game. When you are able to get a better hand than the poker, you are certain to get some money. On the other hand, if you have a weak hand, you may lose your money.


On each onset of the hand, you are to place a bonus jackpot bet, the whole cards will be checked by the dealer to see if you are eligible to enjoy the bonuses. One of the advantage that you can enjoy is that you can turn out to be the winner despite the fact that your hand did not win.

When you have some certain combinations or some particular pair, there are some bonuses that you are going to win.


There is no need to get things confused as the game is different from the Texas Hold’em Poker. In the Casino Hold’em, you will be playing against the player. Also the only hands that will need folding is the low cards that are not suited as they are below the 7 and include 2-7 or 3-6.