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Shark School Slot

A Slot game review designed by RTG developer, titled Shark School Slot, features 5 reels, which focuses on Sharks way of living, dives players through a submarine academy on a mission to acquire massive jackpots with Octopus Teacher as the wild character & bet limit set at 0.01– 0.5 coins

Overview of Shark School Slot Game


Oh! God is so awesome with its creature, the shark, for instance, they survive in water & perform extraordinary things. You must have pondered upon how they were able to do these fantastic performances without any guides.

This slot is an opportunity which dives players through a submarine academy on a mission to acquire massive jackpots. Besides, you’ll come across the extent at which various shining sort of shark comprises of Hammerhead sharks, Square-edged, Bottle-edged, & Great White shark (given that they never consume you).

It’s possible to actualize jackpot winnings as a return for discovering the entire sharks, also saving several pint-sized fishes which these as well sharks targets for their consumption. Furthermore, you’ll come across Wild symbol “Octopus Teacher”.

Likewise, scatter icons “schools” for players to take advantage of, whereas Pick function delivers the opportunity to operate three awesome free games across Don’t Eat the Teacher, Bad Sharky & Swim Fishy Swim.

Shark School Slot

Bet Limit

Players can set up their bet ranging from 0.01 through 0.5 coins for each spin at which they can operate the entire fifty money-spinning lines. Besides, it contributes to the coaching which anyone can manage to grasp.

Shark School Impression, Visuals & Layout

This slot gets arranged in a submarine, i.e., the waters extending far down of a beautiful inlet. Likewise, the game visual artworks are quite appealing, which players can more assess by figuring out the infinite watercourse of foam that slide soothingly across the area.

However, it’s better to face the main challenge & proceed to spin this 5 x 3-reel arrangement for an attempt if you can land several jackpots.


The prize may emerge from the character “shark school”, however, there’s nothing suspicious just as players can obtain the whole jackpots & bonuses along with the spin they kick-off with in the process.

Besides, it’s possible to acquire worth of three hundred coins as a reward to discover prominent figures & alphabets required to perform the assignment, earn a value of 750 coins as a return for deterring pint-sized fishes from getting consumed with these sharks.

Also, players can have access to a lucrative return while they form the sharks considered to be more wayward to attempt to ingest the fish categories which exhibits Great Whites disbursing rewards which worth 1,500 coins.

Octopus Teacher | Wild Character

This slot represents it’s wild as Octopus Teacher, & can compensate a player. At the same time, they come into view across the first reel, right at which they can establish a higher number of winning combos, in the course of locating the entire Scatter icons “Shark Schools” can compensate winnings worth 100x of the players overall stakes.

Three or higher number of this scatter symbol can as well activate “Pick Feature” whereby you’ll have to select any out of three of scatter icons whereby they entirely open up an entertaining free game.

Other Features & Icons

This feature occurs whereby you need to make sure the sharks do not have access to by any chance consume all these pint-sized fishes. As you get to prevents these sharks timely, then expect to obtain bonus game which accompanies 3x jackpots.

In contrast, perhaps you attempt to avoid these sharks preying on small fishes in a count of twenty-five, then such individual can as well obtain 200x of their stake rewards. Select Bad Sharky to take advantage of three to ten repeated spins alongside the widening wild icon across the first reel.

Whereas the image “Don’t Eat the Teacher” it’s necessary to put an end to avoid these preys consuming the instructor primarily to magnify the jackpots multiplier in the course of bonus games.

Bet Limit

While you attempt to pitch a higher number of the pay-lines through the deep sea can offer such player increased opportunity to make visible large-sized fishes alongside fifty pay-lines across whichever spinning actions. After that, ppl ace bets within a range of 0.01 through 0.25 coins.

Closing words

Shark School is quite entertaining & authentic, which gets bolstered alongside massive jackpots & new fun bonus games.

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