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Casinos with Live Dealers open a new door in online gambling. The player can see the dealer via webcam and therefore feels exactly like in a land-based casino. It is a real roulette that’s being spun and real Blackjack cards being dealt. And you can enjoy all this by simply switching on your PC and connecting to the casino, from the comfort of your own four walls.

About Live Roulette

Players have the option of playing live roulette on the mobile devices of their preferences and enjoy an unending gambling session. During the live dealer game you will have the option of interacting with a dealer that will be in charge of the game. There are many games available in the live session with roulette being one of them. You will have the experience of playing at land based casino through online gaming platform by playing the live dealer games. This is a major difference between live roulette and online roulette. Not all online casino offers the option of live games for its players. During the live roulette game you will have different option of staking and winning big. Players from different part of the world are allowed to play their favourite live roulette game at online casinos offering live session. There is a feature available in this game and once it has been activated the wheels will row automatically. This is known as the autoplay feature and you can used it for a specified number of times. This feature will continue until you put a stop to it by pressing the stop button.


When playing this game all you need to do is to make a prediction on where there ball will land and place a bet on that position. The numbers available on the wheel is from one to thirty-six with the inclusion of zero. When you have exceeded the time given to stake the dealer will place the ball on the wheel that will be spin. At one point, the wheel will stop and the ball will halt on a particular number. If you are lucky to have bet on that number you will be a winner.

Betting Options

There are different types of stakes that can be placed on the table. A particular set of numbers will be covered by each kind of stake and there is a certain amount you can win with each type. We have;

Inside bets: When bets are placed on spaces with number or on the lines.

Outside bets: When the bets are placed on unique boxes underneath and the left-hand side of the wheel.

Inside Bets

  • You can stake on any available number which is known as straight up.
  • You can stake on the lines which is known as split bet
  • You can stake behind the row of numbers which is known as street bet
  • You can stake at a corner joining four numbers which is known as corner bet
  • You can stake behind the point where two rows joined together which is known as line bet.

Outside Bets

  • You can stake in either box two or one which is known as column bet
  • You can stake in 3 boxes that are first 12, second 12, or third 12 and it is known as dozen bet
  • You can stake on any of the eighteen black or red colours and it is known as red or black.
  • You can stake on any of the eighteen even or odd numbers and it is known as even or odd

Neighbour or Unique Stakes

There are other unique bets you can participate in this game and they are known as neighbour or unique bets. You can check it out using the icon option provided when playing the game.

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