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Xplosive CasinosA brief report on Xplosive slot games also covers typical examples of the firm’s products, general remarks, and the pattern adopted in their software.

A couple of online gaming software firms are not free-standing; they develop through partnerships with other renowned agencies. Occasionally, game inventors launch some games with a specific story-line or concept that loads up the game store.

The idea is more similar to a different sector: at times, a well-known firm tries to figure out a unique range of offerings, while it takes that to effect by broadcasting its software’s under an exceptional label.

An ideal example to reflect the above narration is Xplosive Slots (also known as Explosive Slots). Just as it’s a new brand in the sector, in 2015, the historical background that accounts for this collection of exciting slot games reoccurs some years beyond that.

BlueOcean Gaming is the brain responsible for the games; it appeared in 2010 & undertake operations in Malta, Slovenia, & Italy. BlueOcean Gaming gains a reputation for providing a great mix of iGaming services and software, ranging from the casino sector; however, it features multiple bet-related activities.

On the other hand, Xplosive label puts up a combination of fascinating slot games programmed as software. The firm independently offers many top players a wide range of story-line, striking graphics, and perfect game mechanics.

A Thrilling Game collection

Xplosive Slot game medleys contain over a total of twelve gaming software’s, mostly slot games. They have a great mix of story-line, during which not a bit of these game is specifically exclusive or original. There is a lovely medley to provide stuff that addresses almost all player’s requirements.

Pleasingly, we would rank the games of higher quality to average all-round, although we observed so many differences from a slot to the other. Usually, a critique assessor would have his/her comment as far as introducing a game, accompanied by a couple of colorful features and accuracy relevant with the layout of different characters & background through an archaic development with the display layout and interface.

A separate segment that the exhibition appears somehow obsolete is the musical composition that usually comprises simple machine-like sound disturbances. The sound is familiar with first age groups of video slot games in land-based casinos long ago.

Vampire Fortune slot

A typical example of games under this portfolio is Vampire Fortune; this game sets its play adventure on five reels, 25 pay-line.

Among the apparent stuff while operating this game & lots more under this portfolio is that players can only handle a few exclusive play-attachments that they can bank on with a typical contemporary slot game store.

As an illustration, the slot has to scatter characters with the potential to offer as many as ten bonus games. However, it lacks wild symbols, though its replacement function takes effect while the bonus spins are active whenever as much as three best-worth characters turn wild to assists for more payouts.

Kitty’s Luck slot

Assuming you desire a better appealing story-line, you can try out Kitty’s Luck; the concept deals with adorable, hairy, and quadruped close playmates. It’s extreme in OMG brood’s style, with the use of flexible, simple lettering, sparkling colors, & so many sparkling pictures of the self-titled jargons primarily to ascertain that the game is entertaining & accessible.

Indeed, this game’s large aspect applies to pairing characters starting from card symbols to the best cute cats one can envisage. However, it’s designed via 243 winning ways. The logic here is any complementary left-right combos can generate a jackpot reward.

Aside, these bonus play-attachments are standard for Xplosive game portfolios. If you can align three or higher scatter symbols, it can offer as much as ten free spins; still, the game provides an incredible bonus. While you can gather a couple of cat characters across this slot reels, it increases the multipliers placed over the respective kittens; you’ll have any payouts realized, including the multipliers are timed by 10x.

Wild Princess slot

Another delightful game under this portfolio is Wild Princess, which features 5-reels, a 10-pay line, overwhelmed with shiny greys & bright crimsons. You can pair jewels that are out of sight, good-looking women, & gorgeous wild cats. You’ll play with a wild in this game, a duchess that replaces any typical character enlarges to fill up the whole reel, enabling it to get involved in each pay line.

According to the different games emphasized in this article, players can predict the future event & offers bonus spins (12) as compensation for aligning three or higher scatter symbols (hearts) in just a spin-pl. The growing wild symbol remains fixed in position for the rest of the bonus as soon as it’s unlocked. The logic here implies that you’ll have access to so many guaranteed payouts; peradventure, several wild symbols come into view at the start during a spin.

The pattern of Explosive Slot machines

Many Explosive Slot machines pattern is comparable to the games discussed in this article. Just as their game mechanics & story-lines’ layout differs much, the absence of extra play-attachments is not encouraging. Besides, the majority of Explosive slot games put forward a bonus spins, gamble feature.

No information about Xplosive operations

There’s no way you’d get details about Xplosive Slots on a web search, as the firm is not free-standing and has no personal site. Likewise, BlueOcean Gaming also. But be rest assured they supply credible games, though far from a full-functioning casino organization.

Regardless of the firm’s details, we are sure their games are reliable, credible with records of creating efficient software. It’s not only because of BlueOcean’s esteem; however, the firm affiliate with other game developers known for profound software.


Explosive Slot games are a perfect inclusion to a casino’s game portfolio, considering their striking visuals, soft-touch, unique patterns, story-lines. The general remark with their game mechanics is excellent. Also, if you’re inclined more to classic slots, the games will deliver beyond your expectation.