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Birds of Fury Slot

Birds of Fury Slot – (RTG) RealTime Gaming Online Slots with Real Money

The Birds of Fury Slot is an amazing game produced by Realtime Gaming, it is particular about the adventure of some birds

We quite understand the fact that the gaming world is a complex one, but then it is only a few ideas that are original. As days pass by, what we keep seeing are the imitations of things that have been around in the world. This slot is a great example, as it is created by Realtime Gaming. Players are going to get one of the best experiences while playing.

The majority of you already know the game, even though you have not played it yet, this is because it has gained so much popularity among the players. The slot depicts the angry birds, the only thing is that it is done in a slot layout.

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Anger Issues

If you look at the interface closely, you will start seeing some contrast that helps to ease some anger that has been instilled in us. The birds you are going to see are just normal, and they don’t look like they have enemies that are against them. We can hardly say that they have bad-tempered as they look calm.

When talking about the exact place that all the frustrations are taking place. The atmosphere is amazing as it is a lovely green hillside that has constant summer sunshine, there are no winds or other extreme elements. The atmosphere is peaceful even in the face of angry chaos. The slot is cartoony given it an amazing look, instead of making use of the usual 3D, it made use of the 2D.

In a Flap

Talking about the gameplay, the variance ranges from the low to the medium size, the scatter on the slot are the angry birds. Just like you can see from the title of the bonus, there are low impact features that give out the free spins. For all the wins that you have probably made so far, there is always an x2 multiplier, but then if you have failed to make any wins, all can be considered wasted.

Calm Animals

Looking at the rage displayed by these birds, we cannot help but then considered an intense and more relaxed game, they are trying to stay away from any form of the arm that may probably want to befall them. In the cause of figuring out this, we got the Origami slot machine which is a real cash slot powered by the Endorphina. If you are to judge by the title “angry birds”, you will not anticipate animals that are happy at all.

Anger Management

This 5-reels slot is amazing, but then our review and conclusion we are about to make are less than positive. Looking at the surface, this slot machine is quite attractive, but then the moment you note the differences between the birds, the charms start to lose.

After then you can mix in the issue of paytable that is limited, and the returns that you can get on it are quite reasonable. To us, we will not advise the maximum bet, but then if you feel like using it, we wish you good luck.

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